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Carnivals are the time when you want to look the best. You want to look dramatic, colourful and peppy. This is why we know that you’ll do all the creative things to achieve the look. Surely, accessories and masquerades are phenomenal items that you can’t avoid in a carnival, but that’s something that’s much more vibrant, pretty and fun to showcase. Yes, we’re talking about the feather boas. They’re one of the most essential pieces of any carnival costume. There’s no such celebration that has costumes without feathers. Let’s see why!

These glossy style icons are everywhere. You can find them on carnival masks, headgears, outfits, props and a lot more things utilise them. But what exactly are they? Are these real feathers? Well, you must’ve figured out by now, that these feathers are of course a fashion accessory. You usually wrap them around in the neck and wear them like a scarf. What you don’t know is that this item has a long-standing history in fashion. They’ve been documented for use as an adornment since at least 1820. However, people wore them even before that, around the 17 th century. These feathers have fallen in and out of fashion many times over the years. But they’ve always been an essential part of carnivals. Let’s check out a few stylish boa types that are currently trending in the market today.

The various types of feather boas to adorn your look

Typically, these feathers are real bird feathers like those from Ostrich, marabou, chandelle, and turkey. However, you can also find some that come in fur materials. Although, non-fur and feather boas are available these days. But there’s no match for the beauty of bird feathers. The feathers used usually go through the dying process after which they glue and stitch them into lengths called ‘ply’. The more the ‘ply’ the thicker and fluffier the boas are. Moreover, with the invention of “fun fur” or “eyelash” yarns in the late 20th century, an adept craftsperson can knit a boa of one solid colour or a mix of various colours. Let’s look at some of the trendy feather types below.

The black feather boa

Black is always considered the classiest colour that you can wear for any party. Well, carnivals aren’t an exception. This means anything in black shines no matter what event you’re wearing them for. Take for example the black feathers. They not only add a stylish touch to your carnival outfits but also ups your entire carnival look. Besides, you can pair them with any kind of costume colour, and you’ll never go wrong with it. For instance, products like Schlappen Black Feathers is a true example of elegance. This particular product is around 6 ft. in length and approx. 8-10″ in diameter. Their fluffy texture is extra comfy that you can wear for any kind of festival, parties and carnival.

The green feather boas

We all know that carnivals are the epitome of vibrant colours, style, and bright light. Therefore, adding a green-coloured feather boa always enhances your look no matter what costume you’re wearing. For example, a perfect marabou feather looks beautifully elegant with its green-coloured feathers. They look excellent around the shoulders. Besides, their unique design allows you to use them as trimming for evening wear, prom dresses, costumes, hat pieces, and even theatrical events. Most of the models use high-quality feathers that the creators perfectly sew with their hands. Besides, they’re professionally cleaned, steamed and sanitised.

The Ostrich feather boas

Animal skin and bird feathers have always been a choice for creating stylish and unique clothing from the time of Neanderthals. We humans aren’t much different. We still favour apparel made out of feathers when it comes to carnivals. If you’re a person who loves adding feathers to your look, then get yourself these Ostrich feather boas. The ostrich boas consist of thousands of thin and long feathers strands woven into the ply. They’re very fluffy and can look dramatic even from a distance. Besides, boas, ostrich feathers are also popular for making designer masks, wreaths and cat toys. However, as fashionistas, you’d stick to the boas as they add spice to your usual carnival look.

The synthetic feather boas

A costume for a carnival without the boa feathers is incomplete. The beautiful and vibrant feathers not just enhance your look but also give you an elegant look when you head out to any carnival. Typically, the manufacturers use turkey, ostrich, marabou, and chandelle feathers to make stylish feather boas. However, quite often many people tend to have an aversion towards bird feathers. Fret not, we have good news for you! Modern technology has helped manufacturers to create feather boas from synthetic fibres. These fibres look exactly like the actual bird feathers. Therefore, you can wear them confidently and achieve the look you wanted with your bird feather boas.

Tips on how to buy Boas online

When you are wearing these feathery costumes, all eyes are sure to be on you. This makes it essential to choose the right kind for the right occasion. Though feathers boas are one impressive soft piece of clothing, you must be careful while purchasing them. Consider these few factors before you buy feather boa online in UAE. Here we’ve compiled a few styling tips as well as factors to look for in the boa feathers.

