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About Leaf Blowers

Fall leaves may create beautiful scenery but can be a real pain while you clean them. However, if you have a leaf blower, you can do it easily and quickly. Whether you are looking for a lightweight, low-maintenance blower for your garden or a powerful one for large jobs, here is the guide that will help you.

A leaf blower is one of the important garden tools used to move debris like grass cutting and leaves. They may be electrically powered or run by gasoline motors. You can find them in two-stroke or four-stroke engines, recently introduced, keeping air pollution concerns in mind. You can find them in many more variants depending on your requirements. If you have a larger area to clean, then you may go for a large unit that stands on wheels. You have a lot of options to choose from. However, picking the one as per your requirement is necessary. Some of the best brands to consider are Ryobi, Black Decker, Worx, Toro, Dewalt, Makita, Green Works, Bosch, Milwaukee, and Hitachi. On this page, we are going to explore much more that will help you pick the best leaf blowers online.

Types of leaf blowers

Leaf blowers come in a wide assortment of options based on their features, structure, running mechanism, brands, and many more factors. An electric leaf blower comes as a low-maintenance machine. As the name suggests, it doesn’t use engine oil or gas to run. On the other hand, if you have a gas blower, it will deliver a lot of mobility and runtime. But these are suitable for large areas. For example, a quarter-acre or more. You can choose as per the use and requirements. So, while shopping, you need to check the product specifications. How big is your yard, how much are you ready to spend, and how sensitive are you to noise are some of the questions to ask yourself. Let us explore some of the top varieties in detail.

Gas leaf blower

Gas blowers are the most powerful among the different varieties you find. They are suitable for dealing with large areas. However, they require the most maintenance and are also the loudest of all. You can find them in three variants: handheld, backpack and wheeled. The handheld one is the portable blower that you can take along anywhere. There is no need to yank a pull cord to start the engine. They are also quieter than other varieties. However, you should always wear hearing protection while operating them. The backpack blowers maybe 17 pounds or more in weight. In this case, your back and shoulder are going to support the weight rather than your arms. A wheeled blower is another type for large areas. However, they cannot vacuum or shred.

Electric leaf blower

As the name suggests, these are powered by electricity. You can find them in corded and cordless variants. If you buy an electric leaf blower, it will require lesser maintenance than its gas counterparts. However, they are limited by the length of the cord. You can use them for small yards. If you are a homeowner with a small garden or yard, then this is the best suit for you. If you have a larger area to clean and still want to go for an electric variant, then a cordless blower would serve the best. There would not be any effort you have to put to start and use them. Also, you don’t have to worry about having enough gas to finish a job or not. If you go for the best cordless leaf blower, that issue is gone too!

Cordless leaf blowers

As the name suggests, cordless blowers are the ones that can be carried along anywhere you go. It offers freedom from the cord, so you can work in small to large spaces with this. If you buy a battery-powered leaf blower, it will come with a battery, and the battery will vary as per the manufacturer or brand you invest in. However, the batteries may add some weight to it. You can find a wide range of cordless leaf blowers in the market, varying on the basis of their size, features, price, and brands. If you have a restricted budget, then you can compare prices right here. Go for the one that best suits your budget. You may also go for heavy-duty blowers if you have large areas to work on.

Tips on how to buy Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers can be found in a plethora of options; however, finding the one appropriate to your needs is imperative. There are many powerful and low-power models available in the market. Some are portable, whereas others require an electrical connection while cable. Some are suitable to work on small areas, whereas others help you clean large yards in minutes. So, your selection totally depends on your needs. Here are some tips that will help you find the best one.

  • Know their types – There are two main types of leaf blowers depending on how they are powered. One is gas-powered, and another is electric. The gas one is better to work on large yards as they are powerful. You get handheld, backpack, and wheeled options as per your requirements. If you have comparatively a smaller yard or garden and you do not want a dependency on gas, then electric ones are better. You can find portable and cabled options here.
  • Consider features – There are many additional features you may look for. For example, some models come with a second handgrip that helps you control it better. The nozzle designs have variations too. Some come with flat tips and others with round. The flat ones help you move the loose leaves on roads and ground, whereas the round ones work with embedded leaves. Speed control is another good thing that you should have in your blower. In all, before buying any blower, look at the feature list and match it with your requirements.
  • Consider good brands – There are many brands that offer leaf blowers, but only a few are performing well in the market. The best ones are Ryobi, Black Decker, Worx, Toro, Dewalt, Makita, Green Works, Bosch, Milwaukee, and Hitachi.
  • Know your requirements – You can find as many varieties as you want in the market. But you need to know what suits you the most. So, understand your requirements to find a good suit for you.

Apart from this, you can keep other considerations in your mind, too, like engine type. Two-cycle engines will provide a good balance of weight and power but on a mix of oil and gasoline. You need to mix them yourself. Four-cycle, on the other hand, run on gasoline only. However, they are heavier than two-cycle. Finding the one as per your requirements is one big task. If you keep the above factors in mind, you will surely make the right decision. So, go ahead and explore the options online now!

Question & Answer

What is the best leaf blower for a small garden?

The best leaf blower for small gardens is the handheld model. They run on battery, and you can carry them along. They are easier to handle and work well for small yards. Some blowers can also collect debris through a vacuum. You can also go for corded electric blowers as they require lesser maintenance. They are also easy to manoeuvre; however, you are limited to the length of the cable. There would not be any effort you have to put to start and use them. Also, you don’t have to worry about having enough gas to finish a job or not. Go for reliable brands like Ryobi, Black Decker, Worx, Toro, and Dewalt blowers.

How much does a leaf blower cost?

Quality blowers start from AED 100 and may go above AED 1000 depending on the brand and type you go for. Leaf blowers can be gas-powered, battery-powered, or electric. They have a different set of advantages and disadvantages. Gas-powered leaf blowers have the highest horsepower, and hence, homeowners spend the most on those. If you go for battery options, they will cost you comparatively lesser. They are handheld, and you can carry them around anywhere you want. However, they are suitable for small yards or gardens. Corded-electric blowers cost you even lesser, but you have to limit the length of the cable.

Are leaf blowers worth buying?

Yes, they are a useful lot while cleaning fall leaves and other debris on roads, garden, or yards. Leaf blowers come in a wide range of options depending on their features, structure, running mechanism, brands, and more factors. If you go for an electric variant, it will be a low-maintenance machine. As the name suggests, it doesn’t use engine oil or gas to run. The gas blower is another popular variety that delivers a lot of mobility and runtime. If you have a large space to work on, then gas models are better. But if you require a small unit to work in small yards and gardens, then electric models are better for sure.

Where can I buy a leaf blower online in the UAE?

Buying a leaf blower online is the best way as you get to compare deals and find affordable units. If you want to access a range of options in one place, then this is the right place for you. On, you can find quality leaf blowers offered by popular and reliable brands. Here, we have over 500 online stores so that you can have many options at your fingertips. If you feel overwhelmed, you can narrow down your choice based on your preferences and budget. Other than that, you can compare prices on our shopping search engine to find pocket-friendly deals. So, look no further and explore the best options now!