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A bridle is a special piece of equipment used for directing a horse. According to the Oxford Dictionary, it includes a “headstall” and “reins”. Here a headstall is responsible for holding a “Bit” that goes in the horse’s mouth. Whereas the reins are attached to the “Bit”. However, another vital part of the horse-riding equipment is the headgear. It is also called a hackamore (if used without a bit). This hackamore is also known as “bitless bridle” (in some parts of the world). Hence, we can say that they are available in many different names’ variations and designs. However, what remains common is its use.

They are used as “nosebands” to exert pressure on sensitive areas of the animal’s face to maintain control and give direction. A bit, bridle and reins always work synchronously to offer the rider complete control on the horse head. The earliest records of bridles date roughly from the time between the 14th and 8th centuries BC. This time is also known to fall between the Bronze and Iron Ages. These discoveries were made in the Luristan region in ancient Mesopotamia. These bits and bridles are much more similar to what we can see today. However, the quality of metal and shape is much modified with time. Here are some common types of blisters available in stores today.

Common types of blisters and their uses

It’s a common understanding that selection depends on the expectations of riders as well as the preference of horses. However, a happy hack can be best suited to halter bridle and potentially on the bitless bridle, whereas a higher-level dressage horse needs to go in a double bridle. At such times, a sensitive rider can also figure out what the horse needs. There are chances that a jumping horse that fusses in a snaffle bridle will behave well in a relief bridle. But if you wish to stay away from the hassle of finding a perfect option for both horse and rider, better let the professionals decide on any of the available options. This way or that, the selection will be from any of the following types you can find out there.

The snaffle bridle  

This is the most common type used around the globe and for a variety of applications. It is almost always made of leather. It consists of a headpiece, a browband, bit, throat lash, reins, noseband and a single cheekpiece on both sides.  Plus, almost all types of nosebands can be used with the snaffle bridle. The same is the case with the bit styles that you can use with the snaffle. This design is as old as the horsemanship itself. This type is best for hacking or pleasure riding. According to many professionals, it works fine for most horses and in any discipline. This is the reason why they are used across the levels in all English competitions. 

The double bridle 

This type is much similar to the snaffle bridle in terms of the basic design. However, it includes a second set of cheekpieces merged into a single strap called “slip head.” These additional pieces help to accommodate the second bit. This is the only style in which you can use more than 1 bit. The two bits used are called bridoon (it is a small and thin snaffle) and a curb (it is harsher with shanks). This type has two reins (one on each side of the bit). It helps the rider to offer delicate aid to a well-trained horse. But in inexperienced riders, it can end up a disaster as the curb can be extremely harsh on the animal.

The Western bridle

They are much different from the English bridle leather sets. But are much similar to snaffle bridles in many ways. They consist of a headpiece with a single cheekpiece on each side, a single set of reins and a bit. The throat lash is optional, whereas the noseband is never a part of this style. Some options also come it browbands, but most have a different design for securing them around the ears. As obvious with the name, they are mostly meant for western disciplines like rodeo and reining. However, due to their simplicity, they are famous among the trail riders well. Riders mostly appreciate them for their simple headstall as compared to the bulk of straps on snaffles.

The bit-less bridle

They come in various styles, and the most common options(except double style) can be converted into bitless bridles by attaching different types of nosebands. This style varies in complexities from a simple bosal to complex attachment like S-hack. Despite many riders quickly jumping to the bitless bandwagon, it is not always true that the bitless option is softer than the standard style. With the flexibility of combination, you can switch your snaffle style when and if you wish to. However important it is to consider the personal preferences of a horse. At the same time, the softness or harshness depends on the rider.

Tips on how to buy Bridles online in the UAE

Every horse owner knows the importance of a suitable horse bridle. They may all look the same, but the differences are evident from one design to another. These different styles are based on the techniques of riding and sporting activity of the riders. Buying the right option is, however, a confusing task. At the same time, the online shopping world has also made shopping an overwhelming process. It becomes more specific if you are a novice. Hence this article is here to help you decide which dribbles to buy from dozens of options available online.

  • The riding style – There is a huge variety available in the market. Each comes with a specific design according to the riding methods one follows. It is important to note that a wrong combination of activity and equipment can affect performance. It is always better to use accessories, including bristles, according to your activity style.
  • The material – Just like types, the content of the product varies a lot. Some standard options are nylon, synthetic leather or leather. Nylon is the strongest and suitable for novices, whereas leather options are expensive and high maintenance. You can make choices as per the experience of personal preferences.
  • Size – It is important to know the size of the horse before buying the bridle. Ponies have different sizes, and riding horse sizes are different. Commonly available sizes are; cob, full, extra full, and pony.
  • The colour – Colour choices are not mandatory. However, many prefer to go with specific colours based on their personal choices, the colour of their horse or their likes and dislikes. At a time when leather does not have many variations. Whereas if you wish to buy nylon, you can enjoy varying colours and textures.

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Question & Answer

How to bridle a horse?

Here you need to start with a safely tied horse. You can consider tying him with a panic snap or a quick-release knot. Now undo the latter and slide the noseband off the halter and slip the crown back upright over the ears. Slide the bit in the horse mouth. You can do this by holding it up over the horse’s nose and softly moving the bit against the lips. Insert your thumb into the space between the front and back teeth. In the next step, you need to pull the crown over the left ear and gently drag it from the right one. After setting it in its final position, tie the buckles or snaps. Make sure they are neither loose nor too tight to hurt the animal.

How should a bridle fit?

They should fit in a way that allows space for a hand to pass by. It is also important that they must sit correctly in the position. A proper fit bit is the one that sits in the corner of the mouth and offers one crease in the lips. Moreover, the noseband should fit 1 to 2 centimetres below the cheekbone, except if it is a grackle that fits differently. However, if you are using a drop noseband, make sure it fits carefully to interfere with the horse’s airways.

What bridle is best for my horse?

Simply saying, the tradition and course determine the style of bit, bridle, and reins one must choose. However, there are conventions of both English and western tacks. There is some difference in the form to function features. Meanwhile, many are simply window dressings. No matter what particularities about the course are, and preferences of riders and horse, here are some best-selling items. The Albion KB Competition, the Prestige Evo Sorrento Fancy Stitch Jumping and the Kieffer Ergonomic Line Snaffle with Flash Noseband are top listed on several sites. In contrast, another best seller is Weaver leather braided nylon barrel rein with many others.

Where to find cheap bridles for sale online?

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