  • Know your body type – Whether you are attending a dinner party or a gala, picking out the feathers can be particularly tricky. Therefore, you should know the measurements of your body thoroughly, particularly if you intend to wear a feather dress. For example, the widest part of the body, the hips, ideally defines a pear-shaped body. So, you need to pick feather dresses that flatter your silhouette in the best possible way.
  • Experiment with colours – Every fashion maverick knows that style and fit are two essential aspects of selecting any outfit. Equally important is their colour. This holds for the feather dresses too. Always go for soft coloured feather boa for your costume if you have warmer skin tones. Whereas, go for flashy and colourful ones if you have cooler colour tones.
  • Go for a good fabric – The heart and soul of every dress is their fabric, but it’s different for feathers. Here the type of feather plays an important role. Feathers of Ostrich, marabou, chandelle, and turkey are some of the most prevalent ones. Although, you can find many non-feather boas out there. You’ll also find feather dresses or boas in fur.
  • Check for their durability – When purchasing a garment, you must be well aware of its durability. It is no different for the feathers. Though these feathers are likely to be worn a couple of times in a year, yet their durability is of immense importance as you’ll be investing quite an amount in them. Besides, you really do not want to let go of a precious piece too soon.
  • Buy in bulk – Certain fashion elements are always better when you buy them in bulk. Feather boas are one such item. Today, many stores and online platforms offer you cheap feather boas in bulk. However, it’s still better to set aside a budget before you start your online purchase, as this will narrow down your choices.
  • Accessorise wisely – Remember, that the feathers are an adornment to any dress. Therefore, bold statement earrings or necklaces will easily make your apparel a little too much if you pair them with these. Hence, choose something understated. Pair them with the right pair of footwear and style your hair well, so that you do not look too blingy when you head out for an event.
  • Keep them simple – It’s quite evident that when you wear the feathers around your neck, their shine and sparkle inevitably make them a focal point. Loading up more can easily break your look. Therefore, keep your overall look simple and balance them with the right accessories. For example, you could skip a necklace and wear a single cocktail ring.
  • Add elegance – Some single-coloured feathers are classy, whereas some may give you a Vegas girl look. Thus, to ensure that you look elegant and not trashy, incorporate add-ins that give the dress your look a classier feel. For example, you could include pearls in your look, especially when you are wearing a V-neck dress or a strapless.
  • Go causal – It is quite apparent that you’ll save up these feathers for special occasions and evenings out. However, you’ll get more use out of your dress if you find a casual way to style them. For example, you can pair a soft coloured feather with a stylish bikini top and textured tights to get an everyday look.

There are precious few occasions where you are not only allowed but encouraged to go all out in what you are wearing. Well, the boa feathers are an excellent choice in such scenarios. But it all depends on the way you style them for different occasions. After looking at the above, we are quite sure that you now know these pretty shiny things very well. You need to consider the place or event and make sure you dress appropriately.

Question & Answer

Can you wash feather boas?

Yes. You can wash your feather. However, you need to be extremely careful while doing so, as it might easily shed off the feathers if you wash them harshly. If you ever want to wash your feathers, soak them in light soapy water and hang it up to dry. Make sure to not dry them with direct heat, i.e blow dry them. Remember, the dye in the boas aren’t colourfast. Therefore, contact with water might bleed out the colour. Therefore, we suggest you do not wash them with any other piece of clothing. And yes, remember to get the best quality feather boa to avoid any withering off.

Are feather boas made from real feathers?

Typically, boas are constructed with real bird feathers like Ostrich, marabou, chandelle, and turkey. However, with the advancement in technology, you can today find many of them in fur as well. Each of them has different qualities. The real feather ones need extreme care. You cannot wash them and must steam and sterilise them frequently as it’s from an animal.

How much are feather boas?

Earlier we saw the different types of feathers. Now, this certainly means that you can find several types of boas out there. And you can find each of them in different colours and styles. Therefore, you’ll find them at different rates too. Ideally, the feathers cost you from as low as AED 10 to as high as AED 200. However, most of them are affordable. Nevertheless, it’s always best to set aside a budget to avoid any unnecessary expenditure.

Where to buy fancy dress boas in Dubai?

Feathers for carnivals are equivalent to floral for spring. So why stay behind the trend? Check out the vibrant options on Our product search engine is ideally the best place to buy feather boas because it brings to you numerous choices. Here you could buy cheap brown feather boa, synthetic variations, and many more from your favourite brands like Mavic, Amscan, Shimano, Coceca, Bristol, Novelty, Lil princess, Smiffys, and Zucker. Better yet, you can also compare their prices and shop them from online stores that you love the most.

Brace yourself, ladies! You are going to see the feathers all over the market this season. They have never been out of fashion. Every time you think about carnivals they’re a part of it. They are a red-carpet winner but also are smart casuals when styled correctly. So are you ready to own the best one on Then get started now. And yes, do not miss checking out the various other gifts & gadgets right here on our retail portal.