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Christmas Diamond Elk Stud Earrings
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Astley Clarke Mini Lace Agate Luna studs - Metallic
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Delfina Delettrez 18kt white gold Dots Solitaire aquamarine stud earrings - Metallic
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About Ear Studs

Ear studs complete our looks and add charm to our appearance whenever we step out. It’s a must-have for a woman’s jewellery box. Whether you are heading out casually or going to the office, some accent pieces of earrings can do a whole lot for you. 

Ear studs are an everyday accessory for most women. They come in a great variety of different sizes, colours, styles and designs. You can wear them via piercing or attach them to any visible part of your ear. When we wear studs, viewers can only see the front part of our earlobes and cannot notice where they are actually attached to our ears. However, they remain fixed at their position through backing locks. You can find them in various material constructions ranging from different metals to plastic, beads, wood and even stones. Would you like to be all arty with your looks this fall? Then, this is the place for you. On this page, we will tell you everything you need to know about ear studs. You will soon get the whole idea of how and where to purchase them from.

All about choosing the right stud earrings online

Studs have evolved beautifully through the years and are now available in different patterns and shapes. There are certain things you need to consider while purchasing the right pair for yourself. For example, the size of your earlobes, your face cut, your dress and even the place you are going to. Geometric, star-shaped, and conceptual studs are some of the popular styles. On this page, you will get a detailed guide on various types of studs and choose the best one for yourself. Read on to enjoy a happy and trouble-free shopping experience while you look for ear studs for women online. 

Ear studs for piercing

There are many options for both the pierced and non-pierced ears, but if you have a piercing, you are leading the fashion game. Start by figuring out the style you like, then move towards the material and colour you want to go for. Pearl is a timeless choice that works with your evening gown, business suits and even casual denim. The next one on the list is Diamond studs. Most women want to own an elegant piece of twinkly diamond studs. They are gorgeous and versatile. There is no complicated rule for wearing them. Although the other jewellery you are carrying with your studs should be minimal so that your studs do not appear cheap. Diamonds studded in Gold or Silver are good to go for party appearances. Browse to look for a vast collection of ear studs for women offered by world-class brands.

Ear studs for a second piercing

Following the jewellery layering trend, you will see some women beautifully flaunting their double piercing. People take a second piercing on cartilage which takes about eight weeks to heal, depending upon the skin type. Second piercing is slowly moving from a timeless trend to every next person’s thing. The stud worn on the second piercing is generally smaller than the one at the first one. Both are similar in appearance and vary in size. Though, what is taking over the fashion world are unmatched earrings. You can carry a pearl in one whereas a Diamond in another. 

Ear studs for sensitive ears

Your ear piercing might get you an infection if you have sensitive skin. Wearing earrings can worsen the condition even more. Though, you do not have to run away from carrying studs anymore. We have put in some research to find harmless materials for you. Some of them are 14k gold, 925 stamp silver, stainless steel, surgical steel and platinum. Make sure your earrings are Nickle free because that is the most irritating material for sensitive ears. Nevertheless, the best part is that you can also go for magnetic earrings that stick to your ears. You do not have to insert them. Hence, there is no chance they can react adversely to your skin. If you wonder how to find magnetic ear studs near me, browse through our store, and you get multiple options to choose from.

Tips on how to buy Ear Studs online in the UAE

A pair of ear studs is an everyday essential. Now that you know most about it, you must be eager to buy ear studs online in Dubai. However, there are few things to look for while choosing the best for yourself. You might get caught up in a dilemma by looking at a great number of options. Here are some tips on how to choose the one that fits your requirements.

  • Consider your skin type This should always be top of your list. Studs are made up of different materials. You must know if you are allergic to any of them. If you have sensitive skin, make sure your earrings are Nickle free. Consider going for Pure Gold, Pure Silver and Platinum. If you have budget constraints, then get your hands on plastic ones.
  • Know your choice Every person has their own choice. Thinking of the options out of your territory often land you in a state of dilemma. Even if you buy the product, you might not feel comfortable wearing the same. Once you browse for ear studs online, you will have plenty of options in front. Make sure you keep your style in the account.
  • Understand material type Silver, Gold, Nickle and Stainless Steel are some of the materials used to make ear studs. The choice of material would much depend upon your budget. Additionally, emphasize the reason for purchase. If you want to go for everyday wear, you should go for 14k gold, 925 stamp silver, rose gold or platinum. These studs are comfortable and harmless even if you sleep wearing them. If you want to pick a different style every day, then consider remaining on the inexpensive side.
  • Pick the right colour  If you are going for Diamond or similar materials, you do not have to worry about colours. It picks the colour of the metal in which it has been studded. Pearls are great for white lovers. If you want to move towards colours, you can go for crystals, plastic or even steel.

So, you already know what to look for. Right? Now, start exploring a massive collection of studs on our product search engine using the above tips. We have products offered from the world’s most popular brands like Agatha, The Jewels Jar, Bil Arabi, Swarovski, Baby Fitaihi, Suzanne Kalan, Tiffany & Co., Oscar de la Renta, Chopard, and M’s Gems. So, are you still in a dilemma? Do not worry; we have advanced filters and sorting options over our store to streamline your browsing and purchase. Keep the above details in mind and have a fantastic shopping experience.

Question & Answer

What are ear studs?

Studs are a type of earrings that are worn on the ear lobe through a small hole. It is a must-have piece of jewellery for a woman. It comes in a great variety ranging from small to heavy ones and cheap to precious and even expensive ones. Studs appear floating on the surface of the ear lobe but remain fixed at their position by backing locks. You can find them in various material constructions ranging from different metals to plastic, beads, wood and even stones.

How to wear ear studs?

Wearing studs is a painless process. Firstly, sanitize your earrings with any skin-friendly disinfectant like rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Then, slowly slide them through your piercing and put backing locks. Some locks tighten as you push them towards your ears, whereas you have to rotate some in the clockwise direction to tighten them. However, the way you wear also depends upon the kind of studs you have got. There are many varieties you can find in the market.

How to remove ear studs?

Hold the front part of the earring with your index finger and thumb and keep rotating the backing lock-in anti-clockwise direction till it opens. There are various types of backing locks. You can remove plastic locks by just holding the front part and firmly pulling the lock. Just like wearing them, removing them can be different with different types of studs. Removing ear studs is very easy though and anyone can do it.

How to tighten ear studs?

After inserting the ear stud in your piercing, you must put the backing lock in position and rotate it clockwise. You can tighten it by keep rotating it. Please do not make it too tight, as it might bring irritation to your skin. Sometimes tightening them too much may lead to skin irritation or infection. Some studs have push back locks whereas others you have to rotate. So, tightening depends upon what kind of ear studs you have got and what kind of back locks are there.

So, we believe you know a lot of things about studs now. If you are wondering where to get the best options, come to us at Shops. We bring together over 500 online stores. These stores offer 100% genuine products at pocket-friendly prices. Add the best ones to your cart, and do not forget to compare prices before making your final purchase. Log on to our website now to enjoy a happy shopping experience.