About Ear Clips

If you love decorated ears but can’t stand the pain of piercing, then ear clips are something custom made for you. Ear clips look fashion-forward and offer a bold ensemble. They catch the attention of onlookers immediately, no matter what outfits you wear. So, do you want to flaunt your inner fashionista with a set of ear clips? Let’s explore how to get one and style it the best way!

Ear clips come in a broad diversity of shapes and patterns. They range from small dainty hoops to fully decorated cuffs for over-the-top fashionistas. The good news is that you can carry a set of ear clips even if you do not have a piercing. You have to attach it to the outer edge of your ear’s cartilage. It romanticises your ensemble if it is small in size, whereas the large cuffs cover your whole ear, giving you a bold and edgy look. Cuffs can give you an unforgettable look even if your outfits are basic. It is good to go with your trendy, casual and even night-out outfits. Are you excited to have a statement piece in your jewellery box? Let us first know how to create different styles using ear clips.

See how to style ear cuff earrings the best way.

Many people love layering when it comes to jewellery . We see ladies with multiple gold necklaces and jam-packed beaded bracelets. Well, it’s not easy to apply the same rule when it comes to earrings . To sport multiple earrings, you have to wear multiple piercings as well. Does it sound like a myth? Yes, because we have ear cuffs now! Cuffs are the best way to up your fashion game. You can decorate your ears whenever you want with no piercing at all. The most adopted style is either wearing it on your helix or letting it crawl all over the circumference of your ear. On this page, we will see how to take your fashion game up from 0 to 100 by streamlining your ear cuffs online shopping.

Enjoy a discreet look with subtle ear wrap earrings.

Ear wraps seem extravagant, but it is not a rule to only carry the sparkled ones. You can own an ear clip and still come across as being subtle and plain. How? On, we feature a vast collection of elegant ear clips that offer a girly look. These pieces can complement your professional as well as casual outfits. We have a range of cheap ear cuffs for girls as well, so you do not have to go anywhere else if you have budget constraints. You can pair these beautiful pieces with your girly outfits to get an instant style lift. These exquisite pieces can make your overall look unforgettable and exciting at the same time.

Flaunt your bold side with majestic ear wraps and cuffs

It is very normal to spend a lot of time deciding on your evening dresses and still come out unsatisfied. Well, we have something for you that can always turn heads, no matter what you wear. What is it? It is the beauty of statement cuffs. Such ear cuffs are huge in size and can be spotted from far away. Due to its unrealistic size and fine detailing, it can draw the onlooker’s attention quickly. It gives you a decorated and edgy look. Many people find cuffs fashionable, including style bloggers, top fashion designers, and even celebrities like Rihanna and Halle Berry.

Add charm to your attire with shiny ear cuffs for unpierced ears.

If your outfits are dull and you are longing for an appeal, the crystal ice ear crawler can make your life easier. It comes in a wide variety of shapes and patterns that can suit any event you are going to. You can pair this set with a pair of ripped denim and a solid print t-shirt to flaunt your chic look. In contrast, show off your glamorous style by carrying it with your evening gowns. This piece sparkles as light falls on it. If you wonder where to find ear clips online, you do not have to move even slightly. Right here on, you can find a huge collection of crystal cuffs reflecting the latest lit in the fashion world.

Tips on how to buy Ear Clips online in UAE

There are different types of ear clips passing into the fashion realm. If you try to buy ear clips online in the UAE, you will find many sellers claiming to have the latest and best collection. Though, you can easily fall into a state of dilemma, looking at so many options. An easy way is to log on to shops. We feature products from hundreds of online stores. Additionally, you can easily compare prices and go for the suitable one for your needs and matches your budget. But first, you need to know what exactly to look for while purchasing a clip-on. Here are some tips that would guide you.

  • Ensure it fits the occasion We cannot deny that we all love to shop for special events. If you want to buy an ear clip for an occasion, then it should complement your looks. Sparkling crystal cuffs, pearl and diamond clip-ones are good for fancy dresses. For professional visits, you can don minimalistic clip-on earrings. In contrast, place a colourful piece of ear cuff on your helix to rock cool casual wear.
  • Go for a good brand No matter what you purchase, a shirt, a lamp or even a piece of jewellery, you can always stay on the safer side if you go with a good brand. Brands tend to provide a consistent and high-quality experience. On, we have brought together some of the leading brands that offer trendy and durable cuffs. Those brands are Melissa Kaye, Marli, Tateossian, Bil Arabi, and Boucheron.
  • Pick an appropriate size Ear wraps range from small and everyday looks to giant ones crawling all over your ear. While purchasing an ear clip, you have to look for the right size depending upon your attire or the place you are going to. Small and decent ear clips complement your everyday ensemble, whereas large cuffs look good occasionally.
  • Consider material Whether you buy a necklace, earring or even an ear cuff, you have to see which material it is made up of. If you do not look for good material, then your jewellery might fade away after some time. Additionally, your skin might be allergic to certain metals. So, consider that also.

With some of the best online stores in Dubai, shopping for clip-on or any other jewellery online has become an easy task. Keep the above tips in mind while purchasing your ear clips so that you can have a happy and trouble-free shopping experience. On our product search engine , you will get a huge collection of ear cuffs to choose from. So, go ahead and commence your online shopping journey!

Question & Answer

Where to buy ear clips online in the UAE?

You can buy a wide variety of ear clips from, a popular product search engine in Dubai. Here, we feature a humongous collection of clip-on earrings ranging from plain hoops to large statement cuffs. Besides, we offer a fantastic user experience through advanced searching and sorting features not to have to spend much time looking for a specific style. We have brought together more than 500 online stores that sell amazing products at competitive prices.

Which one to prefer- Ear cuffs or earrings?

Nowadays, people prefer ear cuffs over earrings because, with ear cuffs, they do not have to go for piercing. If you want to try layering with your ear jewellery, then cuffs are surely a good fit. If you do not like it, you can remove it. In contrast, with earrings, you will have to go for piercing at multiple spots and does not matter you like it or not, you will have to be committed to it for a lifetime. A set of ear cuffs can ultimately act as earrings for you, so why think twice.

Are ear clips in style in 2019?

Yes. Ear clips are totally in trend now. They disappeared a couple of years back but have made a massive comeback with some exciting styles. For example, minimalistic hoop cuffs, bulky geometric cuffs with chains, cross clips, embellished cuff duo and a lot more. A set of cuffs can beautifully revamp your basic outfits. Be it tailored garments or denim, clip-on earrings can do a whole lot for you. So, go ahead and purchase them now!

Which ear clips are in fashion?

Ear clips have transformed gracefully through the years. Some trendy ear clips are minimalistic silver hoops, silver hoops with additional chain, cross ear cuffs, statement metallic set and seashell ear clips. Apart from this, Pearl and Diamond’s cuffs offer an evergreen elegance. Diamond clip ons have a beautiful glimmer. It adds a touch of elegance and glow to any look you have. Be it an evening glamour or weekend casual, you can carry it.

Now that you know a lot about ear clips and their styling, you must be eager to buy one and pair it with your favourite outfits right away? Well, you do not have to run anywhere else. We on have a massive collection of clip-on and cuffs. Choose from a wide variety and narrow down your choices through filters and sorting options. Hurry up before the amazing deals end.

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