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Halter Sets

About Halter Sets

A halter or headcollar is a special type of headgear used to lead or tie up live stocks and other animals. At times they are also known as halter sets.

A halter set fits behind the ear of the animal and around the muzzle. To handle the animal, a lead rope is attached. In smaller animals like dogs or cats, a halter works in combination with the leash. However, they are more closely associated with the Equidae like donkeys, horses or mules. But they are also common in livestock use. So you can easily find them on working animals like lama, tacks, camels, cattle, and goats. But you cannot use them on bigger animals like predators or elephants.

Different material types of horse halters

A halter is often plain in design and used as working equipment daily. A halter set includes a lead line, halter, lead shank or lead rope. Here a lead rope is attached to the halter at appointing underneath the jaw or at the cheek using a snap. Besides this basic structure, you can also find a wide range of special halter sets highly decorated. These types are generally used for in-hand or halter classes at horse or livestock shows. And when it comes to owning a horse, a horse halter set is one of the basic things the owner needs to buy. Today we will give you a little introduction to the types of halters that you can buy online.

Leather headcollars

Also known as the leather halter sets or leather headcollar sets, they are the preferable choice of many horse owners for several reasons. In leather, you can find a wide range of elegantly crafted colours and options for personalization. Additionally, if taken care of properly, a leather halter can last for years. Besides aesthetic values, they are versatile, and you can use them daily and on the show. You can find leather halters in both double and triple stitches and with a variety of fancy stitching to match your horse bridle.

Nylon halters

They are cheaper than leather headwear and are a popular choice as daily use halters. A major reason for the popularity is that they do not need as much attention and maintenance as leather. And speaking of the variety, they also come in all sorts of colours, textures, designs and patterns. Hence you can easily mix and match them with existing horse accessories and bridles you own. Most stables keep a collection of nylon halters, including items made with cotton and other trending overlays. They are extremely durable and last longer but are also difficult to cut through in an emergency.

The breakaway halters

A breakaway halter can either be a halter with a leather crownpiece or one designed with a snapped leather strap connecting the cheekpiece to the crownpiece. Even if you have an easygoing horse for tying and turnout, a breakaway is a safer choice than straight nylon or leather halter. Some leather halters may break, but halters entitled “breakaway” are designed to provide a more reliable release under pressure. It’s important to note for either style that breakaway halters will release at different degrees of pressure under different circumstances.

The rope Halters

Rope halters have gained popularity in recent years and are now seen beyond Western disciplines, especially where trainers and riders are turning more focus to groundwork. Those unaccustomed to using a rope halter aren’t as instinctual to put on, but with a little practice can become second nature and prove a valuable training tool. Because rope halters don’t involve any hardware, the connection between handler and horse is unencumbered, allowing for more subtle cues. If you haven’t used a rope halter previously, it may be helpful to work with or observe a trainer skilled at using one. A trainer can also assist in recommending an appropriate leadership style and length to make the best use of your rope halter.

Tips on how to buy Halter Sets online in the UAE 

When it comes to buying products like cheap show halters for horses, you should go online. You can easily explore more than one shop or brand in an online market and make better decisions in an online market. Luckily there are dozens of brands selling top quality products online in the UAE. Alone at you can find products from more than 500 brands. All these brands and known and trusted for their high-quality products and economic rates. In addition to better search opportunities, you will also need to consider the following mentioned aspects while you head to buy leather halter sets with the nameplate.

  • Type of halter – At first, you should decide what type of halter you are willing to buy. The selected product must be according to your needs, horse’s nature, and you’re riding style. If you are a beginner, consult your trainer for advice.
  • Price – Just like many other horse riding accessories, the halter sets are quite economical if you know where to buy them. While buying online, look for a reliable retail search engine . Also, you should prefer a website that offers tools for easy shopping.
  • Brand – Try to buy branded items as the manufacturers guarantee the quality and long life of the product. Also, for a branded high-quality product, it is worth making a minor compromise on your budget. Otherwise, use the price comparison tool at you to find cheap branded items online.
  • Customer reviews – Make sure you are picking top-rated products only. Here you can also consult the customer review section to find what the previous buyer has to say about the quality and performance of the item that you are about to add to your cart.

In the end, it is also important to review, read and understand your purchase carefully. During online shopping, you can do that by reading the product review section. This is where the manufacturers share all the details about the material, care and size specifications etc. Reading this information will help you make a wise buying decision.

Question & Answer

What is the best halter for a horse?

Different users have different recommendations based on their experiences. But some of the bestselling items that you can explore and easily buy online include; weaver leather original adjustable nylon horse halter, weaver leather basic adjustable halter, and weaver leather diamond braid rope halter and lead. You can also search and buy products like weaver leather cotton lead rope or knotty girls horse rope training halter – 4 knots 1/4″ stiff halter cord, which famous trainers use.

What is the rope halter used for?

Just like any other type of horse halter, a rope halter is also used for catching, holding, leading or tying animals. However, like other halters, you should not use a rope halter to ride a horse. You must also not replace it with a bridle. It is not safe and can cause serious injuries to the animal. Experts recommend limiting the use of rope halter to tie a horse during the night or for a mild walk with it rather than riding.

Can you ride in a halter?

Yes, technically, you can ride in a halter. However, experts do not recommend using a halter instead of a bridle. This is because a halter is harsh on the animal skin and is loose on the face. Therefore, it can cause more scratches that will soon lead to serious injuries on an animal’s face. Therefore it is highly recommended to use a bridle rather than relying on a halter. However, for beginners, a halter is just fine to learn riding as it does not involve serious or aggressive movement.

Where can I buy the best halter sets online in the UAE?

When buying items related to sports and outdoor activities, you should opt for a reliable brand, manufacturer or seller that offers high-quality products. If you fail to do so, you might end up facing some serious injuries. So, to avoid any such unpleasant event, look for a reliable service provider. For instance, at, you can find products from all top brands like Easkadron, Horseware, Le Mieux, Mark Todd, Stubben, or Cottage Craft.

In the meantime, you can also explore the website to buy weight products from brands like Equiline, HKM, KM Elite, or Premier Equine and more.