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Horse Riding gear becomes essential when you plan to start a horse-riding venture. Many people around the globe are experiencing horse riding for the very first time.  

Feeling nervous while riding for the first time is natural as you are about to ride a relatively larger living animal. The only thing that can protect you during the venture is knowing how to handle the animal and the right riding accessories, including leg guard, horse bits, horsewhips, webbing or shabracks. They will not only provide you with support and reassurance that you feel comfortable and safe, but they will also share useful riding tips for beginners. Keeping such importance in mind, it is important to study and understand each basic riding gear before stepping on the ground for a ride.  

Basic horseback riding accessories 

Getting started with a horse ride is both overwhelming and exciting. Something that can excite and develop your interest can be bright colours halters, tie and dye leg wraps, fun saddle pads and much more. While it will surely be tempting to grab everything that catches your attention and start purchasing immediately, you might find yourself with an empty bank account. Additionally, you will have a long list of items that you need and a pile of stuff that will be of no help in a protective ride. To ease your mind, we are here to share a list of the essential items that are a must-have before you ride a horse.  

Horse riding safety gear 

Before we move to the fun stuff, the priority should be picking safety equipment. They must be of high quality as you will be using them every time you ride. Also, try to get it fitted by a professional to ensure that you are purchasing the right option. Here it would help if you started by buying a horse-riding helmet. Additionally, make sure you are wearing the right, comfortable yet snug fit clothing with a proper safety vest or body protector. You can also go for the advanced air vest to enjoy a superior cushion. Also, add gloves, boots, and knee pads to the list of purchases.  

Riding clothes and shoes  

Just like any other sports and outdoor activity, horse riding also demands a special type of dressing. In terms of footwear, you must buy a pair of boots specifically designed to be used for horseback riding. These boots provide added ankle stability with the right amount of traction. Likewise, for pants, look for breaches or jeans with a skinny fit. Also, opt for a well fitted yet comfortable and appropriate weather shirt. While buying online, you can also find dedicated riding gloves that will offer protection to your hand skin and give you a better grip.  

The riding tack 

A tack is equipment or accessory placed on a horse and other equines during their use as a domesticated animal. Stirrups, halters, reins, bridles, saddles, harnesses, breastplates, and bits are all types of horse tack. And the style of tack you buy will depend on whether you ride Western or English, but the basic items will remain the same. In any case, the tack needs to fit well on the back of a horse. Some basic elements you will need to buy before a ride include bridle; bit; reins; saddle with pads; girth; lead rope; cross ties and halters.  

Grooming and care products 

A horse should be groomed and well-taken care of before and after each ride. It will help to keep the horse comfortable and healthy during a ride. Besides, it will allow you to look over the horse for any swelling, injuries or issues that may need addressing. To do so, you will need items like hard and soft brushes, curry comb, mane and tail brush, hoof picks, clippers, shedding blades and cleaning products like shampoo. You will also need to buy food supplements for horses and items to keep them warm and cosy for health.  

Tips on how to buy Horse Riding Gear online in the UAE

Keeping a horse is an expensive hobby. You will need to spend a lot of time and money to keep the horse healthy and happy so that you can enjoy the ride whenever you wish for it.  As there is a lot about taking a horse that demands money, brands keep offering the best discount horse riding gear online. Such offers make it easier for horse owners and riders to keep a stock of high-quality items without worrying about the cost or quality. If you are also looking for some horse-riding accessories, here is what you need to keep in mind while making a purchase.

  • Know your skill – Before you head to buy horse riding gear or clothing, you should evaluate your riding skills. Do that honestly, as it will determine what type of products you will need to buy to meet your skill right now or to move step above.
  • Know your horse – You must also know the abilities, needs and preferences of your horse. Each horse has its demands, so you should make the purchase strictly according to the type and needs of the horse to make him comfortable and linked with the rider.
  • Find branded items – When buying anything that will come in direct contact with the animal, look for higher quality.  Therefore, look for reliable brands on a retail search engine. Also, compare products from different brands before purchasing anything.
  • Price – For one thing, branded products are expensive; for a second, sports and outdoor accessories will always cost you a serious amount. Therefore, use the price comparison tool at to find cheap yet high quality branded rode riding gear online in the UAE.
  • Material and make – Make sure you are buying high-quality products with genuine materials. For horse riding, opt for stainless steel and leather made models. They are durable, long-lasting and cause no harm to the animal or the rider.

You must also read the product description section to know everything about the make, size and other features or specifications of the gear you are about to add to the cart. It is also better to have a look at the customer review section. Here you can find details about the performance and the material of the products you are about to buy. Additionally, you may also find helpful tips to use and take care of your purchase.

Question & Answer

What is basic horse-riding gear?

Most riders decide to ride either western or English styles. It will help the rider to decide what type of tack to buy. To help with the saddle fit, you must buy the saddle according to the horse you will be riding. Other items you will need to buy include a saddle with cinch and girth, a saddle pad or blanket, bit and bridle, helmet, stirrups with leather, lunge line, and boots with other leg supporting and protection accessories.

Can I wear jeans for horse riding?

Yes, you can wear individual styles of jeans while riding the horse. Some recommendations include long jeans, pants, jodhpurs, and breeches. Avoid using shorts or inner leg pants as the seams can chafe. It would help if you paired jeans with long boots with heels so that the feet do not get caught in the stirrups in case of a fall. Also, make sure it is made of soft yet durable material for jeans, and the seams are not hash on your legs.

What is the beginner horse riding equipment you need?

If you are a newcomer to the field, you will need a basic set of equipment for riding safely. These include special riding pants with perfect fit, paddock or tall boots, safety horse riding helmets and gloves with safety vests. You will also need customized riding saddle pads with adjustable gullets. The bridle and reins are also important gear to buy. Also, remember that a basic grooming kit should have at least one rubber curry comb, a stiff-bristled dandy brush, a hoof pick, and a soft-bristled body brush.

Where can I buy the best horse-riding gear online in the UAE?

Outdoor sports are tricky, and you will have to spend a lot of time and money to ensure the safety of your animal as much as you are concerned about yourself. The best way to get reliable horse-riding gear is to look at a top-rated retail search engine. For instance, at you can find top brands like Shires, After pay, Aldi, Bionic, or GoPro. You can also use the price comparison tool to compare products from different brands and make an economic buying decision.