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About Horse Bits

Do you wish to connect with your horse? A bit can be one such technical element that can help you build a constant connection with the horse while riding. Studies indicate that soft and consistent contact between the horse and rider can cause less stress to animals than intermittent or unpredictable contact. Hence, bits are important for a horse’s tack.

A horse bit usually refers to the assembly of components that control and contact the horse mouth. It includes rings, shanks, Mullen, cheek-pads but often refers to a mullen. Here mullen is a piece that fits inside the mouth of a horse. This mullen extends across the horse’s mouth and rests on the bars (the area between incisors and molar – where there are no teeth). The bit is located on the head of the horse and is supported, thereby the headstall. When more and more people own their pet horses, we feel the need to serve them with all they might need. When we are selling top quality cheap horse bits, we are about to share some words to understand the product itself.

A guide to types of horse bits available in the market

In a horse tack, a bit, bridle, and reins work synchronously to offer control of the horse head to the rider. The bit applies pressure on the horse’s mouth and reinforces other control signals from the rider’s weight distribution and legs. A well-schooled horse needs little pressure on the bit if the rider is skilled. However, new horse ownership or riding bits can be one of the most confusing subjects they may counter. Today the market is flooded with different types, styles, and designs in each style or type of bit. Although we cannot cover all the available options, below are some of the most common and widely used types of bits and their suitability for use.

The snaffle bits

These are the simplest types of bit. They consist of rings and mouthpieces that attach directly to the reins. It means that the pressure on the reins translates directly into the load on the mouth (in equal proportion). Here a common misconception to avoid is that all snaffle bits have joints in them. This is not necessarily the case as straight-bar, and even Mullen mouthpieces also have parts of snaffle bits. Another false belief is that snaffles are mild bits. Instead, the pressure is more direct in this bit. A rough made or sharper bit can be harmful. At the same time, heavy hands on the reins will also make the bit harsher on the animal. These bits are popular in English riding but are used in Western as well.

The curb bits

These bits work with indirect pressure. The construction of these bits multiplies the force on the animal’s mouth, which is beyond the pressure put on the reins. It means the rider needs to use less stress on the reins to reach the same influence on the bit compared to the pressure one will put with a snaffle bit. This is the reason the curb bits are usually more severe. Although it also depends on how much the rider pulls on the reins. In the meantime, the length of the shank also translates the severity. Hence a longer shank means more pressure on the mouth. The curb style bits are prevalent in Western riding styles; however, one can see them in English courses.

The hackamore and bit-less bridles

To date, we are not sure if the first horse-people used bits or not. But some ancient artistic designs prove the existence of bit-less pieces of tacks. Hence, we can say that they may have existed for about 4000 years. Today there are many different types of bit-less from which itself has many different types. This type of bit works through a noseband that puts pressure on different face areas except the mouth. However, in many parts of the world, hackamores are not allowed in competitions. However, they are widely used in endurance riding, some show jumping, trail riding and cross-country competitions.

The double bridle bits

These bridles come with two bits at the same time. These are known as curb and snaffle. This type of bridle uses a special snaffle bit, which is known as the bradoon. This type of bridle works with four reins. Additionally, this type of bridle has both effects on the horse, with pressure on bars and mouth from the snaffle bit and on the chin, poll, palate, tongue and bars from the curb. When one uses the curb bit and bradoon for different purposes, these bits are suitable for engaging the curb to encourage the collection. Hence, this double bridle is ideal for refined control. But in the wrong hands, it can easily be misused and can be harmful to the animal.

Tips on how to buy Horse Bits online in Dubai

Lozenge or Mullen mouth? Loose ring or egg-butt? Copper alloy or stainless steel? The options are endless and overwhelming when it comes to buying the best horse bits online. However, in any case, considering these options is essential. What is more critical and complicated is choosing the right combination for rider and horse. We know how difficult it is to find the right product for you when you have piles of options available online.

  • Invest in horse’s mouth – All the horse owners share common goals. That is why they spend more time and money on tack and accessories. The mouth of a horse is as important as the face, legs and back. It is thus vital to consider investing in high-quality accessories. On average, a good quality snaffle costs from $100 to $500. Keep a generous budget for bits.
  • Understand your needs – Think about the mouthpiece before the cheek-pieces. To know the suitable type, start with understanding the behaviour of your horse. Sometimes if your horse acts weird with a jointed hollow mouth snaffle, you can think of ported mouth loose ring snaffle or else. Remain adaptive and try to offer comfort to your horse.
  • Keep things simple – It is easy to get tempted towards advertisements, but never forget that the material of bit is of crucial importance. It would help if you remembered that the horse’s mouth provides a warm environment, and any metal can get warm easily. Try to pick a metal like stainless steel that works well in promoting salivation and acceptance.
  • Consider relaxation – Remember, a grinning horse is always uncomfortable. Hence, when it comes to gauging the height of the horse bit, two wrinkles are too much. If you want to maintain the natural build of your horse, think of adding a little upward turn at each corner of his mouth. A slight uplift is always enough.

Above all, it important is to expect less from the bit and more from yourself. Changing the equipment cannot do the wonders your attitude can. Another key is to focus more on achieving comfort. It will help you keep your focus aligned and find better options. Further, it is important to remember that the bits can only offer a platform where clear aids can be given. It is something that comes naturally as you get refined in your riding.

Question & Answer

Are horse bits cruel?

Technically speaking, they are not cruel. However, if you cannot buy the high quality and well-manufactured bit or tie it too tight, the results will be bad. Thus, we can say that it’s not the bit that is cruel to the animal but how we use it. Hence to remain gentle on your animal while using a bit, make sure you adjust it right and always buy a high-quality item from reliable sellers. With proper care, your bit can never be hard on your animal in any way. Instead, it can be meant to connect you with your horse.

Are horse bits necessary?

There are varying debates on the question. Many people believe that bits are nothing but extra weight on horses, making it difficult and painful for them to ride. This group of people also believe that bits are painful. However, they are only miserable if not of high quality or tied properly on the horse. With such beliefs, many consider bits as unnecessary. Meanwhile, many believe that bits help direct the horse while riding and help to build a connection between the horse and the rider. At the same time, this group believes that one cannot dressage unless there is a bit in the mouth. Hence it becomes one of the most important parts of the dressage.

How much do horse bits cost?

Just like any other quality branded product, horse bits are also expensive. The price also depends on the features, material, types and style of the bit. However, the average price of it varies from AED 70 to AED 500+.  However, some cheap yet best-selling items this year are Weaver Leather All Purpose Ring Snaffle Bit, Robart Pinchless Walking Horse Bit, Circle Y Martha Josey Million Dollar 5in Bit and Colorado Saddlery The Copper Roller Training Snaffle Bit made of Stainless Steel.

Where to buy horse bits?

Here at shops, we have more than 500 global brands selling top quality bits online in UAE. Some of these brands are; Neue Schule, Sprenger, Whitaker, Kimberwick, and Baucher.At you can find enjoy shopping with a user-friendly portal and several helpful features. For instance, with the price comparison tool, you can search for a range of economic products from global brands with just one click. Such features help you make your online shopping time-efficient and make you a smart shopper.

So, finding the right horse bit is an important part of horse riding for those who love their horse’s venture. As it can not only help you ease the horse bit, will also help the riders to build an everlasting connection with the horse. We wish you the best of luck with your horse bit shopping online. Meanwhile, you can also explore products from stores available on our retail search engine for any type of sports and outdoor products.