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Pet carrier bags are a must whether you take your pet for a vet visit, on any trip or even in an aeroplane. They are accessible in various sizes and patterns as per the type of pet and places you are going. Let us explore various carriers in detail to know which one your pet requires.

A carrier bag is an essential item for any pet owner. It helps us take our pets anywhere with all convenience and safety. Whether it’s about routine veterinarian visits, home shifting or just a casual journey, travel baskets or pet carrier bags make everything effortless. A good pet carrier should be well-constructed, comfortable, and airline approved. Some pet carrier bags appear so claustrophobic that your pet would hate the idea of getting inside. On the other hand, some are so calming that it would be hard to take pets out of them. So, if you want to buy a pet carrier in Dubai, read on to know how to find the right one from the best pet supplies stores.

All about choosing appropriate pet carrier bags

Pet carrier bags bring comfort and safety to your pet whenever you travel or move to any place. With the help of a pet carrier, it becomes easy for you to take your pets to vets, trips, a quick walk, bike riding and even on board. Also known as pet crates or pet taxis, pet carrier bags come in a wide range. Some are fabric-made, lightweight and equipped with mesh windows. In contrast, carriers for flight or any long-distance travel should be cage style with hard sides. Some carriers have to carry straps, whereas others have wheels. The size and pattern you pick also depends upon the type of pet you have. Whether you want to buy the best dog travel bag or cat carrier bag, you should know about the popular and best-reviewed styles. Here are the prominent carriers that pet owners across the globe use.

Cat carrier bag

Cat carriers offer the best way to transport cats. Most pet carrier bags come with a well-thought-out design comprising mesh windows, spring frame, carry strap, and locking zippers. They are sometimes accompanied by convenient features like wheels and convert into beds, seats and even backpacks. When it comes to the size of the carrier, the general rule of thumb asks to pick a size 1.5 times bigger than the cat’s size. If you plan to travel with your cat on a flight, there are some set features you need to have in the carrier, for example, waterproof bottom, adequate ventilation and dimensions as per the under-seat area. You can find a wide range of cat carriers on sale in the market.

Puppy carrier bag

It seems tempting to carry little pups in hands or lap. However, if you want to take them with you around the city or on a trip through public transit, you should have a puppy carrier. These carriers have a soft interior, mesh windows and zippers to put the belongings along. Moreover, carrying a puppy carrier has been an effortless job through hand or shoulders straps. Expendable carriers come with multiple expandable panels to give enough room to your pup whenever required. Furthermore, airline-approved carriers require easy manoeuvrability, sturdy zipper, ventilation and pocket to put in treats.

Dog carrier bag for large breeds

A carrier meant for large dog breeds is a lot different than casual puppy carriers. The first thing is big dog carriers are not wearable! They are rolling and have hard sides to withstand over 40 pounds. Be sure to weigh and measure your dog before you head for shopping. Generally, the carrier for large dogs like a matured Labrador is at least 28 inches tall and 36 inches long, with at least four inches extra on all the sides. Such carriers are generally constructed of strong steel or heavy-duty plastic with much ventilation. Some modern forms even have food or water trays with extra storage compartments.

Tips on how to buy Pet Carrier Bags in Dubai

All pet carrier bags are not created equally. You can choose from a wide variety ranging from soft, wired and plastic to wooden carriers for your pet. The massive number of options can be potentially confusing for pet owners. Therefore, we educate our customers regarding what exactly to look for while buying a particular item. When it comes to pet carriers, there are certain things you can keep in mind to streamline your purchase. Below is the set of guiding tips that would help you quickly buy pet carriers.

  • Type of pet – Pet carrier bags come in a wide range depending upon the pet you have. Carriers for puppies, dogs, cats, hamsters or any other animal are not created the same. You can use similar carriers for a cat or puppy as they have nearly the same size. However, you cannot keep him in a small fabric made bag when it comes to matured Labrador. So, while purchasing a carrier, keep the type of pet in consideration.
  • Consider your needs – Pet owners can buy pet carrier bags to take their pets to vets, any trip, flying long distances or enjoying a walk to the countryside. Simple soft-sided carriers are fine to go for a veterinarian visit, but the same style would not suit aeroplanes. In the same way, if you buy a dog carrier for the bike, it should have safety belts so that the pet can stay in place. So, consider your needs before you narrow down your choices.
  • Construction material – Pet carrier bags can be made up of plastic, metal, fabric or any other material. The choice of material depends upon the weight of your pet and the place you are carrying your pets. For example, heavy-duty plastic is used to manufacture carriers for large dog breeds to withstand their weight. On the other hand, light and soft-sided fabric-based carrier bags are excellent for cats or pups. So, choose the material as per your pet’s size and weight.
  • Ventilation – Whether you prefer heavy-duty plastic or simple fabric, or a wooden carrier, make sure it has a meshed window for ventilation. Else, on long trips, your little pet can suffocate or feel claustrophobic.

A carrier is a must-have item if you have a pet. It seems to be a straightforward task to purchase it. However, a huge variety out there can do nothing other than overwhelm you. An easy way out is to log on to You can quickly find high-quality pet carrier bags offered by reputable brands in the industry on our product search engine , including Petco, Elite Field, Sturdibag, Viaggio Carrier, Pratiko, Skudo, Pet Magasin, Sleepypod, and SturdiBag. So, go ahead and quickly browse their latest collection. Hurry up to get the best at unbelievable prices.

Question & Answer

How much does a cat carrier cost?

The cost of a cat carrier can start from USD 25 and go up to several thousand dollars depending upon the size, quality and brands you consider. Less durable materials can cost you even lesser, but it is essential to invest in a quality carrier to ensure the safety of your little pet. So, whether you buy an expensive or cheap cat carrier bag, make sure it is durable and has all the essential features. You can compare prices right here on It will help you get cheap and quality ones.

Which dog carriers are airline approved?

Each airline has different regulations when it comes to pet passengers. Some airlines allow small dogs inside the cabin, but they have to be kept in specially designed crates in the cargo hold in the case of large pets. For pets inside the cabin, most airlines would require the carrier to fit beneath the seat, have a waterproof bottom, ventilation, and enough space. So, you have to choose the best dog travel carrier having all these features. On the other hand, the ones travelling in cargo must have a metal door, hard sides, and the owner’s name attached.

What size cat carrier do I need?

Choose a carrier that is 1.5 times larger than the size of the cat. Keep at least four inches extra on all the sides so that the cat can feel comfortable in all the positions, from sitting to sleeping. Size is an important consideration while looking for cat carriers on sale. Too small a carrier bag can be suffocating, whereas too large can be challenging to carry. The size and pattern you pick also depends upon the type of pet you have. Whether you want to buy the best dog travel bag or cat carrier bag, you should know about the popular and best-reviewed styles.

Where to buy pet carrier bags?

You can find pet carrier bags in any pet store. However, you might not find the exact style you are looking for in a local store as the options are minimal. As a solution, choose to order the carrier online. Many online sellers offer high-quality carrier bags. If you want to spend less time surfing, jump on product listing pages. Our product search engine has brought together over 500 online stores that sell fantastic pet carrier bags.

Pet carrier bags come in a wide variety depending upon size, type of pet, requirements of pet owners, construction material and many other factors. You can purchase portable baskets, backpacks, and even trolleys. The number of options in each category is so vast that it can become an overwhelming experience for you to select one. An easy way is to log on to You will find high quality and durable products offered by respectable brands in the industry on our website. So, hurry up and grab the latest styles!

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