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Askill Earrings 614 in Sterling Silver
Askill Earrings 614 in Sterling Silver
Georg Jensen’s Askill Earrings will instantly upgrade your daytime edits; thanks to its oxidized sterling silver that gives it the raw appeal. They are crafted into a beautiful butterfly-like design and feature a post-back closure for pierced ears. Presented in designer packaging, they are the perfect gift for loved ones on special occasions.
Dew Drop Diamond Earrings 1128 in 18kt Rose Gold
Dew Drop Diamond Earrings 1128 in 18kt Rose Gold
Georg Jensen’s Dew Drop Diamond Earrings exude the Scandanavian brand’s timeless design. They are crafted from polished 18kt rose gold, encrusted with an array of sparkling 2.13ct diamonds. Wear it with a pared evening edit and swept-up hair to let the pair really shine.
Dew Drop Diamond Earrings 1144 in 18kt Rose Gold
Dew Drop Diamond Earrings 1144 in 18kt Rose Gold
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and Georg Jensen's Dew Drop Earrings are proof. Crafted in 18kt rose gold, a teardrop pendant with pavé diamonds dangles from a stud and bar design. This is a precious yet versatile design.

About Earrings

Earrings are the most common form of body adornment for women. We just cannot leave our homes without carrying a pair of ear studs, hoops or just clip-ons. Interestingly, it is one of the oldest adornments and is a part of most of the cultures. Let’s see how fashionable they are today!

Earrings are an everyday accessory for a woman. You can find earrings in a wide assortment of patterns, sizes, shapes and even materials. It is so diverse that sometimes we get confused which one would suit our outfits correctly. The construction materials change as do the gems that can be emerald, diamond or ruby. Whether it is a pair of little hoops or a statement piece, earrings do a whole lot for you in completing your looks. If you will go in past and observe, you will see that ear jewels have transformed beautifully. They come in some fresh and great looks now. Check out some latest styles below.

Popular types of earrings

There are different types of earrings you can pick from. It is easy to narrow down your choices depending upon the construction material, event, outfits and trends. Ear studs, creoles and ear clips are some of the commonly worn ear ornaments. A right ear ornament helps you accentuate your beauty and enhance your features. Read on to know different forms of earrings and how do they suit various looks. Later, you will get to see some tips helping you out with the online shopping for earrings.

Enjoy eternal beauty of Diamond earrings

Most of the women dream about having the best Diamond earrings in their closet. And why now? The prominent sparkle and elegant ensemble of Diamonds make them a jewellery staple. A pair of diamond earrings for women can complement a range of outfits. Moreover, the style options for this ear ornament are practically endless. There are studs, chandelier, drops, creoles, huggies and a lot more patterns passing into the fashion world. The versatile nature of diamond ear jewels makes them easy to carry with everything from denim to wedding dresses. Lastly, buying diamond ear ornaments is an expensive affair, so you must look for certain things. For example, carat size, cuts and well-built locking system.

Celebrate no piercing & no pain with clip-on earrings

Clip-ons are a type of ear ornament which can be simply attached to your ears. It can make your life easier, even if you do not have a piercing. Jewellery layering on ears can be possible with a set of clip-ons. You can wear multiple ear clips at a time for a fake piercing effect. They come in a wide assortment of patterns ranging from minimalistic hoops to majestic ear cuffs. Besides, since you do not have any piercing, there is no chance you are having any infection or even a little irritation. A set of clip-ons is a must-have accessory for every woman. If you want to see a range of options, log on to where we feature products offered by hundreds of best online stores.

Sterling silver earrings to slay everyday looks

Everyone loves the jewellery that is light-weight and great to go with all sorts of outfits. If you want to have this kind of jewellery in your closet, then go for sterling silver. Speaking of earrings for girls, Diamond or Gold make an expensive affair and are also heavy. So, why not prefer snowy silver ones? They complement all the skin tones and goes well with professional as well as the casual ensemble. Another reason to go for sterling silver ear jewels is their durability. If an affordable thing looks good and is long-lasting, then what’s better than that. Silver ear ornaments range from studs and creoles to traditional danglers.

