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About Kettlebells

Kettlebells are one of the most useful pieces of equipment in the gym. You can use them to reach any fitness related aspiration you wish for. Several experts claim that the kettlebells are the single best piece of equipment that is versatile in uses.  By construction, a kettlebell is a cast steel or iron ball with a handle attached to its top. This equipment resembles much a cannonball with a handle.

The kettlebells come in many different sizes and serve in many ways. Commonly people use them to perform activities like cardiovascular and ballistic exercise or strength and flexibility training. Moreover, they are a primary equip0ment on weightlifting and sports like kettlebell lifting.  According to trainers, kettlebells offer excellent results and are helpful for those who want to level up their body. Plus, it works ideally for everyone regardless of size, gender, and current level of fitness.  If you are a beginner to try kettlebells, this article shares some exercises you can start with.

Best Kettle weight exercises for beginners

We all know that barbell and dumbbell training is for beginners. Plus, they are practical and easy to do for a beginner. Luckily a kettlebell offers these perks with an additional unique twist. Because of their unique construction and nature, these bells build endurance and strength. It specifically helps to enhance the lower back, shoulders and legs while increasing the grip strength. Meanwhile, basic movements like snatch, swing, clean or jerk can engage the entire body at one time. In this way, it can mimic real-world activities like farm working or shovelling. However, if you are beginners, we will recommend you start with the following kettlebell training.

The kettlebell goblet squat

To practice this exercise, you will need to hold the kettlebell by its horns. Now drive the shoulders blades together and downwards. In this way, your chest will be open, just like a proud chest. Now tuck your elbows in so that your forearms are vertical. Next, you need to stand with feet a bit wider than hip-width apart. Make sure your feet are turned out slightly. Once you are in position, take a deep breath into your belly and twist your feet into the ground. Just imagine screwing feet down without moving them. It is time to squat. However, make sure your torso is properly upright. You can go as low as you can without your tailbone tucking under your butt.

The one-arm overhead press

To practice it you need to stand tall holding the kettlebell in one hand at shoulder level. Now root your feet into the floor as if you are preparing for someone to push you. Now take a deep breath into your belly and brace your glutes and abs. now pull your ribs down and think of a proud chest. Also, think about a long spine so that your tailbone is tilted slightly upward. Now press the weight overhead but make sure your chin is pulled back. This way, the weight will have no trouble clearing it. now if you want to lower the kettlebell, pull it back down to its position. This step will be just like performing a pullup.

The kettlebell deadlifts

Here you need to put your bell on the floor between your feet. Now stand with the feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees forward while pushing your butt backwards. This position will let you screw your feet into the floor. Lower your torso until your arms can grasp the handle of your bell. Once again think of proud chest and keep your lower back in its natural arch. Make sure your eyes are focused ahead of you and are slightly down. It is also important to grasp the ball using both hands and take a deep breath into your belly. Now drive through your heel and lift the bell while extending your hip to lockout. This exercise is best for your lower back, abs and thighs.

One-arm row kettlebell workout

To do so, you need to place the kettlebell on a flat surface and take a staggered stance. Make sure your right foot is placed in a forward condition. The best position is when your foot is planted just outside the weight.  Now dig the ball of your left foot into the floor behind, folding at the hip as you sit your but back. In this position, your torso will make an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Now rest your elbow on your right thigh to have some support. Reach for the bell on the floor using your left hand. Take a deep belly breath and draw your shoulders together and back. Now brace your core and row the weight back to your hip while squeezing your shoulders.

Tips on how to buy Kettlebells online in Dubai

We are living in a busy world where most of our activities are computer-based. As we are spending most of our day sitting on a desk, we lack sufficient physical movements. Movements that can keep our body fit, healthy with a working mind and heart is important. Starting with a kettlebell exercise can help you take a flight to upgrade your body while building up your stamina. However, dozens of brands now offer a variety of products online. This is why finding the right one becomes a tedious job for many. Especially if they know nothing about these bells, however, the below-shared tips can help you make a better buying decision in a hassle-free manner.

  • Consider your experience – The kettlebells are available in many different weights, from an 8kg kettlebell to a kettlebell of 20kgs. Some are specifically for beginners, while others are best for professionals. Know where you stand and head to shop accordingly.
  • Kettlebell weights – Experts suggest that a beginner female can start with an 8kg kettlebell, whereas men can start with 12 to 16kg kettlebells. It is because lower than these weights might not generate desired results.
  • Consider the price – Kettlebells varies in price. It depends on the technological support, material, weight and brand that manufactures the bells. An average kettlebell cost something between AED 50 to AED 100 or above. Decide how much you want to invest.
  • Compare products – To be a smart shopper, you need to put in a little effort. It is important to shop from a place that can give you maximum exposure. Here at you can explore dozens of brands and products with just one click. So, search, compare, shop and enjoy wisely.

We at strives to serve our clients and customers with exceptionally high-quality products. We have more than 500 brands selling quality sports and gym products globally. You can find a wide range of products from brands like Rogue, Eleiko, RKC, NXG, TKO, Marcy and many others. Plus, you can enjoy the compare prices of products from more different brands. It helps to get hands-on an economical product without compromising on the quality easily.

Question & Answer

Where to buy kettlebells?

Are you looking for the cheapest kettlebells for sale in the UAE? Here at our r etail search engine , you can find it all. We offer the et quality of 32kg kettlebell for sale in the UAE made by top global brands. These brands are known and trusted for being high-quality sports and outdoor plus gym equipment manufacturers. Some are; Rogue, Onnit, Eleiko, TRX, RKC, Wolverson, NXG, Rage, Kettlebells, Jordan, TKO, and Marcy.

What kg kettlebell should I buy?

Experts suggest buying kettlebells according to your experience. For beginners, the weight should be at its minimum, as mentioned in the early section. For beginner females, the minimum suggested weight is 8kgs. At the same time, men can choose anything between 12 to 16kgs. Some of the hot-selling bells of this year include; Rep Fitness, Powerblock, CFF K2, Cap Barbell, Yes4All, GoFit, SPri Delux, Tone Fitness and Titian Fitness Adjustable. Although they are the best, we recommend you seek professional assistance before buying one for the first time.

Can you lose weight with kettlebells?

Yes, you can lose weight using these bells. With proper use, size and practice, you can enjoy amazing results. On average, you can burn up to 400 calories in just 20 minutes by using these belts. Such efficient results come because the workout with bells gets your heart pumping even faster. Thus, you can end up losing calories about as much as you can lose by running a 6 minutes mile. Plus, they are easy to use and thus best for beginners to upgrade their bod.

Why buy kettlebells instead of dumbbells?

Kettlebells are best for dynamic movements. Further, they are best for activities like powerlifting, plus improvements. Also, they are best if you play games like CrossFit or basketball. Additionally, the kettlebells are best if you want to mix up your workout or improve your grip strength. Kettlebells also offer challenges in traditional workout routines.  This is because they come with a better centre of gravity when dumbbells offer more stability.

So, are you interested in enhancing your fitness level? Or wishing to step in the race for the first time? In any case, you need to buy kettlebells now. At, we offer a wide range of top-quality bells for every fitness level. All you need to do is be loyal to your stage and buy one perfectly suitable for you. We wish you a healthy and fit life hereafter. Meanwhile, you can also explore products from stores available on our retail search engine.

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