About Axes

The axe is one of the first tools that humans started using even before there were any civilisations or major humans’ settlements. Axes are also useful for so many different things at the same time, including felling trees, hunting, and as a weapon of war.

Many of the traditional tools have been replaced by modern machines. This is also true when it comes to axes as well. These days most people prefer an electric saw for felling trees and a log splitter machine to chop lumber into small pieces. Today, in yards or outdoor activities, such as camping, the axe is most widely used, but the type of axe you need will depend on the reason you plan for it. However, that doesn’t mean axes are completely outdated either. They are still useful if you are going on a camping trip or want an affordable tool for light tasks around your house and garden. Read this article to know more about them.

Four different types of axes

Not all axes are created equal. The shape, size and material of the axe change wildly depending on its intended purpose. Some of them are really large and measure three or five feet in length while others are small enough for you to carry in your tool belt. In order to figure out what type of axe is going to work for you, you should know the basic differences between some of the axe models. Here is a list of the four types of them. It includes hatches, broad axe, double bit axe, and carpenter’s axe. Towards the end, you will also find some tips and tricks that will help you choose the best ones. So, let us understand the types and go through this detailed guide.


If you are looking for a general-purpose axe that you can use for a variety of uses, then a hatchet is the best option. Depending on the quality of the blade, craftsmanship, and build quality, the price of the hatchet can vary from a few dozen dirhams to a couple of hundred dirhams. Because hatchets are meant to be portable and easy to use, their size is quite small. The handle of a typical handle will be less than two feet long, and it is almost impossible to use them with two hands. This short handle means that the hatchet has to be heavy at the head to get a decent amount of momentum when you swing it. To balance for this shortcoming, their blade will be really sharp.

Broad axe

The differentiation feature of a broad axe from any other type of axe is its wide blade. Its blade will be wider than that of the forest axe or even the felling axe. People mostly use broad axes for hewing. This is the process of chopping round lumber into the timber with flat edges. To make this possible, one side of the axe will be flat while the opposite side will be slightly wedged like. As people these days rely on sawmills for hewing lumber, broad axes are less common. However, you can still see some carpenters using broad axes instead of electric wood splitters.

Double bit axe

As you can probably tell from the name, double bit axes will have two blades instead of one. These two blades will be exactly symmetrical as well. So, you might think, why would anyone need two same exact blades on an axe? Well, there is one minor difference. On one side, the blade will be sharp, and on the opposite side, it will be blunt. While the purpose of the sharp side is for cutting and chopping wood, the blunt side is to split small firewood into small pieces so that one can use them for kindling fire. But keep in mind that double-bit axes are extremely rare these days. The only ones you will be able to buy are handmade artisan axes.

Carpenter’s axe

Unlike a broad axe, the carpenter’s axis is designed for work that requires precision and care. These are the axes that carpenters use for woodworking. As carpenters prioritise accuracy more than brute force, these axes are small, lightweight, and very sharp. When you compare the size, this will look almost similar to a hatchet. However, the blade of a carpenter’s axe will be narrower than that of a hatchet. Also, the blade will have a flat butt, which you can use as a hammer. Carpenter’s Axes with a straighter blade is considered better because it will give you better precision.

Tips on how to buy Axes Online

Finding the right type of axe can be harder than you might think. This is because of the variety of shapes, sizes, and materials that they come with. Choosing the wrong axe can sometimes be a costly mistake. Either it will make it hard for you to do the tasks that you want to do, or it can be completely useless. That being said, it will be easier for you to find the right one if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for axes online.

  • Length  The length of the axe varied depending on what kind of work the axe is designed for. Axes that are meant for heavier work tend to be longer. The longer handle enables you to swing the axe faster and strike harder. But using a longer axe requires more handling skill. Otherwise, you might lose balance or miss the strikes. That is why almost all general-purpose axes have shorter handles.
  • Weight of the head  Unlike a knife, it is important for the axe to be heavy. The heavier the axe, the less force you have to exert as the gravity will do much of the work required to cut the object. Also, heavier heads will have higher momentum and will not slow down the axe as much as a light head axe.
  • Handle material  Traditionally, all axe handles were either wood or iron. While axes with iron handles were more durable because of the stronger joint between the head and the handle, they were also heavier and much harder to swing than an axe with a wooden handle. However, these days plastic and other synthetic handles are getting more and more popular thanks to their affordability.
  • Shape of the handle  There are axe handles that are completely straight, and there are those that are curved to fit the contour of the hands. In fact, almost all single-bit axes will come with curved handles. This is because there is only one right way to hold them. However, double bit handles will have straight and symmetrical handles, which enable you to use either of those bits for striking.

If you are a homeowner with a garden, then you will need many other tools besides axes. These include things like leaf blowers, watering cans, grass shredders, soil drills, rakes, choppers, pressure washers, wood splitters, and many more. You can find any of these easily using our shopping search engine. It will also let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Garden category.

Question & Answer

Why do some axe heads have notches?

It is common for small axes like hatchets or drywall axes to have a small notch on their heads. So, what is the use of this notch? Firstly, hatchets are one of the most versatile axes out there. You can use them to chop small things, the butt of the hatchet can be used as a hammer and also there is this notch. In fact, the notch on the axe head of a hatchet works similar to the claws on a carpenter’s hammer. It will let you pull out nails from walls and wood. The notch simply adds one more use to the already versatile hatchets.

What axe to use for splitting wood?

In today’s world, there are more sophisticated tools than the axe that will let you chop wood very easily. Therefore, most people who regularly split would prefer to use a gas or electric log splitter. These machines will have mechanical arms that makes it quite easy to cut the logs into pieces. However, the downside is that such machines are very expensive, and it is not worth getting one unless you are planning to use it regularly. Otherwise, a splitting maul axe or a forest axe is the better option. While you need to have a bit of patience and upper body strength to use these, this is the more economical option.

Where to buy Axes online in the UAE?

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