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Persée 18kt gold Open Creole Circle Me diamond earrings - METALLIC
Persée 18kt gold Open Creole Circle Me diamond earrings - METALLIC
Time to add a touch of decadence to your every day with this Open Creole Circle Me earrings from ...

About Creole Earrings

Creole earrings or hoop earrings are a common fashion choice among women of all ages. Hoops range from plain to textured looks. It is a staple fashion accessory that has transformed gracefully through the years. Let us know about different types of creoles and their styling. 

A pair of hoop earrings is a go-to favourite for all of us. It is not just about today; hoops have been in fashion for the past long. We have our childhood connections with them. Do you remember your first ever earrings? Those must be hoops. Moms take newborn babies for ear piercing, and when it heals, they place tiny hoops inside them. Even now, hoop earrings can familiarly embrace your looks. In addition, they come in a great variety ranging from wire loops to hinged, fixed bead and even textured looks. They are suitable for all ages and ensembles. So, are you already tempted to buy hoop earrings online? Wait! Give a glance at the below guide explaining various types of hoops and how they complement your style. 

Types of hoop earrings you can get your hands on 

From Selena Gomez to Madonna, celebs have a deep love for hoops. Looking at the obsession people have for hoops, you might want to add an accent piece to your jewellery box. However, before you go for purchasing, you need to understand its various types. Hoop earrings for women come in various shapes, sizes, construction materials, patterns and embellishments. Which one to go for dramatically depends upon your style, outfits and the occasion. Generally, women have a vast number of earrings in their jewellery boxes to suit different looks. However, hoops can be the one suiting various persuasions of your daily life. Let us see which one can do a whole lot for you. 

Diamond hoop earrings 

Diamond hoops offer endless beauty that you can flaunt for your whole life. Therefore, it is the finest type of earrings you can invest in. It is suitable for your casual, professional and even frippery attire. The most basic and go-to type of Diamond hoops include Diamonds studded in series all over the circle. In heavy earrings, you will see some eye-catching and minute details. While purchasing diamond earrings, you need to see the carat size of the diamond used. The shine increases as you move towards more carat size. Speaking of the size of the earrings, go for smaller ones if you have sensitive skin. Big hoops would be heavy. Also, you do not have to stick to the basic circular shape. You can also enjoy a timeless glow with other shapes, for instance, infinity-shaped, dangling or curved hoops. 

Sterling Silver Hoop earrings 

We all prefer lightweight jewellery. Sterling silver is lightweight and easy to go with all types of attires. We can prefer it over Diamond or Gold as it is lighter and at the same time offers an elegant look. Sterling silver hoops contain 92.5% silver. Therefore, these are durable and damage-proof. Silver hoops are an integral accessory to your formal as well as party looks. While bracelets and rings divert you at work, Silver hoops are always there to save you and complete your looks. As a bonus point, Silver acts as an anti-microbial agent that fights against infections. Hence, it’s a safe and trendy choice. 

Gold twist hoop earrings 

If you think plain circles are so mainstream, enhance your looks with ravishing Gold twist creole earrings. You can add a lasting gloss to your overall getup with these modern hoops. Gold offers a powerful and basic statement in itself. Still, you can club it with a minimal Gold chain and pearl pendants to complement your little cocktail dresses and even ball gowns. Due to a twisted look, these earrings would majorly complement your traditional attire and party looks. If you wonder how I find hoop earrings shops near me, then we would suggest you not rush. You can easily choose from an extensive collection of 14k Gold twisted earrings over for the events you are excited about. 

Mini hoop earrings 

Do not think twice about purchasing a pair of mini hoops, as they are very good at complementing your everyday looks. If you follow fashion bloggers online, you must have recently noticed mini hoops taking over your Instagram feed. Mini rings also look cool on your second or further piercing. You can pair these with your large hoops worn on the first piercing. On, you will find mini Gold, snowy white Silver and even steel earrings you can confidently put on. Mini creole earrings also come in heavier looks. For example, they are often paired with small twinkling charms or even pearls. Multicoloured Mini hoops come with colourful stones studded over their surface to suit the colour of your outfits.

