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About Climbing Accessories

You should keep in mind that if you are cracking into climbing for leisure activities, the sport is an intimidating expedition. However, there is much more to consider else than the fact that you will be thousands of feet above the ground. Apart from core skills, climbing accessories play an important role in this thrilling sport. Hence, if you hope to get into this sport, we recommend consulting your local sports club or seeking professional assistance to figure out what you may need on the rocks.

That said, even with the advice of most experienced friends, equipping yourself for climbing may remain a question worth pondering. Although we cannot teach you how to climb, the best we can do is to help point the top climbing gear. Precisely this is why we are here today. This article intends to help you understand the core items you may need while sporting on the hills. Plus, a part of this guide will help you get tips on buying these gadgets online in the UAE. Although this guide discusses the core of climbing accessories, it does not claim any professional consultancy. Hence, we recommend you take it as a reference guide and seek expert consultation before stepping out.

Beginner’s guide to climbing accessories

There are no ads; ifs and buts about it. The fact is simple climbing requires a lot of gears. Since none of the experts or professional climbers will recommend you go out without proper gear and protection, we can surely recommend you some essentials as a must-have in your bag. This section of the article will help you spend lesser time indoors, sitting at your laptop, and more time out there enjoying the sport. All the items discussed hereafter are considered essential for an average climber. These include rock climbing ropes, shoes, harnesses etc. However, some gear may not be necessary deepening if you are heading for rock climbing or need climbing wall accessories.

Climbing shoes

When it comes to shoes, the basic point is to consider your climbing plans. Are you going to climb across boulders, in the gym, or on sheer open mountains? An ideal option to consider is all-day comfort shoes. I prefer choosing the one that fits just like a running shoe. Another pro tip is that your longest toe should touch the end of the shoe. This is because a snug fit makes your feet more powerful and offers a firm grip while climbing cracks, crystals or overhanging rocks. Hence look for the best fit for your foot that matches your style. Experts suggest trying the shoe in the afternoon as the feet are generally swelled after the day-long activities. Thus, you can get a better fit for your feet.

Climbing rope and harness

Climbing ropes come in many different constructions (mainly kernmantle). The kern core offers about 80% of total tensile strength. Meanwhile, the outer sheath layer provides durability and protection and gives desirable handling properties to the rope. The climbing ropes are generally divided into two classes; low elongation ropes, dynamic ropes. The dynamic ropes stretch and offer support to falling climbers. In contrast, the low elongation ropes offer lesser stretch and are used as an anchoring system. Besides ropes, the harness system helps to connect the ropes with the climber’s body. Harnesses are of many different types. This is why you must buy the one that is meant for your sporting activities.

Basic rock-climbing accessories

Apart from the core gadgets, many other important accessories protect the climber from head to toe. While rock climbing, the skull is most vulnerable as there could be stones falling from above and can cause a head injury. Thus, it would be best if you had a helmet for head protection while climbing. Likewise, to affirm your grip without hurting your fingers, a climbing axe can help to self-assert. It also helps during sliding falls, especially in the snow. In the meantime, the quickdraws are helpful for the climber to connect ropes to bolt anchors. Meanwhile, many use carabiners (metal loops) with the spring-loaded opening as connectors

Climbing clothing essentials

Surely, you can climb naked if you wish. However, experts do not recommend it. Although the best is to wear any old piece of clothing while climbing, it is more helpful to have gear with built-in properties. This special gear helps the climber in several ways. Today you can find customised bodysuits or climbing pants to protect your body from abrasions while climbing. Or you can look for climbing shorts if you wish to stay comfortable while climbing in the scorching climate. However, gaiters are best if you are on a research expedition and wish to keep your feet dry and safe from debris. A ground rule to dress is to consider the weather conditions, temperature, and surroundings.

Tips on how to buy Climbing Accessories online in the UAE

Climbing is fun, especially for adventure lovers and those who are not afraid of heights. However, it is the time when you are far above the ground. A slight mistake or mishap can lead to loss of life or some permanent disabilities. The only way to avoid such an event is to step on the hills with the right accessories on you. However, with many advancements and variety in products, finding a perfect item is a tough job. This is why we felt the need to share some thoughts on how to make climbing accessories shopping online easier. Below are some tips to help you process things systematically and get hands-on a perfect item quickly.

