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About Climbing

An activity that people all over the world, climbing is one of the most popular one’s today. With it being a hobby, it is also a great way to get your dose of exercise to keep you happy and fit. However, proper training is essential before you start. 

Climbing isn’t of one single type. There are hundreds of choices here – be it rock climbing, climbing rope, tree climbing and other sport & outdoor activities – the options are indefinite. However, a lot of climbers did start early, to guide through the process and learn too. If you’re new, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be complicated; however, preparation is essential before you take it forward. For the more natural climbers, it should be easy; however, without going through training, it is not advisable to take it on. Going to the gym and getting a trainer to guide you through climbing is the first step. Research on climbing is crucial as well. 

Different types of climbing activities you could consider today 

Climbing is not as simple as it looks. There are a whole lot of fascinating techniques and methods that climbers use. The effortless movements, fast space and supporting one’s body at every step are a few of the things that take years to practise. After all, it’s an activity that can leave you severely injure or make your life, if you’re not focused and careful in every second. This doesn’t stop those who love it and do the activity ever so frequently. If you have always been fond of it but never got around to doing it, now can be an excellent time to give it a start. 

Rock climbing  

An activity that has been popular over the ages; this one is tricky and requires a lot of practice. For those who like rock climbing, it’s best to start practising indoors first. Climbers often have limited help and gear, so being focused on something will help you a lot during rock climbing. There are classes and sessions, and a lot of gymnasiums have indoor “fake” rocks too so that you can practise. Be it for recreation and competition; there are a lot of people who do it regularly. However, ensuring fitness and flexibility physically is also one way to make sure your journey gets easy. 

Climbing rope  

Robe climbing, although it is a little easy as compared to rock climbing, still requires practice. Along with training, your posture, weight etc. all come into account when you go in for this activity. A lot of options, both indoor and outdoor, are available under the climbing robe. The position of the hands, feet and the way they support the body together, help make the experience easy and enjoyable. Make sure you learn under the guidance of an instructor. A lot of first-timers generally experience falls and aches when starting off the first time. So, a proper warm-up is essential each time you begin. 

Climbing wall holds  

One of the most trending climbing activities that are gaining a lot of popularity is the wall keeps climbing. The concept is relatively simple – there are a bunch of “holds” that are designed to hold just half of your foot, as rests, that you use to climb ahead. These are situated across a wall, vertically, until the very top. They are sturdy and can take the weight of your feet and body quickly. Climbers gear up and start going, using the holds as support for the hands and feet. Since walls are natural straight and don’t have a natural curve like rocks, sometimes these climbs can be pretty challenging as well. 

Ice climbing 

An activity that can only be done by professionals, this is mainly for rescue, although some do undertake it as a hobby too. Here, the task is not only going up steep ice structures but also bearing the cold while you do so. If you want to be a professional, there are special classes and sessions to learn about it. It has some gruelling training to prepare its participants and generally takes a lot of time and effort. Being lean is also an essential aspect of climbing, so if you aren’t, then weight loss is also a critical factor in this case. 

Tips on how to buy Climbing gear

Now that you know everything about the different types of climbing activity, the next part is preparing for it. Just physical training won’t get you there, but coaching your mind is also very important. This helps you stay focused even when your body gets tired. For an activity that is so slowly dependent on keeping the right concentration throughout, this aspect is very vital. Here are some tips to help you in buying the right climbing gear. 

  • Go for reliable brands – Since the gear is not only to look like part of the group but mainly to ensure your safety, buying the best you can afford is essential. Check for brands with a good reputation and something fellow climbers use and like. 
  • Ensure it is comfortable – Ensuring the gear or clothing you’re wearing is comfortable is vital. If you need to focus on the climb, anything else that causes a distraction should be avoided. Make sure that you feel comfortable and your movement is not restricted in the outfit. 
  • Know the purpose – A lot of brands have fancy gear and clothing for climbing with extra features. These help professionals, however, indoor climbers to consider them. But make sure you understand the purpose behind the additions before you buy. 
  • Your footwear is most essential – Your foot movements, its placement, and how it helps you move forward is the key when it comes to any climbing. The right shoes, socks and another type of footwear help a lot when it comes to rock climbing. 
  • Get some opinions – Ask around and check with friends or colleagues who are into climbing. They can help you get some good choices or some brands they like. It’s an excellent way to start. 
  • Check with the instructor – Your instructor is the best person to go for advice since he has a lot of experience in the field. Share your concerns regarding the gear, if you have any doubts and ask for his feedback on it. 

If you have never shopped for such gear before, it’s a good idea to head to a sports store and try them on. Since they are very different from regular jackets or clothing, it helps to get an understanding before you buy. A lot of them might feel different from what they look like. With so many choices, getting something that works for your body type and comfort is easy. Once you like something, you can always pick it up online. 

Question & Answer

Which are the best climbing shoes this yea?

Shoes are an essential accessory when it comes to any climbing. With the right pair, it does get easy to move ahead faster. The Scarpa Apria, La Sportiva Testarosa, Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym, Black Diamond Zone LV, Butora Endeavor and So iLL Free Range are some of the very best ones. You can, of course, try out for yourself before buying. The shoes change as per the type of climb, so make sure you keep that in mind too and buy the ones for the particular activity.

Which is the best mountain climbing gear?

Climbing ropes, gamaschen, climbing belts, climbing accessories, carabiners, slings, crampons, rising clamps are only some of the many climbing gears that we have today. A lot of online stores and sports brands have several options to make the activity as comfortable as possible. If you check online, look out for Mammut Infinity Classic Climbing rope, Black Diamond Vector climbing helmet, Black Diamond ATC Guide, Petzl Cordex Gloves, Y&Y Classic Belay Glasses, La Sportiva Nepal Evo GTX boots and the Arc’teryx Alpha FL 45 backpack.

Which climbing backpacks are essential to buy before you start?

The best climbing backpacks will take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to carrying essentials while mountain climbing. It should be comfortable, the rights size and not weigh you down. The bulky ones are generally not the right choice unless it’s a trek. Some popular options are the Patagonia Linked Pack 18L, Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30 OutDry Waterproof Backpack, Black Diamond Gym 30, Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Daypack, Mammut Neon Gear 45 and the Organic Climbing Roll Down Pack.

Where can you buy a rock climbing anchor chain online in the UAE?

With plenty of sports stores to help you with mountain climbing gear, it is effortless to shop online in the UAE. Be it buying rock climbing anchor chains or other types of equipment, you can get it all online, very quickly. Make sure you check out, a terrific product search engine that makes your shopping experience a breeze! With more than 500+ brands under it, it doesn’t get any easier to pick the right products while being on one website.

There are several great online stores to give you access to some of the best climbing accessories out there. Make sure you check out brands like Petzl, Klein Tools, Spartan, Sterling and Beal, which are some of the best ones.