Tips on how to buy Creole Earrings online in Dubai

Now that you know a lot about different hoop earrings, you must be eager to know how and where to buy them from. There are a few things you need to keep in your mind while purchasing creole earrings. You need to choose the best brand and pick the right material to get a durable thing. Read on to understand what exactly to look for.

  • Choose the right material  Hoop earrings or creole earrings come in various material constructions — for example, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickle, Stainless Steel and even plastic. However, the choice of material depends upon your budget and the skin type. If you want an occasionally worn material and remain on an inexpensive side, go for cheap hoop earrings made up of steel or plastic. You will get many at low prices. Gold or Silver earrings should be your choice if you want an evergreen and everyday material that you can even sleep in. It would be an expensive affair, but you will get a durable and deathless thing.
  • Choose the right brand  Hoops come in a huge variety and are sold by millions of brands. Online shopping can become a tedious experience for you if you browse through the collection of every store. Hence, at, we have compiled a few best brands that offer outstanding products. Some of the best brands are Kenneth Jay Lane, The Jewels Jar, Cz By Kenneth Jay Lane, Agatha, Laura Lombardi, M’s Gems, Bil Arabi, Gas Bijoux, Joanna Laura Constantine, and Swarovski.
  • Know the occasion If there is any occasion for which you will buy your next piece of earrings, then take the event type into account. You can totally kill the casual events with a piece of big hoops, whereas small ones go well for professional gatherings. Mid-sized hoops with charms or Diamond would complement your cocktail dresses and even the ball gowns.
  • Consider the size While you look for hoops, size is an important consideration. 12 to 15 mm hoops with some embellishments go well with casual looks. If you are looking for a versatile piece, then go for 1.5 inches hoops. Oversized hoops are best for nightclubbing. After that, we have a small huggie with which you can totally slay your everyday looks.

Consider the above tips as you walk through our shopping search engine to buy hoop earrings online in Dubai. On, we bring together over 500 online stores that offer outstanding products. So, what are you waiting for? If you are all set to go ahead, log on to our product search engine and pick your favourite pair of earrings now.

Question & Answer

Are hoop earrings appropriate for work?

Hoops go well with your professional looks but only when they are picked in the correct size. You can wear small to mid-sized hoops to work. You can also go for oversized creole earrings if you are serving the fashion industry. Pick real Gold or well-made Silver and avoid too much feathery and embellished look. Be simplistic while you go to work. Hoops come in a wide range of options suiting different occasions and places. So, choose them as per the place and your dress up.

How to close hoop earrings?

It is a simple and painless process to close hoops. Open the hoop and slowly slide it inside your piercing. Now, press the pin arch towards the hoop tube until you hear a “click” sound. It closes as you hear that sound. However, the closing also depends upon the type of earring you have got. For example, if it is a huggie, open it and pierce it in your ear. Now, you need to close it by pushing the ends. If it is too loose, open it again, bend the pin down and close back.

Can guys wear hoop earrings?

Guys can wear hoop earrings, but they must stick to small ones. If you want to wear hoop earrings as a man, don’t go for dangles or anything that hangs down below the ear. Guys can completely rock hoop earrings but in a subtle look. Hoop earrings for men are versatile jewellery. They may range from small to big ones. The small ones fit snugly to your ear but the big ones can set a style statement. However, small ones are preferred generally.

Are hoops flattering?

Yes. Hoops are mostly circular, which is why they quickly frame your face. They complement your cheekbones and the jawline. Hoops go the extra mile to define your features with their simplistic and elegant look. Moreover, there is a wide range of options one can choose from. From huggies to huge ones, you can go for any completing your dress. Moreover, you can find them in different colours, shapes and materials. So, go ahead and explore now!

So, how would you like to be labelled as totally trendy this season? Log on to to see our latest and fashionable collection. Find a wide range of styles, patterns, materials and colours to choose from. So, go ahead and have a happy shopping experience.