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About Climbing belts

The climbing belt or harness is a piece of unique climbing equipment. It is used for abseiling, rock-climbing and other activities that require rope to provide safety or access as industrial rope access or working at heights. This harness secures a person to an anchor point or rope.

In the simplest form, it is made from a length of rope or nylon webbing that is tied around the waist. However, this style is uncomfortable unless the wearer has lightweight. It can also ride up to the abdomen or the diaphragm under load. In such a case, the wearer ends up with serious injuries. But, looping a rope between the legs will prevent such unnecessary injuries. Broadly speaking, a sophisticated contemporary harness exists in different patterns. The core of each design is to offer comfort and security and more options to carry equipment. Today’s discussion is to help our readers understand what a good climbing belt must have to serve well on the rocks. This guide will help you generate familiarity with the belt and also about how to buy one.

Beginner buyer’s guide on mountain climbing belts

Interestingly, climbing harnesses had a very humble beginning. They initially came up as simple belts are worn around the waistline. Thankfully the harness technology has improved a lot since then. Over time it included gear loops, leg loops and many other features to keep the user comfortable and safe. Today climbing belts vary based on what you are looking for. Many harnesses are depending on whether you are a gym climber, ice or a trad climber. Each style comes with specific features that offer customised access to your gear and support you differently. In later discussion, we will cover the most common features available on a contemporary harness. Later, we will share some tips on how to buy one.

The material of climbing waist belt

Commonly a harness is made of webbing. This webbing is mostly of nylon as polyester does not hold d-rings and triglids. Plus, it is easier to untie nylon belts. Nylon 66 is the most common type of climbing belt for sale. The webbing is also tubular instead of flat.  A single harness contains many weaves of nylon-based on the intended functions of a specific part of the harness. Occasionally these weaves incorporate polyester as well. However, the buckles are typically made of anodised aluminium. At the same time, the formula for leg loop and waist belt comfort varies from one brand to another. Besides the material, the width and distribution of fibre differ from one version and brand to another.

Common features of a climbing safety belt

The features of a harness determine how comfortable the climber will be while going to the top. However, the features vary according to the type of climbing you want. Leg loops are the most important of all features of a climbing belt. They must fit well and come in both fixed and adjustable styles. While the number of gear loops on the belt varies and Widley determines how much equipment you can fit on the harness. At the same time, a haul loop comes to hand if you’re trad and big-wall climbing or climbing with three people.  The buckle system is another important feature of the belt. It allows you to adjust the harness to fit snug around your belt.

Common types of climbing belts

Nowadays, there are many different climbing harnesses, and each one serves a specific type of climbing. Although certain harnesses are meant for particular disciplines, a wide range can overlap and work for different types of climbing. A sport harness is the most lightweight and minimalist harness that helps in dynamic movements and comes with a single waist belt. At the same time, a trad harness offers maximum racking space and comfort and comes with four or more loops. Here, important to note is that the design and features of women and kids’ harnesses are different from that of men. Hence, it’s important to consider the gender, weight and size of the wearer.

The fitting of your climbing harness

By now, you must have an idea of the variety of climbing belts available in the market. It is important to make sure that the belt fits you correctly. Your performance depends on the fit of the belt. And the accurate way of wearing a belt is to fit it high above your hip, just near the belly button. However, while wearing the belt must maintain a 2-finger gap between your waist and harness. Adjustable leg loops are ideal for enjoying a snug fit. A great snug harness helps to sit upright comfortably, and the wearer does not feel any pressure points or digging from the leg loops or waist belt. If you are facing any such issue, it is time to consider investing in a different harness.

Tips on how to buy Climbing Belts online in the UAE

Apart from the basic features of a climbing harness, different styles come with unique modifications. The common features enlist; leg loops, waist loops, belay loops, buckles, gear loops, and tie in points. The construction techniques and materials to fine-tune the performance of different types of belts according to climbing varies. With a comprehensive range of climbing belts online, buying an accurate style and type can be hectic for many. This is why we are about to share some easy tips to proceed with the buying process. These tips can work as a checklist of what to look for in your harness when buying online.

  • The features – You need to consider your waist belt’s make, model, material, size, and style and leg loops. Also, check for the harness that comes with quick and easy to adjust buckles. You must also consider the construction, material and quality of the belay loop, tie in loop, gear and haul loops on the belt as they define the ease of using the belt on heights.
  • Type of harness – Not all types of harnesses can work on all trails. So check if the type you are buying suits your climbing needs or not. It is important to consider that subtle differences in the designs made some models of harnesses particularly suitable for specific climbing. Some common types are winter, trad, sports, and alpine harnesses.
  • Consider the gender – As mentioned earlier, the climbing belts for men are different from that of women. Hence, to make your online search easier, we would recommend you tick the gender-specific section to find suitable options for you. Going with the right option as per your weight and gender is important for your safety on height.
  • The price and brand specifications – It is evident that prices vary according to the belt’s brands, features, and model. It is thus important to set budget limitations before you head to buy climbing belts online. You can consider some reliable brands to start your search. However, on our platform, we offer several options from different brands to compare prices before you buy something.

Here at, more than 500 top brands offer rock climbing harnesses and other sports and outdoor items for sale in the UAE. No matter how many brands or products we offer, buying the right type entirely depends on you. If you are a first-time climber, it important is to look for some professional advice on what types of harness suits your needs. It is noteworthy that only the right type and fit of harness or climbing belt can come in handy and keep you secure while climbing.

Question & Answer

How much does climbing safety belts cost?

The price of a climbing harness varies based on brand, gender, style, material and features of the belt. The more features and benefits you will look for, the more will be the product’s price. However, at you can find a variety of products with the best features and reasonable price. But, keep in mind that on average, the price of a climbing belt starts from AED 70 and ranges up to AED 1000, sometimes more. However, if you tend to find good options, it is always recommended to compare and do some detailed market search before deciding.

What belt should I buy for rock climbing?

Rock climbing belts are safety belts that come in handy for different applications. Typical uses of these belts include; construction, cave and mountain climbing, rescue, training, emergency and tree firefighting etc. This year’s best-selling articles are; Black Diamond Momentum Harness, Oumers Climbing Harness for Women Man, and KwikSafety THUNDER 3D Ring Safety Harness. At the same time, YaeCCC Climbing Harness Belt for Fire Rescue and Fusion Climb Centaur Children’s Climbing Harness is also liked by many.

How do you size a climbing belt?

A harness waist belt must fit well over your lilac crest. It must be snug enough that the wearer cannot pull it down. Ideally, the buckle adjustment must be halfway through the range of the belt and not maxed out at ends. Moreover, the leg loops must also be comfortable. They should either be too loose or too tight on your thigh muscles. An ideal fit will offer you the freedom to put a flat hand between the harness and your leg in a standing position.

Where to buy a climbing belt?

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