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Gardening is a relaxing and fun activity. But, that’s only true if you have the right garden tools in hand. As long as you have the right gardening tools and equipment, you can efficiently plant anything in your backyard. From producing yummy vegetables to growing beautiful flowers, you cannot do these properly if you do not have the right tools. And we all know that getting started with purchasing your very first gardening tools can be a daunting task. Well, we’ve got your back. In this guide, we shall talk about various garden tools. Besides, we will also take a look at a few tips on how to buy garden tools online in UAE effortlessly.

Have you ever thought about how vital these garden tools are for the process of gardening? Without these tools, think about how harder you need to work to achieve the desired results. Of course, by now you must’ve figured out that you might need more than just a tool or two to get the job done. And luckily there’s an endless list of tools that you can utilise when it comes to gardening. However, you do not have to buy all of them. The tools that you buy depends on your needs and your gardens. That said, let’s check out at a few essential gardening tools to keep your lawns and backyards groomed.

The five essential tools for gardening that every budding gardener must own

From the simple watering cans to more complicated pressure washers and wood splitters, the list goes on and on when it comes to gardening tools. On top of that many a time, you might need to buy new garden tools that you might not be familiar with. It’s important to note that gardening is like cooking – there’s an almost infinite supply of garden tools that can make your job easy. But, we all know only a very few of them are necessary. As a beginner gardener its best to pick high-quality garden tools that you can use for multiple tasks instead of picking up the expensive, specialised ones. That said, let’s take a look at the few essential garden tools that you – as a gardening enthusiast must own.

The pruning shears

Pruning shears, otherwise known as secateurs, help reign the plants that get out of control and the ones that are taking over. You’d typically find two major styled pruners – the anvil and bypass models. The anvil-styled pruners allow you to cut with a sharp blade, meeting a flat surface. It’s similar to the knife on a cutting board. You could use the anvil-styled for deadwood. Because they can cause crush injuries to green stems and branches. When it comes to the bypass versions, they do cut with a sharp blade but by passing through a flat-edged surface, more like scissors. These models are best for live plants and greenwood.

The loppers

Another cutting tool, loppers, are long-handled pruners. You generally use them to trim hard to reach areas or to cut thicker branches. The long-handles of the product provides you with enough leverage to cut through the branches up to an inch in diameter. You can find anvil and bypass versions of loppers just like the pruning shears. The bypass loppers are more precise in cut location when compared to the anvil style. However, both their handles usually range from 16 to 36 inches. The longer handle loppers can be heavy. However, you could also find their light-weight aluminium alternatives. Either way, make sure to keep the lopper blades in good condition and sharpen regularly.

The garden fork

They’re one of the most efficient garden tools for turning soil. In fact, they can dig into various types of garden soils better than a spade. Besides, you’ll find different types of garden forks out there. For instance, the slightly curved forks at the spine are useful for scooping mulch or turning compost piles. It’s much like a pitchfork. Alternatively, the straight-line versions offer performance for digging compacted, rocky or clay soil. However, square lines are much stronger and better than flat lines. That’s because flat lines tend to bend when they hit a rock or root. In short, there’s a kind of garden fork for all your needs.

The lawn rake

Gardens are never free of dried leave, roots, sticks and branches. Of course, picking them by your hand is one method. But this isn’t possible if you have a large area to cover. In such cases, a lawn rake may come in handy. When leaves, debris, or branches fall, you can immediately whisk them away with your sturdy rakes. Rakes come in a wide range of styles and sizes. However, a great starter is always a standard leaf rake. But, you can go for adjustable rakes. They do the job of more than one garden tool. They reach into narrow areas and gather large piles of leaves. Also, remember to pick their steel line versions, as they’re robust on delicate lawns.

The garden hoe

A typical hoe comes with a light blade and handle. You use them to trim the top growth on weeds in beds and on stone driveways. So, this is a good alternative if you have an aversion to using the weed killers on your plants. However, to use them you need to keep the hoe blades razor-sharp for maximum performance. Typically, your type of garden determines the type of hoes you’d need. For instance, if you may have to go with a sturdy wide hoe if you have a veggie garden. Alternatively, you may have to pick a more delicate touch and thinner hoe if you have perennial gardens. Either way, hoes are perfect for preparing garden and flower beds and cutting down weeds.

Tips on how to buy Garden Tools online

Anyone who has visited the garden tools section of a home improvement store knows the feeling: so many options. Which ones do you need? How do you pick the right size or style? How much should you pay? Maybe you should just give up? Well, the worst part is that all this stands true even when you’re purchasing them online. Besides, you’re bombarded with even more choices. But, relax, we’ve got you covered. Check out these tips below to make your garden tool buying process a breeze.

