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About Coffee

Coffee is brewed drink that comes from roasted coffee beans. These are seeds of berries from certain coffee species. When coffee berries turn green to a brighter red colour, they are picked, processed, and dried. Professionals then roast these dry seeds at different levels. As a result, you get different flavours of coffee. People later brew these beans with boiling water and milk to produce a beverage we generally call coffee.

It is a dark colour, slightly acidic, bitter, and stimulating effect in humans. This effect mainly comes from the high caffeine content in coffee. It is one of the most popular drinks in the world. One can prepare and present it in various ways such as espresso, cold brew, decaf, or instant coffee. People usually love them hot, but you can also find it as iced coffee in demand. Drinkers also develop their taste variations by using sugar or its substitute, cream, or milk. They are generally helpful to kill the bitter taste. However, in any case, they come from ground coffee or in any form of raw beans.

Benefits of using coffee beans in daily life

A cup of coffee daily can do more than just give you all needed early morning kick. It has some incredible health benefits; most of us are not aware of. However, the health benefits of the beverage have always remained a controversial topic. Still, there is an incredible number of coffee lovers across the globe. We have advocates touting its anti-oxidation properties and the ability to boost the brain, and then we have detractors detailing downsides pointing out indigestion and insomnia. They also mention the negative impact of the drink as increased blood pressure and heart rate. But we still have many scientific claims supporting the benefits of drinking coffee every day.

A source of healthy antioxidants

Green coffee beans are a potent source of natural antioxidants. This amount is more than coca and green tea, which are two superstars of natural antioxidants. According to research, unprocessed coffee beans contain about 1,000 antioxidants. At the same time, hundreds more are developed during the roasting process. These antioxidants fight inflammation and underlying causes of chronic health conditions like atherosclerosis, many types of cancers and arthritis. They also work by neutralizing free radicals that are naturally part of our metabolism. They also help in protecting cell damage at the micro-level.

Short term memory boost

It contains a high amount of caffeine as compared to tea. This amount of caffeine helps in boosting temporary memory functioning. It also has a positive impact on the memory skills with improved memory skills and reaction times of a caffeinated individual. Moreover, it helps in improving the speed and quality of brain functions. It occurs when caffeine works on particular areas of the brain that is responsible for concentration and memory. However, the results vary from person to person.

Protection against cognitive decline

Besides providing a temporary boost in brain memory and activity, daily intake can also prevent cognitive decline linked with Alzheimer disease. In the same way, it helps reduction in other types of dementia. According to a study, drinking five cups daily at midlife can decrease the chances of Alzheimer and dementia to about 65%. However, we will never recommend such intake of any ingredient without consulting your experts. So, if you are a crazy lover or want to prepare yourself to deal with hereditary issues of dementia or Alzheimer, consult your doctor before taking that much coffee.

The liver loves it

Besides being an effective ingredient for your eyes, mind, and heart, the drink is also dear to your liver. Besides lowering the risk of liver cancer, daily consumption can also lower the chances of cirrhosis. Here more emphasis is on alcoholic cirrhosis. According to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, there is an inverse correlation between increased consumption a decreased risk of cirrhosis. About 20 per cent reduction for each cup of coffee a person drinks. It delivers such results by working with the blood level of liver enzymes.

Tips on how to buy Coffee online in the UAE 

A true coffee lover will always look forward to buying coffee grounds online in the UAE. This is because roasted beans give them the versatility to work on. They can grind, crush and mix coffee beans in the way they want to enjoy any taste they wish for. Luckily, there is an endless website that are offering freshly roasted coffee beans. Before you place an order, it is essential to evaluate the website and the product you chose to buy. Here are the pointers you need while looking for options online.

