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About Dog Bike Baskets

Just like us, our little dogs also enjoy the wind in their face while roaming around in beautiful weather. So, why not give them a leisurely ride and enjoy the niceness around together? But how? Dog bike baskets let you do it easily!

If you are both a passionate cyclist and a proud dog parent, a dog bike basket is what you must look for. It lets you hit the road with your little canine whenever and wherever you want. Whether it is a beach ride or quick trips on greenways, travel baskets make every terrain convenient for you. They come with several convenient features like comfortable floor padding, enough ventilation, safety leashes and most importantly, easy installation. Dog baskets can have different placements on a bicycle. Most of the riders prefer front placement. However, heavy dogs are kept at the back so that the rider can balance the ride comfortably. Let us explore all about choosing an appropriate basket for your dog.

All about choosing the best dog carrier for bike

Baskets are the best option to take your dog on a bike ride. They range from little old-school wicker carriers to well-crafted and sturdy styles. You can either strap them onto your bike’s handlebar or attach them to the rear rack. A dog basket’s primary features include a removable sun shed, meshed surface, cushioned floor padding, leash clips, and storage pockets. They are mostly easy to assemble and disassemble. You can even fold them flat for easy storage when not in use. Continue reading for a detailed guide to various dog bike baskets to choose from.

Front bike basket for dogs

Front bike baskets lie on the handlebar of a bicycle. They come with a breathable construction, comfortable padding and easy to attach facilities. The front placement of the basket also lets you keep an eye on the activities of your little pooch. If you have a naughty pet, you might be scared they might jump off. But take it easy! Most of the baskets have harness attachments so that you can hook your dog inside. Other baskets have mesh tops that zip up to stop your pooch from moving out. If you get an idea purchasing one, look for a sturdy base, easy to mount, easy to clean and sag proof front basket. However, front baskets can hold fairly small dogs weighing less than 20lb. So, if you have a large dog, go for rear-mounted baskets. Read on to know more about them.

Rear-mounted dog baskets for bike

Since keeping heavyweights at the front is hard and risky, rear-mounted baskets are crafted for large pooches. These baskets are sturdy enough to safely hold heavy pets, no matter what terrain you ride on. Rear-mounted baskets are well made with a set of premium features like a durable body, breathable construction, easy to attach facility, washable liner, rain cover, sun shed, protective harness and multiple storage pockets. With rear baskets, it isn’t easy to monitor the activities of pets. However, you always have an option to secure your pooches with harnesses and hooks to avoid sudden jumping off.

Dog bike carrier for 30lbs canines

Riding with dogs is easier these days, no matter what size of pet you have. Since large dogs, usually more than 30lbs, are too heavy to fit into suspended front or rear baskets, trailers come into the picture. Trailers are specially for carrying big dogs. You can attach them behind or even at the side to keep an eye on your pooch while you ride. Trailers are a comfortable option whether you ride on paved roads or bumpy ones. They come with a meshed window, sunroof, removable cushions, protective harness and rain screens. If you buy extra-large bicycle baskets for dogs, you can even convert them into standalone strollers.

Tips on how to buy Dog Bike Baskets in Dubai

A dog bike basket is a convenient item for both pets and pet owners. It makes you travel your dogs through places you never imagined before. However, while choosing a dog basket, you must know many types of baskets designed to meet various requirements. The number of options is so high that it can be daunting for you to choose one. So, on, we have framed a set of guiding tips that would help you streamline your purchase a lot.

  • Positioning – Some dog bike baskets are designed to sit at the front on the handlebar, whereas others rest on the rear carrier or side in the form of trailers. The choice of placement depends upon the size of the dog. Front baskets are apt for dogs weighing less than 15lb. If you have a larger breed, go for the rear carrier. For the dogs weighing more than 30 lbs, trailers work the best that comes with separate wheels.
  • Harness – Harness hookups are an essential part of any basket. Most of the baskets come with leash or harness attachments so that you can hook your dogs. It protects your pets from jumping off and faceless jerks while riding on rough terrains.
  • Comfortable – While buying a basket for your pet, make sure it is comfortable. It should have a padded bottom and soft inner linings so that your pet enjoys the ride. Baskets with two-sided mat work best in all the seasons- plush for winters and nylon for summer rides.
  • Easy to clean – Whenever you go on a ride, you bring back some dirt and mud along. So, when you purchase a basket, make sure you choose an easy to clean design. Look for the carriers that can disassemble so that you can take out parts like a mat, lining, and sun shed and clean them easily.

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Question & Answer

Are dog bike baskets safe?

Dog bike baskets are the safest way to take pets on a ride, as dogs running alongside their owners on bikes can injure themselves severely. However, certain features make a dog bike basket safe. For example, it should have harness attachments to hook the dog inside, metal frame and inner padding so that the dog does not feel any jerk while riding and sun shed to protect dogs from excessive heat. You should go for quality and sturdy construction; else it may harm your dog or little puppies.

How do you ride a bike with a dog in a basket?

You have to train your dog a bit to remain seated in the basket while you ride. Start with introducing your dog to the idea of being in a basket. Place him inside the basket, walk your bike; walk around till he gets used to the movement. Then, go for slow rides, cover short distances and even ride across small bumps so that your pet gets comfortable with the idea. Once you get fear out of him, it would be easy for you to carry him inside the basket while you ride. So, it can be a long process to make your dog comfortable with that.

Can you attach a basket to any bike?

Dog bike baskets come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit various bike models. So, keep your bike’s frame into consideration while you choose any basket. If you pick any random basket, it might not fit properly on the bike resulting in inappropriate installation and accidents later. For example, a soft fabric-based carrier might not be the best mountain bike dog basket as it will bring constant jerks to your little pooch. So, your basket should be compatible with the kind of bike you have.

Where to buy dog bike baskets?

You can find dog bike baskets in local pet stores or online shops dealing with pet supplies . However, at physical stores, you will have access to limited variety. On the other hand, online stores possess a humongous collection of baskets ranging from front carriers to rear-mounted and trailers. If you are unsure about where to start, come to us in On our website, we have brought together more than 500 online stores selling high-quality dog bike baskets. You can even compare prices to find products under your budget.

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