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About Petticoats

If you want to enchant the people around you at the carnival, then petticoats can lie among your top choices. Whether children or adults, they transform your look incredibly. From the netted tutus to eye-catching leopard print patterns, there is a lot to choose from. Let us explore in detail.

Petticoats come in various lengths; however, a mini skirt ensemble is familiar among carnival enthusiasts. You can find them in intricated lace patterns and solid stuff with some exciting prints on them, such as leopard print and rainbow patterns. They generally have an elasticated waist and multiple, usually 2 or 3 graduated tiers. You can wear some styles alone whereas others as underskirts basically for uplifting and accentuating the dress’s silhouette. Petticoats are popular as carnival and party costumes. From kids to adults, you can find them for every age. Some costumes are even accompanied by additional accessories like hair bands, gloves, collars, and more. Continue reading to explore different things you need to know to choose the best petticoat for carnival.

Everything you need to know petticoats

Petticoats make a popular costume in carnivals, dance parties, and stage performances, and even work as a casual outfit. You can find them in various colours and prints depending upon the look you expect. For example, a leopard print petticoat can complement your wildcat look, whereas a black and grey netted pattern will match the costume accessory for Halloween. The plain netted and fluffy styles can be worn as skirts or underskirts to uplift the look of another costume. They generally come in one size fits all patterns. Many brands also offer different sizes. You can find smaller ones for kids. Petticoats come in many colours, materials, lengths, and price ranges. Let us explore more things in detail.

Black petticoat

The black petticoat is a common choice for carnivals and party costumes. You can find plain to ruffled styles as per your look. They generally come with a stretchy waistband to fit all sizes. From carnivals to Halloween, ballet dancing, and even theatre appearance, you can find it rocking everywhere. Find them in plain to printed patterns. Some petticoats are completely black, whereas others are paired with grey, blue, pink and more colours. The interesting thing is that you can use most of them as both a skirt and an underlayer skirt to give a nice volume to your dress. The two or three-layered skirt with soft mesh is one of a kind to suit many occasions.

Multi-coloured petticoat skirt

Multi-coloured petticoat skirts are popular among both little girls and ladies. As the name suggests, it bears many colours to give you a nice fairy look. The quality skirts for little girls are specially made of soft, comfortable, and easy to carry material. It makes her look Unicorn or a fantasy fairy of some kind. A multi-coloured petticoat can also be a good companion for ladies at carnivals. The expressive colouring of these skirts can transform your look incredibly. Just don it, and you may become an eye-catchy fairy tale creature.

Fluffy petticoat

If you are looking for a voluminous look, you can never go wrong with a fluffy petticoat. It comes in many colours and layered patterns. The multiple layers of the petticoat can give you a voluminous and incredible look in no time. Some patterns come as standalone skirts, whereas others are meant for wearing as an underskirt. Stop wondering about the discomfort they might offer if you invest in a quality petticoat; it comes in nice soft fabric that would not let you feel its layers and volume. You can find them in several length options as per the look you want. From plain to printed patterns, you will never run out of options.

Tips on how to buy Petticoats online in Dubai

There are many petticoats, including two hoops, three hoops, two hoops, mermaid petticoats, natural puffy petticoat skirts, and many more. However, they are good to have for women and girls who participate in carnivals and parties. Due to the many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming for you to choose one. So, here are some guiding tips that will help you buy petticoats online in the UAE.

  • Consider the look you want – Generally, people use this costume to enhance or differentiate their look at carnivals. However, certain varieties are worn as an underskirt to give shape and volume to outfits. So, your selection depends upon the purpose of purchase.
  • Consider fabric – You can find petticoats in a wide assortment of fabrics ranging from the net to satin, taffeta, linen, cotton, and many more. Your selection depends upon the look you want. The carnival costumes are mostly netted lacy, satin, or even a combination of starched fabrics; if you want to wear it as an under-skirt, do not go for a heavy material as it will add up to the weight of the dress.
  • Consider length – They come in many length options, from mini to floor touch. You can go for the one as per the look you want. However, for the underskirt, the length should go in line with the length of your dress. So firstly, measure the length of your dress from the waist to the hem. Then, go for a similar, lesser, or more length as per your look.
  • Consider waist size – It is one of the most important considerations while choosing any costume. Most of them come with an elastic to hold up to the waist. Make sure it is not too loose or too tight, as a loose one might slip off anytime, and a tight one might be uncomfortable and can even give you rashes and pain.

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Question & Answer

Are petticoats comfortable?

It depends upon the type you choose. However, they are most comfortable as they come in light-weight fabric and elasticated waist. You can easily wear them as a costume or even underdresses (some varieties). However, choosing a good quality petticoat is necessary in this regard. Its fabric and making will decide where it will be comfortable or not. They generally come in one size fits all patterns. Many brands also offer different sizes. You can find smaller ones for kids.

When were petticoats worn?

Petticoats came into existence in the fourteenth century when both women would wear them as undercoats—the practice of wearing petticoats as undergarments were established in England in 1585. In French, they were called Jupe, whereas basquina that people used in Spain was also petticoat. At the arrival of the 18 th century, in Europe and America, people considered petticoats as a part of the exterior garment. In the American colonies, Petticoats were worn by most women throughout the 18th century. In the early 19th century, people switched to narrower dresses, including invisible petticoats. Since then, people have worn petticoats under dresses to give them desired shape and volume. However, now, they are costumed in themselves. They come in fluffy looks and are common in carnivals.

How to wash petticoats?

It depends upon the fabric of the petticoat. You can wash almost all of them in a gentle wash cycle. However, if it contains an elastic, put it around the agitator and let the petticoat float all over the surface for better and easier cleaning. This is the case with cotton and similar materials. If your costume is lacy or net, then hand washing them would be a better option. So, the wash and care depend upon what kind and what materials of petticoats you have.

What stores sell petticoats?

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Petticoats make an amazing costume at parties and carnivals. Now that you have explored much about them, you must be confident picking one. If you are confused about where to start, stay right here on You can find a wide collection of petticoats offered by the best petticoat brands in the industry like Marks and spencer, Lindy bop, Bun Heads, C & J Mercantile, Capezio, Bloch, Danskin, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a great browsing experience ahead.

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