Lawn Mowers

About Lawn Mowers

A lawn mower is a garden tool to cut the grass evenly, as simple as that. But there are still variants in the marketplace, starting from basic versions to some high-end ones. Your priorities may be based on the size of your lawn or whether it will be for personal or commercial purposes. In all the possible situations, you have to get moving and explore products as much as you can. Even before that, it would be great if you read a bit and get familiar with the product or explore a few reputed brands. This will do nothing but make your purchase quality-driven and cost-effective. We are positive you are looking for exactly such an outcome for your shopping drive.

Nothing else can beautify your garden other than a suitable lawn mower. You have already done the difficult part of seeding, watering, and fertilising. Now, the fun part is to see them grow but also prepare them for regular trims. Unequal grass and untrimmed edges do not only look unpleasant, but the lawn will also be difficult to clean. Plus, you have to spend a lot of time maintaining it. Whether you have a small garden or a big yard, maintaining it is definitely not an easy process. It needs time, care, and attention. So, having a lawn mower is a relief. While you buy, do not forget to scrutinise the product with keen eyes.

Types of lawn mowers

Depending on the requirement of grass cutting width, these lawn mowers have three types: Walk-behind, riding, and tow-behind. Out of the three, walking types have a cutting width of 10-61inch. Similarly, the other two have 26-74inch and 18-136inch, respectively. Clearly, the tow-behind can cut more width as compared with others. This is a basic categorisation, based on which you should not decide the purchase. Speed of the product and its power source are other two influential factors. Criticising the factors together, you can bring out quality in your purchase. Every parameter combined will let you buy the best lawn mower online in UAE.

Electric lawn mower

Electric mowers run on lithium-ion batteries and can be pushed and self-propelled. As a matter f fact, electric and gas are two power sources you will find with mowing products. The advantage electric one has over its counterpart is that they are silent. They quietly start with a push of a button and move around the lawn without any noise. However, using them for big spaces might become an annoying task for you when you have to change batteries often. So, if you have a big yard or buying the mower for commercial purposes, try finding a product with a high-end battery source or better buy the gas power source. You can explore both of them on our product search engine before making a decision.

Ryobi lawn mower

Ryobi is a brand that will never disappoint you with its gardening tools. From 4AH to 7.5AH battery products, you will find a flexible range here. As if we have been talking about electrical products and their battery lives, we must check out their efficiency with the yard size. As for this brand, you can find products here that are perfect for a half-acre of size. It definitely sounds like a decent feature. Another noteworthy feature that makes this brand stand out is its 7-position deck height adjustments. It is possible that your search for the best cordless lawn mower may end here with this brand. Still, do not forget to compare the product you are eyeing with other brands. All this for a competent and durable product to be added to your shopping cart!

Robotic lawn mower

High-end robotic products do not need supervision from their human owners, and that is true for a robotic lawn mower as well. The product will take the cues laid down by you and keep its focus on their work. The product package will have wires that you have to lay down across your yard. While setting it up, you need to keep in mind that you are creating directions for the robot. You will get a detailed manual inside the package with step by step instructions. The robot will not cross these lines, so you don’t have to worry about it misleading from the path. The product is connected with the charging base, which works as their power generator. If you are interested in the product, you can explore it online and read more about it to validate your purchase.

Husqvarna riding mower

Husqvarna is a premium brand that provides products of all sorts. Whether it is a cheap push lawn mower or riding mower, you will find it all here under one roof. One of the appealing products of this brand is the riding mower with a clear-cut cutting deck that gives perfect cuts even on imperfect terrain. You just have to sit on the mower and comfortably control all its functions. This product is perfect for acres of land where you can work without getting exhausted. You can search this brand’s products on our retail search engine or proceed reading further to our crisp tips to make your decision an informed one.

Tips on how to buy Lawn Mower

You can have acres of lawn or just a small portion of it; a lawn mower is a necessity. Although you can neglect a few high-end features when purchasing for a small area, you should not ignore the capability of a mower. All in all, there are these basic points that you need to keep in mind while you scroll through the products and filter them as per your preferences. We have compiled some of them here for your convenience.

