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About Crampons

Crampons are footwear products that ease out walking on ice and snow. They have spikes on the bottom to provide traction and avoid any kind of mishap. While shopping for one, you have lots to choose from, like material, points, attachment, and grades. So, it is imperative that you research, explore, compare, and then shop the suitable products.

While surrounded by ice, you need crampons for better mobility and security. But the options available in the market may be a little confusing. There are two different kinds of research you have to perform. First, you have to see the location where you are headed and what kind of crampons would fit there. The second investigation is all about the quality of the product you have chosen. All of this can lead you to the best product possible.

Types of crampons

All crampon materials have to be sturdy enough as the consequences can happen if they are not dangerous. You may be ice climbing, crossing glaciers, scaling ice-covered rock, and doing many such activities. You can choose between steel alloy, aluminium, or a combination of the two. Of course, the material is not the only thing to scrutinise, but quality parameter solely depends on it. Other features are – attachments, points, anti-balling, and grades. You can further segregate the products, depending on the activity at our shopping platform. For example, try finding the best crampons for ice climbing and mountaineering or hill walking, and you will stumble upon the best one available.

Grivel crampons for mountaineering

Reaching the top of your hiking destination is like a lifetime achievement. Just thought of less oxygen, moisture, pressure, and gravity can make some people go numb. Anyways, if you are one who looks at the top and wants to reach there, getting yourself prepared is something you ought to do. Crampons are what we are talking about, and the best one for mountaineering that we want to review here is – Grivel G12 crampon-o-Matic. And why is that? It weighs 2 pounds and 4 ounces, 12 N points, anti-ball plates, and 3D relief stamped for rigidity. It can be conveniently adjusted by hand, and the storage is simple too. About size, it can fit on European sizes from 36 to 47. Well, there are other brands also – black diamond crampons, especially sabretooth clip crampon. Let’s now review another product.

Ice climbing crampons

You need to step on the snow with full grip. For that purpose, you need sharp points to climb steep & hard ice. Especially, the front-points or mono-points that helps in climbing must present in the product. Otherwise, what would provide the stability & rigidity you need? Well, let us introduce you to a black diamond cyborg. The features that have been put in this product is all that we discussed, which is perfect for ice climbing. But there is another product for mixed climbing we would like you to know – Petzl Dart. This product has points that don’t bend due to rock. Therefore, making the product an excellent choice for mixed routes. Alternatively, you can also check the best crampons for ice climbing and mountaineering. Let’s now jump to the next review.

Hybrid crampons

Hybrid is a kind of binding available in different crampons. Generally, you need hybrid ones in hardcore climbing and mountaineering. With these kinds, you get a toe strap and heel lever to fit in your footwears conveniently. At this point in time, you don’t have to compare your crampon binding with other types and even with microspikes. As we are discussing hardcore activities, we must discuss accessories to secure your place even more. For that matter, we have a product named anti-snow that helps to prevent snow-buildup. You need not worry about crampons fitting into your big shoes because they would – that’s how they are manufactured. Now, we think we are good to move on to our next step that is reading a buying guide.  

Tips on how to buy Crampons online

Before you scrutinise the products online, make sure you know your purpose. The one purpose is that you want a multi-purpose product that goes with every activity relating to ice and snow. The second purpose is to buy a specialised product. Once you know your purpose, you can further explore the products online and find a suitable one. You will read the specifications list, and the points here are a compiled list of the features to consider.

  • Material – Steel crampons is best for general mountaineering, and aluminium ones are good for hardcore activities as they are lightweight but not much durable as compared to steel. There are stainless-steel crampons as well as offering corrosion resistance.
  • Frame – Previously, the climber had plastic boots and thereby used to opt for vertical alignment. But now that leather boots are in trend, and the horizontal frame is much better because it makes your feet closer to the ground. And thus, providing much stability.
  • Weight – Aluminium ones are lightweight but not durable – they can be used for non-technical adventures. But for others, we suggest going for the steel options. We know they are heavy, but they don’t wear out soon.
  • Points – Most of the products have 10 or 12 points, but points in the right place are what matters. They all have a purpose – Front-point for climbing, mono-point for waterfall or mixed climbing, and vertical dual points for steep locations.
  • Adjustments – If you happen to experience mixed ice and rock climbing, go for modular points. In it, you can replace the points and reconfigure them. On the contrary, non-modular points are fixed, but they can be sharpened.
  • Accessories – some accessories are – Anti-balling plates to prevent snow-buildup, cases & point-covers from preventing other items get ruined, gaiters to protect your lower legs from getting nicked, and spare parts like screws.

Along with the tips, we would also like to mention a few brands we have. These include Petzl, Hillsound, Nortec, and Kahtoola, among others. Upon your visit to our shopping search engine, you will find all of these names or even more. We have online shops showcasing their endless products and advanced filters that can help to narrow down your purchase. For a good start, you can search for crampons for sale online in UAE.

Question & Answer

Can I use crampons on any boot?

No, not just any boot is compatible with crampons. Let’s say hiking boots – not compatible at all. Crampons are specially designed for ice and snow. In addition to it, there are different grades like C1 grade crampon adjusts with B1 grade boot. Likewise, the C2 crampon product adjusts with B2 grade boot. You can check the compatibility under the specifications list that you can find underneath the product listing. And, it is a must to do as you cannot step ahead without loosely-fitted accessories.

When to wear crampons?

You cannot start your journey with crampons covering your boot. There are specific conditions required for crampons to become effective. If you feel slippery snow, or if you can predict a tougher walk ahead – go on and put on your crampons at this very moment. It is an added benefit if you can predict the journey ahead so as to prevent any mishaps. Rock is the worst surface and balling is dangerous, and thereby, we highly suggest all the readers take off their crampons when not needed.

How to sharpen crampons?

You need a hand file, work gloves, and a well-lit workplace are some essentials to consider. To approach, you need to clean the crampons first, rinse them with water, and let them dry. The next step is filing the edges, which needs you to be fully concentrated. After filing, you can test the sharpness and clean them with wipes. This is real professional work. And if you are not skilled, we recommend taking your crampons to some professional.

Which crampons should I buy?

If you are looking for mountaineering equipment, you can choose Grivel crampons. They are so lightweight that your activities will not get bothered due to this extra footwear you add. Other than that, you can choose the Petzl brand if ice climbing is in your mind as your next adventurous trip. Likewise, you can explore our online shops and choose a specialised product. If not, we also have brands or products for multi-purpose activities.

Outdoor activities like climbing or camping need you to spend a little extra time while shopping for the trip. You cannot compromise with these products’ quality, and sometimes alternatives are painful. So, choose your options very carefully. Contemplate your decision at every step or validate the purchase by reading online reviews or asking someone who has been at the place where you are going. Our shopping platform that is is here to help you with your product’s explore. Not just climbing crampons, but we have a dedicated section of Sports & outdoor wherein you can find all the tools and accessories you want to buy.