  • Find your type – There is a wide variety of flavours, colour, and smell out there. So, while buying, start by deciding which type do you want to drink the most. If you are not sure about any kind, try it from your nearby shop before placing an order. Always stock a product that soothes your taste buds.
  • Find your roast – Every supplier has its standards to roast beans. But you will always find them categorized as Light, medium, medium-dark and dark roasted beans. The lightly roasted beans are for a shorter time, and so does it move on. So, if you are buying in bulk, you should pick dark roasted beans as they will stay with you long.
  • Look into the origin – The beverage comes from many parts of the world, each with its distinct features and taste. So, before you opt for any special type, get information about the production region, farm and the mill that processes. The quality depends on the processors as it explains the quality of the type you will be drinking.
  • Look for the roast date – It is important as once it is roasted, it starts oxidizing sooner go stale. Usually, three you should drink it within three months after roasting. So if you are getting a bag, look for the roasting date generally printed on the bag. Or you can consult the customer service persons from sellers to get such details.
  • The quantities – The sellers provide their products in varying amounts. A 5pound pack is ideal if you are a frequent drinker. It will also be economical if you buy in bulk. However, they are not always the best way. As with time, the beans lose their taste, smell, and texture. So, if you are an occasional coffee drinker, look for smaller packages- let us say 1 pound will be enough.
  • Buying policies – You will surely not want to invest in a moist coffee bag, has or is about to lose its taste and smell. Therefore, while placing an order online, make sure that the supplier offers easy return and exchange policies. So, if you are not satisfied with the delivered product, you can opt for an exchange or return.

Go online when it comes to buying the best coffee for espresso or any other special type and flavour of this drink. With each product that you see on screens, coffee lovers will have comments to help pick the best taste available in the market. Even if you are not up to buying a particular product, you will know what is still out there to explore in the coffee world. Moreover, a website like will provide you with an opportunity to find the best brands for ground coffee online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

What are the best coffee brands in the UAE?

It is one of the most loved and commonly taken drinks around the globe. With increasing demands, there are more and more cultivators, producers and processors coming up every year. As a result of efforts, we can find a long list of makers in the world. However, not everyone is successful in delivering an optimum taste that lasts for long. So, if you want to enjoy the true taste of your drink, look for products from brands like Nespresso, Nescafe, Breville, Bialetti, Delonghi, or Lavazza.

Is coffee good for your health?

Yes, it brings several health benefits for the users. According to medical studies, daily consumption of the beverage (in a limited amount) can help increase the life of your liver and help your body process glucose or blood sugar better. It can also prevent heart failure and decreased the chances of Parkinson disease. Studies also suggest that it makes your DNA stronger in several ways and kills the odds of getting colon cancer. It is also effective in lowering Alzheimer’s disease at later ages and lowering the chances of stroke.

Why is coffee bad for your health?

Besides so many goods, as mentioned above, it does have some bad impact on our body. These side effects mostly come from the high level of caffeine content in the beverage. Excessive use of the drink daily can temporarily raise blood pressure. Also, women breastfeeding, expecting, or trying to conceive should look after their caffeine intake. Excessive intake of unfiltered, boiled coffee is also associated with an increase in blood cholesterol levels.

What is the healthiest coffee in the world?

Among all the known types and forms of the drink, the Pure Kopi Luwak is believed to be the healthiest type in the world. It has impressive results in terms of combating kidney stones, increasing iron absorption and defending against osteoporosis. With many other benefits, it also helps the drinker to stay stronger naturally with longer life. It enhances your cell’s mitochondria, giving you a lasting energy boost without the caffeine crash, no matter how many coffee cups you take per day.

Where can I buy coffee online in the UAE?

From pods to branded refreshers, a retail search engine is the best place to find and buy top quality options and all other types of food and beverages online. You can find all the top brands, including Baratza, Jura, Coffee Mate, and Folgers. Here you can use the price comparison tool to buy the best price for coffee-free coffee online in the UAE. You can use this tool to look for the cheapest items available at top branded stores online.

However, before you head to buy an edible item like coffee, make sure you know your health. It is always important to eat healthily. So consult your doctor before placing an order for a new type of coffee to experience. We wish you a healthy, tasteful life.