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Illuminations, parades, and extravagant rituals that turn the everyday norms upside down – indeed, the carnival seasons are fun! Regarded as the liturgy of passage from darkness to light, carnivals have made their mark in folklore for centuries now. Although the origin of these celebrations may be a debatable affair, their ability to create unforgettable experiences are not. But, there’s something more exciting about these parties – and that’s the quirky festive outfits you can flaunt yourselves in. In this guide, we shall take you through the various party apparel and items that you can consider investing in, to have a ball. Plus, there’s more! So read on if you’re curious to know.

Indeed, the carnival dresses are an essential part of these parties, but that’s not it. There’s more to these celebrations. But, before we take a peek into that, don’t you want to know what exactly a carnival is? Obviously, a carnival is a festive season. But, what you don’t know is that people in different parts of the world celebrate them in different ways. However, most of the time, people tend to celebrate them wearing their favourite costumes and costume accessories that contain the elements of a circus or a circus party. One of the most famous carnivals is the one in Rio. Up to 2 million people take part in this festive season. The motive of celebration for these festivals depends on its location, and so does the dress codes. Let’s have a look at some of the finest party costumes out there in our next section.

A guide to the carnival theme outfit and their different types

The non-stop music, the intoxicating soca music lack of sleep and countless stories of being a marvellous experience, there’s nothing that a carnival misses out on. We bet, you must’ve also seen pictures of ladies and gents in beautiful costumes adorned with make-up, party eyelashes, party hats, jewels, beads and what not! And probably you’ve said to yourself that only skinny women and muscular men can fit into those stylish Blouses, boas, or those carnival pants. But that’s far from the truth. There are several types of these party dresses that fit anybody. You only need to choose the right. Below, we’ve shed some light on these costumes that each of you can wear.

The carnival fancy dresses

Fancy dresses are one of the most common outfit choices during street parties. The trending costumes include policeman, sailor, pirate, Indian and mermaid. Typically, the ‘less is more’ rule applies to a policeman or woman costume. You can be a policewoman and wear a black bikini top and shorts and also wear carnival shoes, hats and carry handcuffs. In fact, simplicity is the key. However, many wish to go that extra mile. Such a team of people dress up as a rollercoaster or as bathtubs. There are fancy dress items sold everywhere on the streets before the party begins. But you can also buy these items online.

The men’s carnival outfits

Wearing colourful dresses for these parties isn’t just for women. But the gender politics are more complicated than ever. It’s true that most often you’ll find women wearing vibrant and flamboyant regalia. But if you look closer, you’ll also see decked-out men throughout the crowd, pelting waist and winning their heart’s content. While some men simply enjoy wearing euphoria Lofters with classy carnival coats, the others play it funky. But, in general, men have three options for party attire. They can wear trunks with accessories like an armband, leg piece, or chest piece; they can sport a band-provided tee or tank with trunks, or they can purchase a full costume from a band.

The Brazilian carnival dress

If you’re a Brazilian and wondering what to wear this year for the festive season, then you’re at the right place. There are a few essential aspects that you need to consider when you’re picking out the Brazilian celebration dresses online. The first one is, of course, where the parade takes place. Usually, the official ceremony takes place at the Sambodromo, where the largest samba schools in the city come together to compete. As a spectator, colourful, light, casual clothing is the norm. If you’re participating in the parade itself, the school will provide a costume. Apart from that, if you’re a tourist, then you need to follow the norms which include –‘less is more’ policy, looking sexy and wearing comfy shoes.

The plus-size carnival outfits

If you think your extra curves will make you sit out on the fun, then you’re wrong, my friend. Several plus-size costumes let you feel comfortable and shine in the festival. You’ll indeed find wire bras and skimpy bikinis modelled at the band launch. However, you can get yourself customized body wear to make your carnival costume work for your curves. Besides, many masquerade bands offer several options to help customize the costume to your liking. This also means that you can customize them as per your size. High-waist bottoms, full coverage bras or one-piece bodysuits are a few options available by many masquerade bands for an additional fee.