  • Consult experts – As said earlier, seeking professional assistance for extreme sports like climbing should be of core importance. Hence consult them before buying and know what you must have in your hands before you step on the mountains.
  • Make a list – Once you have a word with any professional climber or experts in your nearby club, you will have a list of gadgets. Make sure your list is exactly about the type of venture you are planning to go on. Keep it handy when you head to buy climbing accessories online.
  • Know your brand – Retail search engine like ae offers a wide collection of brands selling the best rock-climbing accessories in online stores. Each brand varies in price, quality, look and effectiveness of the products offers. Please make your choice and head to look for what it offers.
  • Know your budget – As said, prices vary from one brand to another. For those with a limited budget, it recommended is to stay flexible with the brands. They can look for any product while comparing the prices of brands available in stores.
  • Search with the right term – Ropes, shorts, shoes, harnesses and other gadgets are of many different types. Not all of these are suitable for sports you are planning for. It is thus important to know the right name of the product and start your search using those specific names.
  • Compare products – Here you can enjoy the comfort of a one-click comparison of products based on your price or brand preferences. All you need to do is know your needs and compare the price of different brands to make smart buying decisions.
  • Read product details – Once you get hands-on a reliable branded product within your budget, look for details. It would help if you visited the product description section on the product page. This is where you can find all the details about preferable use, material, size, and other specifications.
  • Know buying policies – Before placing any order online, it is important to understand the terms and conditions of buying, returning or exchange of products. Also, better would be to look for shipping and delivery services. Knowing these can keep you out of many issues.

At we have more than 500 brands selling top quality sports gear, clothing items and accessories. Moreover, the website offers ease of comparing products based on price or brands. Thus, with just one click, you can find dozens of top-selling products to help you make better buying decisions. The unique searching patterns can also help you find a product based on your budget preferences, thus shopping economically.

Question & Answer

What climbing accessories do I need?

The basic climbing accessories are the one that helps a climber to stay safe while he is off the ground. According to experts, these essentials include; quickdraws, high-performance climbing shoes, Sport harness, the right type and length of rope, assisted braking belay device, chalk bag and chalk. You will also need a climbing helmet that fits well, a crag bag (also known as a rope bag) and a stick clip. However, for both extreme sunny/hot or cold regions, you need belay glasses as they help to reduce the strain on your neck, thus keeping you comfortable.

Are climbing accessories expensive?

It’s a generally accepted fact that high quality and genuine products are always a bit costly as compare to replicas. However, the quality balances the price as it offers you guaranteed security. However, for most of the climbing accessories, the prices vary according to brand, type, performance, the technology used and the country. Hence, people with a limited budget must look forward to shop from online sales or deals to save some bucks. Otherwise, the best idea is to look at the price comparison tool to make economic buying easier and quick.

What accessories to wear for indoor rock climbing?

Indoor climbing is much different from the outdoor venture that is mostly done in natural surroundings. This is the reason why indoor climbing accessories are also different from what is used for the outdoor version of the game. For indoor sports, you can wear a vest, t-shirt, and pair them with shorts, leggings or easy to carry pants. Here you can also wear some base layer if needed. For shoes, you can pick any from the neutral, moderate or aggressive climbing shoes. However other accessories are the same as outdoor sports. These include harness, chalk with the bag, zipper pockets, climbing rope, gusseted crotch, and climbing cargo net, etc.

Where to buy rock climbing accessories?

Right here at you can find the most variety of climbing accessories. All the product here is from top quality, reliable brands that experts have trust in. All these global brands are known for manufacturing and supplying high-quality sports and outdoor gear, clothing and accessories online. Some top-rated names include; Petz, Klein Tools, Abalakov, Mammut, Sterling, Trango, and Metolius. Here you can also explore the brands individually to know what range of products they offer.

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