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You must have seen people carrying their little pooches or kittens while on a walk, ride or even long trips. Such a scene makes you wonder if you can get your birdies along too! Well, that has been made possible with pigeon baskets. You can carry them absolutely anywhere you want. Let us explore in detail.

Pigeon baskets are meshed boxes that keep pigeons safe and comfortable while moving from one place to another. They generally have a top-end loading door and side release door. The same makes it effortless for pet owners to put birdies inside and release them easily. Most of the carriers have two or more hole baskets to accommodate multiple pigeons at a time. Travel baskets for pigeons come in various construction materials ranging from plastic and wood to willow wicker styles. Please continue reading to know about various pigeon baskets and their benefits.

Popular types of pigeon carrier boxes

Pigeon baskets offer a stress-free way to take your birds anywhere you want. They help you protect your little birdies from rodents and predators. It was tough to pet pigeons in the past times as they would easily fly away or become prey for other animals like dogs and cats. However, with modern baskets and traps, you can append a security layer to their lives. There are many baskets ranging from collapsible carriers to aluminium traps, plastic baskets, and racing pigeon training baskets. Let us explore which basket would be appropriate for you.

Collapsible pigeon baskets

Collapsible baskets are generally wooden frame boxes with meshed sides, walls and top. It comes with multiple partitions as per the number of birds you want to keep inside. It has a ply base and removable divisions to use the space the way you want. Collapsible baskets mount and dismount in a few seconds. They can even be folded flat for easy storage. Most of the styles have one or two top doors along with a front drop-down flap. They offer high-level protection to your birdies through metal protective corners and leather fastening.

Pigeon transport crates

Pigeon transport crates are a bit different from baskets. They are robust and impact-resistant so that the birds do not panic or feel any jerk while travelling. Transport crates are wide and flat rather than tall and narrow as the latter can make the whole experience claustrophobic for the birds. If you travel with your pigeons, make sure to get a crate with a strong fastening system so that they do not unload themselves on the way. Speaking of air travel, some airlines allow pet birds, but the crate should have minimum features like a water-proof base, dimension as per under-seat area and proper ventilation. If not in the cabin, some airlines allow pets in the cargo hold. However, the pet crates must have hard sides and a robust locking system.

Aluminium pigeon baskets

Aluminium pigeon baskets are highly used carriers due to their lightweight and durability. Most of the designs come with removable partitions and an easy to clean surface. The best part is that they are approved by most airlines; thus, it is easy to transport pigeons using them. You can find them in 2, 4, 6, 8 and more bird baskets. The top-end door makes it easy for pet owners to load birds easily. Aluminium baskets have fine to large-sized holes patterned symmetrically so that the pigeons get fresh air.

Tips on how to buy Pigeon Baskets in Dubai

There are many types of baskets classified based on construction material, the purpose of usage, size, partition, durability and affordability. The varieties are so many that it can become an overwhelming experience for you to narrow down choices while purchasing one. So, here are the tips that would guide you on what exactly to look for when you buy a pigeon basket in Dubai.

  • Construction material – Baskets can be made up of a range of materials like plastic, aluminium, wood and willow, to name a few. However, each material has different properties to offer. Plastic baskets are impacted tolerant, light and inexpensive, whereas wicker baskets are known for their durability and strength. Speaking of aluminium baskets, they are sturdy and mostly transport approved. So, it is essential to choose material as per your requirements.
  • Easy to clean – Pigeons can make the basket a scrap factory in the absence of regular cleaning. Pigeon baskets contain waste like their faeces, feathers and seeds. It is unhealthy for pets if the trash piles up. So, look for easy to clean baskets so that you can give them a quick touch up daily.
  • Durability – When it comes to pet carriers, durability is an essential consideration. The material of a carrier should be robust enough to withstand the claw or beak scratches and even the stains of faecal matter. Most of the time, you have to scrap the waste material out of the carrier. So, go for the basket that does not get affected easily. Aluminium or plastic-based baskets are fine rather than wicker or wooden ones in this regard.
  • Partitions – When you have pigeons, you do not generally have just one. Hence, pigeon baskets come with multiple partition boxes ranging from one or two to even twelve and more. So, while purchasing a basket for your pigeons, keep the number in mind. Also, look for carriers that have removable partitions so that you can use the space the way you want. In this way, you can also clean the basket easily.

A pigeon basket is a must-have item if you have a love for both pigeons and travelling. When you travel, it is tough to leave your birdies behind. Moreover, you remain concerned continuously about their health and safety. Although, with modern pigeon baskets, this convenience is not far-fetched. So, let us explore a huge collection of pigeon baskets and other pet supplies in Find a huge number of pigeon baskets for sale offered by some reputable brands operating in the industry, including Geshifeng and Agrohit. Moreover, we have over 500 online stores selling baskets at an affordable cost. Find collapsible baskets, aluminium baskets and even racing pigeon baskets for sale. On our product search engine, one can also compare costs to find the best under your budget. So, hurry and grab the best deals!

Question & Answer

How to clean pigeon baskets?

Pigeon baskets contain much waste, including their faeces, feathers, leftover food, mainly seeds. Whether you have a wooden, metal or plastic basket, you need to have specific tools to clean it. Some of the things needed to clean baskets include scraper, broom, dishwashing detergent, dustpan, water and scrub brush. Use the broom and dustpan to get rid of the dry waste. For the stuck-on droppings, use the scraper to scrape off the faecal material. To remove stains, you can use baking soda and leave it for around 30 minutes. Now, scrub the area and rinse the basket with water. However, too much water can harm the wooden surface, so in that case, choose to use oil polishes, cleaners or maybe furniture oil to clean the area.

How often to wash pigeon baskets?

It depends upon the number of birds you have in a basket. It is excellent if you can clean it every day. However, that is impractical to do if you have other routine chores as well. Here’s is a way out! Keep paper liners in the basket and replace them regularly. Make sure; if you put any food or water container inside, it should be cleaned every day with warm water and soap. Also, sweep or vacuum the floor alternate days to take out any feathers, seeds, dirt and other debris. It is important to keep the pigeon basket clean.

How to choose a basket for pigeons?

Pigeons love the baskets that are warm, clean and spacious. The basket should be spacious enough to accommodate pigeons while they spread their wings and stretch out. Look for meshed walls so that the pigeons can get access to fresh air and sunlight. Also, make sure the basket does not have a wired bottom as it’s uncomfortable and unhealthy for their feet. Instead, look for wooden, plastic or linoleum bottoms. If you want the best brands, you have landed in the right place.

Where to buy a wicker basket for pigeons?

Wicker baskets are commonly accessible through any pigeon supply store. However, in local stores, you might not find variety, and hence, you will have to choose from a restricted list of products. Though, you have an option to get a wide variety of wicker baskets online. Many online pigeon supply stores are selling high-quality baskets at an affordable cost. If you are not sure about where to start, log on to where we have more than 500 online stores selling amazing baskets. You can even compare prices and use filters to narrow down your choices.