  • Figure out your needs – This is one of the first and foremost things to do even before you start your search online. Sort out which tools you have and the ones that you need. See if you have enough space to store the devices if you get them. Also, make sure that the garden tools that you buy are the ones that you really need and not the one that you purchase and store it away for a very long time. Keeping them out for a long time spoils them soon.
  • Explore the available options – Once you have your requirements sorted, the next thing is to look out for the various options that are available to you. Today, you can find several kinds of garden tools that make your gardening life much simpler and efficient too. Always study the options and types of several tools out there on the market. Look out for the top garden tool manufacturers that offer excellent tools. Having adequate knowledge about the product makes it easy for you to buy them online.
  • Keep an eye on the size, grip and weight – Once you’ve explored the options and have sorted out your needs, next, it’s time to check out the size, grip and weight to the product you intend to buy. Indeed, you cannot feel the grip strength and weight of the product when you’re buying them online. However, you could always carefully observe the specs given online. Checking this out will ensure that you buy a tool that feels right in your hand.
  • Lighter the better – Go for lighter garden tools. But, make sure that they have sturdy handles that do not break or chip off when you hold them tight and apply pressure while working. The lighter products, generally give you good grips and allow you to carry out the gardening process easily. Understanding the weight of the tool is essential, particularly if you have a weak or small hand. Remember, products with soft grip might limit your hand movements.
  • Consider the materials – It is always essential to check out the material of the garden tools. See if they’re apt for you to do the job. For example, stainless steel garden tools slide through the soil more quickly when compared to the others. Moreover, you can easily clean them too. Also, the equipment made of forged steel tends to be robust and long-lasting. In short, you should choose tools that come in top-quality materials.
  • Assess the quality – Quality is always a challenging aspect to assess when you’re buying the tools online. However, one of the easiest ways to make sure that you have the best quality models is to stick to buying the tools and accessories from well-known brands. The world-renowned brands that offer you the highest quality garden tools include names like Fiskars, Bosch, Black Decker, Dewalt, Makita, Felco, Gardenline, Wolf Garten, Sharp, and Milwaukee.
  • Go ahead and pick powertools – Most of us tend to stick to the manual gardening tools like rakes, spades, forks and so on. This requires more effort and take a lot of time to complete a single job. Besides, it makes you tired of what you’re doing soon. Thus, you could pick a few cordless models. This helps you finish your job faster and in a more efficient way. Indeed, they might be a little pricey. But they sure value for money.
  • Consider the price – There are many types of garden tools, and they’re all available to you at different price ranges. You can find cheap garden toolsets as well as expensive ones too. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget before you buy your required tools. This not only helps you narrow down your choices but enables you to curb unnecessary expenditure. Also, you can get garden tools for sale if you’re an economiser.
  • Read reviews online – Several gardeners and gardening enthusiasts take time to review the tools they purchase online. It’s a good idea to go through those reviews. The feedback and comments give you a fair idea about the product’s performance. Also, it enables you to put yourself in their shoes and assess the pros and cons of the product before you buy them.

Gardening is no joke! You ought to have the right accessories and tools to get the desired results. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to pile up all the garden tools you see online. Make sure to get only those that suit your needs. And we hope the tips above will help you do the trick. Besides, you can curb any expensive mistakes too.

Question & Answer

Why buy garden tools?

Garden tools come in several designs, types, materials and models. Each one has a specific purpose and use. Now, you can indeed carry out gardening without the tools. But, the results without the use of proper garden tools will never be perfect. The use of gardening tools helps you achieve the desired results. Besides, it makes you gardening easy-breezy. Some power tools help you finish the jobs faster and in a more efficient manner. Hence, beginner or not, having the right garden tools plays a crucial role in achieving the best gardening results.

What garden tools do I need?

It’s very easy to go overboard when you’re out purchasing the garden tools. They can take a lot of space, money and time. However, staying focused on basic needs always helps. It makes sure that you only get the right ones and do not overcrowd your storage space. As a beginner, there are a few essential tools that you need to get for yourself. The essentials include gloves, watering cans, hand trowel, spade, rakes, and garden shears. Apart from that, you can also get yourself other tools like a wheelbarrow, fork, step ladder, sprayer, hand weeding tools, an axe. Regardless of what you buy, make sure you get the best quality tools.

Which garden tool should you use for weeding?

If you have a garden, that means you have weeds. There’s no way you can avoid them. So, you ought to own a few tools that remove these weeds efficiently. Typically, there are three basic, best garden tools for weeding – your hands, hoes or hand hoes, and various herbicides. Hand pulling is by far the easiest method and convenient too. But, many a time hand weeding becomes impractical. Pulling large clump of weeds with your bare hands might quickly become a tedious task. That’s when the hoes or hand does come in handy. Now, you need to be extremely careful while using herbicides. Most of them aren’t selective. Hence, you can use them if you have weeds spread in large areas.

How to clean garden tools?

After multiple harvests or using them in your backyards or lawns, your garden tools are susceptible to the usual wear and tear. However, you shouldn’t take it lightly, as the rust and dirt deposit on your tools could permanently damage your devices. Hence, regular maintenance is essential. How do you do it? Well, begin by removing the dirt first. Next scrub off the rust or sap. Once done, soak your tools in a bucket of hot water. You could use a few drops of dish soap for an extra boost of cleaning power. Finally, rinse them and dry. Always, make sure to carry out these steps a couple of times in a few months to keep your garden tools running.

Where to buy garden tools near me?

Dubai brings you several options for garden tools. And the best part, you can buy them both in-store and online. Although we advise you to carry out an online purchase, you should be able to find a reliable portal to do so. If you’re in search of such a place, then surely visit Our product search engine brings you a comprehensive range of various garden tools and different best garden tool organisers from popular brands. What’s more, you can get them from world-renowned online stores. Now, it’s time that you shop for your supplies. So, hurry and get your perfect tool right here on Because we have it all!

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