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About Travel baskets

Gone are those days when we had to leave our little pets behind while going on a holiday trip. With the invention of travel baskets, it is easier to hit the road or fly the skies with your cat, dog and other pets now.

A travel basket is a pet carrier that enables you to travel with your pet. It mostly comes in a box-like structure with an opening at the top so that your pet can look around and also get fresh air while travelling. A right travel basket comes with a lot of comfy and safety features such as soft inner linings, proper ventilation, seat belts, waterproof surface and more. Be it a cat, dog or pigeon; there are different baskets designed for each one with relevant features. Travel baskets not only make our pets travel with us but also ensure their safety that might be stake when left alone at home. So, let us explore more details to buy travel baskets online in Dubai.

Type of travel pet carrier

Travelling with your pet is no more a difficult task. However, you might have to spend a lot of time searching for an appropriate basket for your little one. Carry-on, cargo, hard sheet and car seat carriers are some of the widely used types. While some of the carriers look extremely stylish, safely is one thing that you should have in your mind always. Depending upon the size of your pet, the distance you are going to travel and transportation mode, there can be many styles you can choose from. Whether you want to buy plastic portable transport basket or standard wicker travel baskets, you must know things to look for. Read on to understand in detail.  

Dog baskets for car

A dog on the back seat of a car can be disturbing for you, especially a naughty one. A wrong move of your pup can even bring risks for you while driving. So, some popular brands have invented a variety of dog carriers for cars ranging from travel car seats to hanging bags, car mats and tube carriers. Car seats for dogs are generally polyester based with extra soft and cuddly inner linings. It comes with removable belt slits to buckle up the basket in car. The other common choice is back seat cover for dogs that ensure to keep the dog in place by means of a harness. Dogs also get enough room to turn around and relax. Furthermore, seat covers to protect your car seats from pet paws, danders, hair, liquids and stains.  

 Pet car baskets for cat

You can use several cat carriers in your car like a cushioned seat, dog kennel, metal crate or even cloth carrier. A cushioned seat comes with belt slits and harness to easily buckle it up with car seat and keep the cat in place. If you are considering other options, then make sure those boxes are airy and give enough room to the pet to turn around or maybe stretch a bit. Since the cat hates travelling in cars, you might have to train her with short car rides and frequent rides to make her comfortable for long ones. Whether you want to buy travel basket for large cats or small ones, there is a wide assortment to choose from.   

 Airline approved dog and cat travel baskets

Long journeys often include airplane travels, but with pets, this seems to be a huge task. However, airlines do allow pets in carriers so that solves the whole problem. Right? Your carrier needs to have some special airline-approved features though. Each airline has a different set of rules for pet carriers. Although some of the common ones are waterproof bottom, properly ventilated structure and dimensions less than the area beneath seats of airplane. Find a range of best dog and best cat carriers online. 

Tips for purchasing travel basket in Dubai

Travel basket is one of the essential things that pet owners should have. It enables them to carry pets with all the safety and comfort on bikes, cars and even airplanes. Travel baskets can vary hugely on the basis of the type of pet, its size, weight, and aggressiveness and many other factors. So, if you are having a hard time choosing the best one, here are some tips that would help you go through it easily. 

  • Soft vs hard– Deciding a fabric for the travel baskets depends upon how you will be travelling. Travelling in a car with a pet is a lot different than in a train or plane. Soft fabric can be suitable for small spaces like the backseat of car or even beneath the seat of the train. In contrast, if you have a large pet that is travelling in plane cargo, then you must have a crate with tough walls and sturdy locking system.


  • Size of pet– Size of your pet is another important consideration while choosing a travel basket. If you have a small pup or cat, you can keep him/her in a soft carrier or seat buckled up backseat of the car. On the other hand, if you have a large Labrador, he/she might not fit in the seat. In that case, you might have to consider a seat cover that comes with belt slit and harness. They are open, giving enough space to your biggies to turn around and even lie down.


  • Vehicle– Travel baskets are uniquely designed for different vehicles like for a car, you can consider a soft fabric or seat carriers but for an airplane, you will be have to bring an airline approved carrier or crate having features like waterproof bottom, airy structure, or ability to fit under seats.


  • Source of purchase– You can get travel baskets in any online or offline pet supplies store. However, in brick and mortar shops, you might not find as much variety as online stores. Moreover, you can browse through multiple stores using few clicks. An easy way is to log on to where you can find over 500 trusted online stores. 

At, you can find a wide range of travel baskets offered by popular brands of the industry. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of options, you can use features like filters, direct searching and price comparison to narrow down choices. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best baskets while stock lasts. 

Question & Answer

Are cat carrier bag packs safe?

Travelling with cats is not a farsighted task anymore with a range of cat carriers, especially cat backpacks. However, most of the owner remains concerned about their safety. But, cat carrier bag packs are entirely safe if they are well ventilated and have a soft lining inside. It is not any different than keeping your feline in a carrier box or walking them with a leash. While she is inside the bag, please do not make any movement that can bring a jerk to her. Also, make sure they can keep their head out and do not feel restricted.

What pet carriers are airline approved?

Certain features make your pet carrier airline approved. While different airlines can have different regulations, some of the common required features include a waterproof bottom, leak proof walls, bite proof walls, well ventilated structure and size less than area beneath seat if you are keeping your pet in cabin.

How to measure travel baskets for your pet?

You need to know your pet’s length, width and height to choose a correct sized travel basket. Add some inches to each dimension so that pet can feel comfortable inside the carrier. The carrier should have enough space to let the pet turn around easily. The measurement of pet carrier also depends upon the type of pet and place you are carrying your pet to. Suppose, if you want to travel on an airplane with your dog or cat, you have to consider measurements complying with airline regulations.

What is the best dog travel basket?

A dog carrier can range from handheld wicker baskets to backpacks and bike baskets. However, we have researched a lot of them and found Trixie, Eugad, RayGar, Feandrea, Petmate, Kaytee, Bergan, Frisco, Oxgord as best ones. These brands are known for their perfectly manufactured sturdy products. Moreover, you can choose from a wide assortment of travel baskets as per the type of pet, place you are going to, or other travel condition like airplane travel or bike riding with pets. You can find all these brands right here.

Now that you have gathered much information about various travel baskets, you must be eager to get one for your pet quickly. The best part is that you do not have to move anywhere else to find a wide range. Right here at, get access to best products offered by popular brands operating in the industry at affordable prices. Also find Pet carrier bags, Pigeon baskets, Dog bike baskets, Travel stands and Transport boxes. So, go ahead and have a fantastic shopping experience in our product search engine.