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About Horse Whips

We also know them as dressage whip and riding crop. Horse whips act as a supplemental aid for a rider to use to encourage a horse to go forward and sideways. It also offers increased engagement and similar intentions. With the correct use of the whip, the rider signals to the horse and is not a means of punishment. However, it does not mean a horsewhip is never suitable for discipline or correction. But a good horseman never actually beat a horse.

No matter what, whips help to encourage the behaviour of the horse as opposed to punishing or scolding them. This unique horse training tool helps the owner or trainer to correct the behaviour of the horse. It also helps in developing an understanding and coordination between the rider and the horse. Meanwhile assisting riders to command and control the horse whereas assisting the horse to understand and obey those commands. Commonly a rider employee the whip by tapping the horse on the backside. Although it sounds like a simple move, there are several types of whips for horse riding and training. These types have different uses or promise to deliver different results for the users.

Different types of horse-riding whips

There is a wide variety of horse training tools available that makes the selection process overwhelming. At the same time, the equipment required to train a horse as well as the methods used can vary depending on the horse, person and the overall objective. The list of essential horse training equipment is long enough to cover in one discussion. This is the reason why; today we will focus on helping you get familiar with the horsewhips. To give you a close look, we are about to hare some standard horse training whips. With defining the differences between these types, we will also share a glimpse of the proper use of these whips, along with some other factors

The crop whip (leather horsewhips)

This is the most common type of whip. These whips vary in length but generally stand between 24- and 30-inches in length. By construction, they have fibreglass or cane covered in leather or fabric. However, covered whips are expensive among the two. The rod, in this case, is relatively flexible, and the whip has a handle at one end. This type of whip has wrapping of extra layers of leather or fabric over the rod.  The top layer is a pommel that is either covered in fabric, leather or metal. While the business end has a loop or two short flaps. The crops usually have a wrist strap (despite many considering it dangerous to wear on).  Moreover, they break easily and can hurt the horse that’s why it is forbidden to use if broken.

The show cane horse racing whip

A show cane in no way (and under any circumstances) used to hit the horse. Just like a dummy spur many dressage riders use it entirely for decorative purposes. These canes are either plain or come with inexpensive leather covers. The latter mentioned is often very expensive. It is a common habit among riders to decorate the whip with the horse heads antlers or fancy tips. They come both with and without flappers at the end. The show cane is generally held in the rider’s inside hand as it rests against the shoulder of the horse. They are rigid. Many models come with steel-reinforced construction that makes them last longer. Hence, using them on a horse will be a brutal and inhumane act, seriously hurting your animal.

The hunting whips

They are also known as the English hunting whips. They are rarely seen outside the hunt field. It consists of a cane same as the show cane. Just like a show cane, this one is also not used on the animal. By construction, it has 5’ or 7’ lash attached to it. The core purpose of these whips is to keep the hounds from getting under the horse feet. It helps the rider to flick the long lash at a dog without taking his/her hands off the reins. Here the lashes are typically attached to the whip in a break-away manner. This construction comes in handy if the horse steps on it (as the horse comes free). Hence, they come with mild application in the field.

The dressage whip

It is much like the crop whip but not long enough. Customarily it is 45” long and comes with a short leash. The design helps the rider to tap the horse without taking his/her hands off the reins. The dressage whip assists in training exercises in which the horse’s front and hind end move independently. This whip is never used to correct the horse but only to give clear initial signals while teaching the movements. Eventually, the focus is to remove the whip from the equation. Overall speaking whips of all types are prohibited in dressage arenas. These whips are also used by side-saddle riders who carry them on the right side.

Tips on how to buy Horse Whips online in the UAE

Crops or whips, whatever you call them, we can find plenty of these online. They come in different lengths and sizes. It thus brings us to the question of what to choose and which one to pay for. Other questions are like, what kind of whip is suitable for the horse, and the type of sport someone is into. You may find yourself lucky after reading this article. At the time when we just spoke about the few most common kinds of whips, we have complied some hotshot tips for the reader on how to buy a quality whip online. We hope these tips will help you choose an item that suits best for your horse.

  • Consider the rigidity – Remember, whips are not to horses or scare them, but to direct them. Thus, I prefer buying a whip with soft leather and inner metal (if any).
  • Size of the whip – To add comfort and ease for you and the horse while riding, it better is to look for a regular size whip with easy holding points. It will help you direct and manage to ride easily.
  • The brand – Animal demands care and gentle touch. Hence important is to use high-quality tools and accessories while riding the horse. A quality whip from a reliable brand will not only last with you for long, but the construction will keep it gentle on your horse.
  • The price factor – Owning a horse is expensive. However, brands come with fierce competition in the prices of horse riding and sporting accessories. You can use a retail search engine to find economical products from different brands to buy from.
  • The buying policies – Although buying a whip does not come with any unpleasant surprises; it is always better to be safer than sorry. Hence, always check the return or exchange terms before proceeding to payment in your shopping cart.

Here at we have more than 500 brands selling quality horse riding whips, accessories and tools online. These brands are known and trusted in offering high-quality products with real leather whenever used. In the meantime, the vast collections help the buyers to find and access quality products at a reasonable price. Hence, we assure timely delivery of reliable branded whips that make an exact match to your budget.

Question & Answer

Do horsewhips hurt the horse?

The answer to this question is a bit twisted. Technically whips are not meant to beat the animal, in any case. Instead, they are either used for decorative purposes or to help to direct the horse while riding. Meanwhile, they are also used during horse training (once again for giving directions). With such designated uses, using whips to beat the horse is extremely prohibited in all activities, globally. This is the reason why whips are made of hard metal and leather to make them look good. Hence, hitting a horse with it will result in severe hurt to the horse.

What is the difference between a crop and a whip?

A horse crop is also known as a hunting crop or a riding crop. This is a short size whip with a minimal length and intended use. The crops have no lash and are used in horse riding. They often have long shafts of cane or fibreglass covered in fabric, leather or other such materials. In contrast, the whip is the name used for a traditional tool that is mainly designed to strike animals or people to aid guidance and exert control over the animal. Considering the general idea and intended purpose, there is a difference in length, construction and impact of whips and crop. However, today horsewhip is an alternative common term used for crops to train animals.

Is horsewhip expensive?

Not really. Horse whips are not that expensive as compared to other tools and accessories necessary for horse riding. However, some decorative items do come with a big price tag. This is especially the case if you are looking for antique style or leather made horse racing whips for sale. Other buying cheap horsewhips is never a big deal. You can explore online stores to find an extensive collection of articles like Hongtegele Leather Horse Whip or BREGO Faux Leather Long Horse-Riding Whip that are reasonable in every way.

Where to buy horsewhip?

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