A sneak peek to earrings that go with black dress

Everyone loves black outfits. We can accessorize them in a million ways. If black is your frequent choice too, then you must be looking for a compatible pair of earrings. Well, your search ends here. We at feature a massive collection of ear jewellery that would go pretty much with your black dresses regardless of its length and pattern. If you are heading out to attend a casual event, then bohemian dangles or metal creoles would be best for you. For a formal occasion, go for minimalistic ear ornaments. For example, little diamond studs, pearl studs, small hoops or teardrop dangles.

Tips on buying Earrings online in Dubai

Earrings are a staple accessory, so on our Dubai product finder, we are presenting a classic collection of all sorts of ear ornaments ranging from little studs to heavyset cuffs. At, we believe in educating customers before directing them to the final purchasing. So, here are some tips to buy earrings online in Dubai.

  • Material matters- Earrings are made up of a range of materials — for example, Gold, Silver, stainless steel, plastic, beads, wood and even copper. Before you purchase any earring, you should know which material it is made up of. It is an important consideration if your skin is sensitive. Stay away from materials that can harm your skin in the long run.
  • Consider the type of occasion- If you are purchasing earrings for a special event, then you should keep the kind of occasion in mind. A pair of heavy dangles or tassels would not suit your formal events, whereas they form a safe bet for weddings and parties. Small diamond or pearl studs suit well on professional outfits. For everyday wear, sterling silver or little gold studs are the best.
  • See what’s in trend- Whether you are purchasing everyday outfits or fancy jewellery, going in line with the trend is fun and essential. Some of the trending earrings in 2020 are twist glass, knives edge hoops, granulated bell drops, black cherry hoops, XL circles, hammered creoles, mismatched pearl drops and pearl ear cuffs.
  • Go for a good brand- It’s always worth spending on something good looking, trendy and durable. Go for a good brand to get all of that. If you purchase ear ornaments online, you will feel a dilemma looking at so many options. Though there is a way out, come to us on and find top brands offering fashionable products. Some of the good brands in the market are Agatha, Swarovski, The Jewels Jar, Kenneth Jay Lane, Sasha, Bil Arabi, Cz By Kenneth Jay Lane, Suzanne Kalan, and Marli.

Now that you know how to purchase a perfect pair of earrings browse through a vast collection of studs, dangles, hoops, tassels, drops, clip-ons and more on our website. Here, you will find the styles that people love universally. Most of the pairs would go with more than one outfits so you can sigh relief to your pockets. If you are looking for cheap earrings to buy online, you can compare prices to find the best options under your budget. Narrow down your choices using advanced search and sorting options. So, why to sit and wait? Kick start your shopping journey and get your favourite styles in your closet.

Question & Answer

Can earrings cause infection?

Earrings can cause infection if your skin is allergic to the material through which it is made. The most common metal which causes the infection is Nickle. So, if you are allergic to it, make sure your jewellery is Nickle-free. You can also get an infection from some other metal depending upon your skin type. Just remember to see a dermatologist, if you notice symptoms like redness, itching, dry patches or any irritation on the skin.

Where to buy earrings in Dubai?

Due to a wide variety of earrings, it is natural to get confused about which one to go for. So, here is the way out. Just log on to where we have a huge collection of earrings provided by over 500 online stores. You can find some latest and exciting styles here. Additionally, you can compare the prices to make your online shopping reasonable. On our product search engine, you will find creoles, ear studs, ear clips and even cuffs.

Which earrings can complement your neckline?

Different earrings suit different necklines. For sweetheart necklines, prefer minimalistic earrings such as small studs or drop earrings. Avoid geometric or straight edge shapes. Prefer costume jewellery, tassels or even statement creoles for straight necks. With boat necks, you can go for ear ornaments that fall below your jawline. For example, drops and shoulder dusters. Lastly, small and delicate designed studs go best with asymmetrical necklines.

Which earrings are in fashion?

2020 is the year of shell adorned earrings, crafty tassels, abstract and chain earrings. If you want more of a bold ensemble, then imperfect hoops are pretty much in vogue too. You can also achieve a whole new level of fashion artistry with some cool sculptural earrings. Apart from this, sleek Gold or Silver hoops and Pearl or Diamond studs offer an evergreen beauty. They stay in fashion all the time.

We believe you have got all the information about earrings and their styling now. If you are wondering how I can find good earrings shops near me, do not worry! You do not have to step out of your homes. You can log on to our website, i.e. where you will find a humongous collection of latest creoles, studs, tassels and even great statement pieces. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start your online journey to get the best piece delivered to your doorsteps.