Tips on how to buy Carnival costumes online

Well, one thing is clear – you can find several types of carnival outfits and items out there on the market. So what are you going to dress up as? Or which costume should you buy? We bet these are among those million questions now hovering in your mind. Here are a few handy tips to get you your right carnival pieces online.

  • Pick a lightweight costume – Whether be it the carnival tights or the colourful masks make sure that you pick something that’s light in weight. Remember, you’re going to wear them for an entire day, walking, dancing, drinking and dancing again. With all this, you’re going to be soon exhausted if you’re wearing bulky and uncomfortable pieces.
  • Choose durable items – Whether you buy carnival costumes for kids online in UAE or purchase other items like carnival gloves , coloured hair spray, carnival wigs, carnival glasses, make sure that each of them is durable. Note, you’ll find yourself squeezing through dense crowds. Therefore, you shouldn’t be wearing anything that’s flimsy, and that’ll peel off when rubbed against.
  • Try buying original pieces – Many people are super-lazy when it comes to dressing up for the festive season. They just buy a pirate set or a clown set, pair it with some ties and plaster moustaches and then show up to the event, only to find that everyone has done the same. Many costumes resonate with your style. Try purchasing items that best define your style.
  • Selecting topical pieces is a great idea – Many a time, there might be themes or films that inspire you to adopt a particular costume. Good news is that with more and more people choosing such costumes and party accessories has led the manufacturers to ramp up the distribution of such fashionable pieces online. You can get yours too.
  • Get yourself cross-dresses – If all else fails, cross-dressing is the best option. For instance, many Brazilian men seem to live in fear that someone, someday, will suspect them of being gay. But, all that goes out the window during carnival! It’s like the shackles come off and they can finally express the inner ballerina or fairy that wants to come out! So chose ones that express your inner self.

Indeed, all the above tips are essential to pick your right carnival items online. But, in the end, everything boils down to your personal preference. But always make sure to invest in a piece that makes you feel chic, comfy and elegant while partying out in these festivals. And yes, also make sure to keep an eye on the price of these costumes, and pick one that best suits your budget.

Question & Answer

How much are carnival outfits?

You now know that carnival pieces are available in several types. This means each costume and their accessories have different styles, shapes, prints and designs. Which means, they’re priced at different rates too. You can find some items as at as low as AED 50 while some costumes might cost you a whopping AED 1000 and more. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself to avoid any unnecessary expenditure.

What do you wear to a carnival party?

Typically, the outfits you wear for these festivals must be more practical because of the pace. Indeed, you’ll be partying hard. You might even climb onto to a man’s shoulders. Therefore, the outfits and accessories you choose must be able to handle such kind of jamming. You can find different types of fetes in a party scene – pool, beach, and all-inclusive. Anyway, the key is to dress sexy in appearance and be comfortable in what you wear.

How to hang carnival masks?

Quite often you might find the carnival masks so alluring that you might want to hang them up on the wall. Well, it’s indeed an excellent idea for home décor. Besides, it’s an ideal piece to add to your gifts & gadgets arsenal. To hang them on to the wall, all you need to do is to place a nail and hang the masks with the help of the strings fixed on the masks.

Where to buy carnival outfits?

So are you planning to buy carnival masks for pre-schoolers online in UAE? Or wish to buy carnival costumes without feathers online in UAE? Either way, it’s imperative to find a credible platform to carry out the purchase. If you’re in search of such a portal, then consider checking out the product collection on Our product search engine offers you a fabulous selection of party parties, petticoats, and many other festive dresses from popular brands. Unr8ed, Baretraps, Bzees, Jellypop, Sun-Staches, Hasbro, 3D Light FX, Belly Lady, and Royal Smeela are a few to name.

So are you ready to have a ball in your favourite costume? If yes, then explore and buy your perfect outfits from online stores like only on

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