  • Manoeuvrability – You can invest in push mowers or self-propelled ones. Out of both, push mowers are manual and affordable. On the other hand, self-propelled mowers run through electric motor or gas, thereby providing easy to use functions. You will not get exhausted by using these automatic machines.
  • Yard size – If you have a small lawn area, you can be better off with a manual machine, but the opposite is if you have a large yard size. You don’t want to get exhausted, pushing the mower for a long time. So, consider the size of your lawn area before confirming a purchase.
  • Collection box capacity – A bigger box means that you don’t have to stop in between your work to empty the box. If you don’t do this, it will be difficult for you to push the mower as the storage box add to the overall weight. In contrast, a smaller box is lightweight and easy to store. You can contemplate your needs before choosing one based on the pros and cons.
  • Aesthetics – It is not only about the looks of the product, but the lawn effect as well. For example, if you want to have a stripe-effect lawn, consider having a product with a rear roller. Similarly, the exterior of the product, its colour, shape, handles, everything matters while purchasing.
  • Maintenance – As soon as you buy a lawn mower, you should consider its maintenance as well. For that, it is good to have a washout port that accepts a hose connection and clean the machine from inside. Otherwise, you need to tip the machine and clean, which is a very time-consuming act.
  • Handles – You can either choose to have straight handles or the ones that are foldable or retractable or even collapsible. These options make storage easy and convenient. Another option that makes storage easy is upright storage. You may check out products that take less space to store if storage is an issue with you.

We hope the tips will help you find the best product. As long as you look at budget and features, do not avoid small details. These can make or break the product in long term usage. You can indeed shop from popular brands like Bosch, Snapper, and Stihl, but them being popular doesn’t mean you should not scrutinise them. Spend enough time to explore the products online, and do not forget to check out the lawn mower for sale online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

What is the best lawn mower?

The best lawn mower or any other garden supplies’ quality depends on their features. Mowers blades, engine power, cutting height adjustability, wheels, and many other features influence the purchase. You must consider them all before hitting the buy button. If you can list down the features you want, there can be no better practice than this. You will be able to grab the best lawn mower according to your needs. If you want the first cue towards shopping, check out Flymo’s brand and its products. The brand houses some of the best lawn mowers you can fall for.

When is the best time to buy a lawn mower?

April, may, august, September, and October is said to be the best months to buy a lawn mower. These months are included simply because you need the mower heavily during this time. If this is your first purchase, you cannot wait for these months to come. But if you are looking for a replacement, why don’t you buy when the mowing season ends? You will get massive discounts that time. You can also wait for festive discounts. If there is a specific brand or manufacturer you have been setting your eyes on, you should keep visiting the online store to get updates on the best deals. You can also check out more products on our shopping search engine.

How much for a lawn mower?

You can get a basic lawn mower at AED500, and the price increases with more features added to the product. It’s not just about features, but the making and quality standards maintained within a product add more price to the price tag. Usually, commercial products are more expensive even they are of the same size because they are built different. They will be heavily used in larger areas, and so their power source and raw materials are more durable than household items. That’s a usual description, and you can also buy a commercial product if you think that fits your purpose. Just to give you a good start, you can check out a Honda brand commercial product that can cost you around AED1500. Another brand Husqvarna’s product can be around AED1800 or more. You should focus on your needs and buy a suitable product.

Where to buy a lawn mower online in UAE?

There are many features, types, and technical aspects to look at when it comes to buying lawn mowers. It can be a bit annoying if you have to go from one brand shop to another to compare two products or read a full specifications list. You can do that on our shopping platform, With everything under one roof, you can shop with ease and be able to click the buy button within a stipulated time. The platform has an endless list of products from brands like Honda, Husqvarna, John Deere, and Ryobi, among others. Upon your visit to the shopping platform, you will find all these brands names or even more. Check out now!

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