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Party Eyelashes

About Party Eyelashes

Party eyelashes are fun, sassy, bold, and everything you want them to be. You can wear them in a subtle way or by exaggerating, both ways you are going to make a head-turning entry. The theme of the party and the rest of the attire is going to influence this purchase the most. Therefore, we suggest giving it an equal priority along with makeup and costume.

Makeup experts and people who wear eyelashes all the time know the true potential of this one product. They can make your eyes pop up, brighten them up, and add tons of other compliments depending on what kind of lashes you would like to put on. Other than variants of size, colours, and textures, the best party eyelashes can also be modified to match the rest of your outfit. Despite all the good things, there are a few warnings everyone should know. First, you can unintentionally make your makeup a clown effect if you add layers of heavy makeup with a bold lash. You see, your lashes have already made a statement, and you cannot conflict it with other stuff. Second, you can make it fall off on the dance floor if you don’t wear it perfectly. Well, it can ruin your day, for sure.

Choosing the perfect party lash extensions

A definitive guide to lashes is not only knowing about the types of lashes to buy but includes the purpose behind it. First thing first, there are majorly five types of eyelashes: Strip lashes, cluster lashes, blink individual lashes, classic semi-permanent lashes, and volume semi-permanent lashes. Now coming to the purpose of making your lashes last for a full night or three years. Well, stickiness depends on the kind of lash you buy. Strip lashes are the best party lashes that you can go over the top with and remove after the party. On the other hand, cluster and blink lashes last for 2-3 weeks. You can make them look subtle and fancy both. The two semi-permanent lashes we have listed can last up to three years and look-wise, they are supernatural.

Lash extensions for home parties

The glam quotient of home parties cannot go without a bold eyelash in your makeup kit. There are many ideas wherein you can go over the top with your party eyelashes, remain focussed on the theme of the party. One such lash that you can wear is 3D eyelashes for fluffy eye makeup. Another over-exaggerated product perfect for Halloween parties could be the four-column spiders’ false eyelashes. Also, if this is for your kids’ birthday party, you can think of buying glitter eyelashes along with a prop. One simple tip here for this running out of time would be to be creative and think of modifying your fake boring eyelashes. Well, you can easily cut feathers of the same size as your lashes and up your game so conveniently. You can also check out some party eyeglasses for sale on our shopping platform.

Eylure party-perfect lashes

Eylure is one of the premium brands known to create a dramatic eye look, which everybody adores. They could also be the perfect items under the gifts and gadgets category. Well, we know that the brand’s reputation solely stands on its grand history and vision. Considering that, Eylure is a 1940’s brand put up by two makeup artists with a vision to eradicate the use of poor quality materials. So, they crafted their own materials that create a revolution. The rest of the story is history with mink lashes, Vegas nay lashes, and many more to give you a look you have always wanted. If you are looking to buy party eyelashes in Dubai, we recommend having a look at this brand, and you won’t get disappointed with the end results.

Brands for party lash extensions

Lashes could be made from synthetic material, human hair, or mink fur out of which synthetic is the most affordable with the rest being expensive. However, the premium features of quality eyelashes, such as stickiness and quality of material depends on what brand you choose. To ease your job of researching the good products, we have done your part and compiled a list of top brands. These include Eylure, Ardell, HUDA BEAUTY, Stargazer, Reem, Ardell, Depend. You can easily search them at our retail search engine and hit the buy button without any doubt of buying counterfeit products. Or you can also invest your time in understanding some tips compiled for you that can make your product a smart purchase, for sure.

Tips on how to buy Party Eyelashes online

You have probably thought about a zillion times about party eyelashes or extensions done to make yourself selfie-ready always. But have you scrutinised all the aspects yet? Before you hop on any shopping platform, it is good that you educate yourself on the good and the bad of these pretty party eyelashes. If you are a beginner, we suggest not going for the accessories before you feel confident in simple false eyelashes. But if you wear them on a regular basis, it is all fine for you to go a little over the top. Now you know what is there for you in the store, your purchase will undoubtedly be suitable.

  • Buying lash adhesive – Before anything else you see, check if there are any eye irritants inside the adhesive they come along with. For example, formaldehyde can cause redness, irritation, and swollen eyelids. Or if you are buying glue separately, then also this tip will prove fruitful.
  • Other risks involved – These falsies can fall off without you getting noticed if not applied properly. And you can’t do anything about it at the party. One way possible is only using a quality lash adhesive or book an appointment to get it done. If you have been through such an embarrassing situation, you know it is not that easy as it is shown in YouTube videos.
  • Consider the budget – You know, party eyelashes are a little over the top with little accessories like feathers, diamonds, fluffiness, or any over exaggerating feature. Therefore, they cost you a bit higher than the usual ones. If you do not have that budget, you can buy some usual fake party eyelashes and modify them at home. For example, you can cut feathers of the same size and stick them with the extensions.
  • Aesthetics on point – Be aware of the clown effect when what you want is the glam look. We tend to buy a bigger length for parties, but if you are going loud on the rest of the makeup, do not put efforts into the lashes. Also, the size of the lashes you choose must compliment your face shape and bone structure.

While you spend time thinking of the purchase considering the tips, there is another dilemma you would face, which is strip versus extensions. The only difference between them is strip is one whole strip stick to your eyes at once. On the other hand, extensions come in clusters and definitely looks more natural than a strip. But strip lashes can do fine if drama is all you need. On, you can find an array of products matching your needs just right. Adding more authenticity are our shops with top-notch brands of Dubai’s market.

Question & Answer

What are party lashes?

Party eyelash is a broad term used for strip or cluster lashes. These are false eyelashes to be put on for an exaggerated look. Be it a carnival, Halloween, or any other themed party, an exquisite look demands everything perfect, and lashes can make it up for you. They are almost similar to your usual lashes with some added accessories. There are also individual lashes meaning one strand of a lash to be stick to your eyes, which lasts for eight weeks. We think this could be best for festivals running for the day because you could be selfie-ready all the time.

Are party lashes good?

Not just good, they look ravishing if applied well. Party eyelashes are the cherry on the top without which you can lose an oomph factor. You can create a dramatic look with long length and bold colour lashes. Else, you can also make a subtle look with no such surprises. Moreover, you should have focus elements in your entire attire. If you are popping your eyes too much, make the rest of the makeup on the low. And the same goes for clothing too.

How long can you keep party lashes on?

The strip lashes can only last for a day or should we say they only last for one party. However, cluster lashes can go 2-3 weeks or more if you maintain them well. If you are no expert, it will be better to book an appointment in the salon. The session will not be more than 40-50 minutes of application. Strip lashes are a work of 5 minutes, so you can choose a strip if you are running out of time. Also, make sure they do not fall off and also, stay away from water. You can explore Eylure party-perfect lashes or discover more such brands at

Is it ok to wear party lashes every day?

It is not about the lashes, but the lash adhesive you need to talk about to answer the question precisely. Well, there are some adhesives available that are eye irritants. Thus, these can do permanent damage to your eyes if you wear them daily. Our suggestion is to not ignore the investment of accessories associated with lashes. If you don’t, the consequences are slightly embarrassing. Wearing strip lashes daily and wanting them to stay the whole day is a bit extra you are demanding. You can check out lash extensions for home parties, and you will find something that suits you.

Carnivals are always flashy, blingy, and all that. You are free to bring your creativity, do experiments with your makeup and costumes, and go over the top. It is that time you should not think about your lashes being too big or your makeup loud. And it is also a good time that you start scrolling for health and beauty products at