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Exercising regularly has so many benefits. Today, we have access to some of the best gyms across the world right here in the UAE. Be it training equipment, weights or dumbbells; you can quickly source them all online. 

While hitting the gym is essential, a lot of people don’t find the time for sport and outdoor activities. Blame it on the laziness, work, stressful life, personal commitments or something else; the reasons are never-ending. However, the best thing is that you can always find another way. A home gym is something that most people love – and have set it up too. Although it is a massive initial investment, it will more than pay for itself as the years roll by. Plus, if you are a family who works out, then it is the best choice, considering yearly gym membership fees. The baseline is, you can always try to work out, as per your convenience with a little bit of motivation. 

Different types of weights you should know about while working out 

Whether you workout at a gym, in your backyard or a home gym setup, it’s entirely up to you, as long as you’re getting exercise. And although the beginning is tough, it will help you move forward and don’t push back on the training. Over time, the journey gets more comfortable and in no time, you will start feeling that something is missing in your routine if you skip the gym. This is the best way to a healthier life, without illnesses. With so many choices of weight equipment readily available, you can go for the ones that work best for your body. 

The basic dumbbell  

Whether you have used a gym or not, knowing a dumbbell is pretty basic. However, over the years, this simple accessory has seen so many changes. Be it a different size, colours or styles, the dumbbell has witnessed a revolution of changes and has gotten better over the years. From toning your abs, muscles, biceps and legs, one equipment that can do it all. You don’t need expensive machinery or a spacious area to work with it, and you can also do it at home. There are many styles and brands of the classic style, so it's easy to choose the right one. 

The weight sets  

Weight sets are perfect for abs and your arms. These can be used on the metal bars, or in other equipment, to add more weights. Since they can cause a sudden pull in the muscle, it is advisable to warm up before using weight sets. There are many different types of weight sets today, and you can easily choose the ones that suit you well. Like all gym exercises, it’s best to start with the smallest ones first, even if they feel very light. Once you’re comfortable doing a complete set without getting exhausted, you can move to the next one. 

The ankle weights  

Ankle weights are perfect for leg training. As the name suggests, these are thick belts with weights wrapped around one’s ankles. You then need to push to allow the weight to work and pull using your strength. It's perfect for the calves and leg muscles, and you can see the results quickly. It is, however, essential to make sure you have a trainer to guide you on using them. You should go with the lightest ones, and then work your way to the heavier weights. A lot of types of ankle weights are available today. Another good thing is to invest in a protector, so the band does not hurt your skin. 

The heavyweight equipment 

Barbells, dumbbells, pulleys, leg extension machines, etc. are some of the most common heavyweight equipment that is found in most gyms. Although they may be expensive to set up in a home gym, you can go as per your convenience and buy at least once in two months to avoid making a hole in your pocket. A lot of them are beneficial in creating fitter bodies faster. Try to check out equipment that is dual purpose, so you save both money and space. Single-use equipment does not go through a lot of wear and tear, however, with the commercial kind its best to be careful. 

Tips on how to buy you’re buying weights 

The option to set up a home gym is an efficient one. You open up a lot of doors to make exercise accessible and timesaving and avoiding those excuses. Be it buying dumbbells, weight cuffsweight jackets or weight plates; it’s comfortable and practical to buy them online. Whether it’s for home or a commercial gym setup, weight plates are a necessity. Not the most common equipment to purchase, these handy tips are great to make your buying experience a great one. 

  • Buy from a reliable source – There are many stores both online and retail who deal with weights and gym equipment. So, buy only from a place that is reputed. 
  • Check dual-purpose equipment – It helps to save time and sometimes money too when you’re going for a dual or multipurpose machine. Check for these options. 
  • Get the basic sizes – You don’t have to send on getting every single size of weight out there. The basic ones are all you need for any home gym. 
  • Home gyms could use silicone dumbbells – The silicone ones are easy on the floor, have an excellent grip and look nice too. You can go for them. 
  • Check as per your requirement – Don’t go in for weights which you know will be unnecessary. Always start with the basics first. 
  • Wait for a discount – If you’re not in a rush, wait to buy the weights when there is a sale. This is important, especially when you need to buy many. 

You may have a friend who is into fitness or a trainer you know well. So, make sure you brush this idea by them and ask for some suggestions. They are the best people to guide you since these investments are pretty much a one-time thing. You should also do your own online research, so you’re better aware before buying. The price factor is one more thing to consider, so buy only after good comparison.  

Question & Answer

Which are the best adjustable dumbbells 2019?

Titan Fitness Adjustable Chrome Dumbbells, Unipack Adjustable Dumbbells Kits, Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells, Power Block Adjustable Speed Block Dumbbells, Bowflex Select Tech 552, NordicTrack Select-a-Weight 55 Lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Set and Power Block EXP are the best adjustable dumbbells to buy today. They all have their pros and cons which you should definitely check out online before buying them.

Which are the best gym exercises for women?

Whether the exercises are for men or women, it's firstly important to determine the purpose of exercising. Is it for body toning, weight loss or to keep fit? This helps you figure out the right regime for yourself. The hip raise, mountain climber, single-leg dumbbell, triceps extension, clamshell, planks and reverse lunges are all excellent exercises for women. There are several videos online on how to perform these exercises.

Which are the best cardio exercises for a toned body?

Doing cardio is so important. It helps you sweat a lot, tones your body and gives you the energy rush. You can see the progress very soon when it comes to cardio workouts, as compared to other ways. Rope jumping, running, cycling, push-ups, rollbacks, burpees, frog jumps, bench runners, lunges, vertical jacks and jumping squats are only some of the many types of cardio exercises today. You can ask a trainer or check videos to learn them and many more.

Where can you buy weights online in the UAE?

Thanks to the many beautiful brands right here in the UAE, buying weights is not a challenge at all. However, it's important to ask someone who is well-aware about exercise equipment and working out to make sure you’re getting a good deal. If you prefer online shopping, check out It’s a brilliant product search engine. It will help you save time and get the best deals since it has more than 500 stores listed under it.

Sun & Sand Sports and Ali Express are great online stores to buy weight from. Coming to the brands, make sure you check out the brands like Cap Barbell, Everlast, Bodycraft, Yes4All, Fitness Republic, Prosourcefit, Powerblock and Marcy.