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About Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is also called coffee crystals, soluble coffee, and coffee powder. It is a beverage derives from brewed coffee beans. Due to special processing , it helps people to quickly make hot coffee just by adding water or milk to the powder and stirring.

Instant coffee is commercially prepared using two main methods: spry drying and freeze-drying process. After drying, these end products can be rehydrated. This coffee also comes in a concentrated liquid form. Most people enjoy sipping this coffee because it is easier to prepare, have lower shipping volume or weight and have a longer shelf life. Additionally, it can also reduce the clean-up as there are no coffee grounds. Many studies also suggest that it has lesser environmental footprints as compared to any other method of preparing coffee.

Goods and bad of using instant coffee

Everyone is living a life full of hustles to be on time, competitive and never loosen ends of work and family ties. With such a hectic life, the body often demands caffeine to keep working at its best. But most of the time, we even do not have the energy and motivation to get up and make a cup of Smokey coffee. But if you have a bottle on your shelf, boiling some water in the kettle is all that you need to do. Just get the cup, add boiling water and coffee, stir and sip. Instant coffee, in all forms, is already a popular beverage around the globe. However, just like any other food and beverage , it does have an impact on the human body.

Pro – Antioxidants

Each serving of coffee sachets contains sufficient antioxidants your body might need and take. Despite being highly raw and concentrated coffee, just like any other type of coffee, contains powerful antioxidants. Many studies also suggest that coffee can offer more antioxidants than any other kind of brewed drink known to men now. Researchers also suggest that a standard cup of instant coffee contains magnesium, vitamin B3, potassium with only seven calories. So, if you are sipping 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day, you are taking all the necessary elements the body needs for working.

Pro- Less caffeine

Higher consumption of caffeine is associated with serious health problems. In many cases, the users also experience issues like insomnia or lack of sleep, bad sleeping routine, anxiety, upset stomach, restlessness, and tremors. At times issues like uneven heartbeats are also reported. Therefore, for people who cannot quit coffee, this coffee can be an option to control caffeine intake. A standard teaspoon of instant coffee can serve only 30 to 90 milligrams of caffeine. At the same time, regular coffee gives about 70 to 140 milligrams of caffeine.

Con- Higher Acrylamide

Acrylamide is a chemical compound that is known for having a higher potential to damage your nervous system. It is also found to be responsible for increasing the risks of different types of cancers. However, this chemical comes forth if the coffee beans are roasted. As compared to standard coffee, instant coffee can deliver you a two-time higher volume of acrylamide. However, the amount of this chemical is still at a safer limit. By that, we can say that you can still enjoy your coffee without worrying about getting exposed to acrylamide. But if you are an excessive drinker, drinking coffee can be harmful to your health.

Con- Lesser caffeine

Although we have just had a word about the benefits of lesser caffeine in your coffee, it does have some setbacks. Most people around the globe drink tea and coffee as they are the purest and most natural sources of caffeine. As this coffee has lesser caffeine, it also serves minimal benefits that you can get from the chemical. It means you will enjoy the limited benefits that caffeine has to offer. As a caffeine lover, you should know that the right amount, can help enhance brain functions, burn more fats, improve metabolic activities, and reduce the risk of liver disease.

Tips on how to buy Instant Coffee online in the UAE  

Online shopping portals have made it easier to buy the best food and beverages online. So, it is not an exception to find the best coffee brands on platforms like From the most loved Nescafe instant coffee to rich flavoured Starbucks coffee packets, you can find anything that can soothe your taste buds. However, with so many options available online, it becomes a hectic task to pick the most suitable choice that can match your taste needs as well as budget without causing any harm to your wellbeing. Here we are going to share some tips on how you can get the job done like a pro coffer buyer.

  • Look for the type of beans – Here your options are Coffee Robusta and Coffee Arabica. On different brands, you can also find a mix of both. Arabica beans tend to be more bitter and acidic. The choice depends on your individual taste preferences.
  • The roasting process – The roasting process does have an impact on the taste and convenience to make the coffee. You can pick any option from light, medium and medium-dark roasts. They all have their textures and taste, so the choice is again based on your personal preferences.
  • The volume of caffeine – A regular serving will offer you about 27 to 173 mg of caffeine. But if you are looking for something lesser, go for options like Nescafe decaf or any other type of decaf. Here you need to read the product description section carefully to choose your poison.
  • The convenience of making – Remember you are buying coffee because it is easier to make. So, either look for packs of small coffee sachets and use one at a time. Otherwise, you will need an airtight jar to keep the coffee away from air and moisture.

If you are new to the idea of coffee or are planning to lower your caffeine intake, look for suggestions before you buy coffee packets. For help, you can either ask coffee lovers in your circle or explore different brands online. After some research, shortlist some of the best-selling options with higher customer reviews and study them individually. Once you find a reliable option in terms of taste, ease of use and higher customer satisfaction, you can buy one that can match your budget needs.

Question & Answer

What is the best instant coffee to buy?

The Waka coffee is the best overall coffee whereas if you need instant iced coffee, you can pick Starbucks VIA Instant Sweetened Iced Coffee. Also, Mount Hagen Organic Fairtrade Coffee is the best organic while Nescafe Taster’s Choice Decaf is the best instant decaf option coffee lovers love to drink. Other bestselling options are Folgers Classic Roast, Alpine Start Coconut Creamer Latte, VIA Instant Italian Roast, and Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix. For more options, explore to find a fine quality, yet best coffee brand.

How does instant coffee work?

After brewing, you can remove water from the extract to make powder or dry fragments. Both of these will dissolve when you add water. You can either make coffee with a spray drying method where the coffee extracts are sprayed in hot air. This method quickly dries the droplets, turning them into fine powder form. Whereas in freeze-drying, the coffee extract is frozen and cut into small fragments that are later dried at a lower temperature under special vacuum conditions.

Why is instant coffee bad?

A major reason why this coffee is considered bad for the human body is due to the higher level of acrylamide. As compared to regular coffee, instant coffee contains about two times more acrylamide. It is a chemical that is formed when coffee beans are roasted. These roasted beans can increase the risk of disease, including cancer and can cause severe damage to the nervous system. At the same time, the taste of this coffee can also have a bad impact on the taste buds of users.

Where can I buy instant coffee online in the UAE?

If you are looking to buy reliable food and beverages online, is a one-stop solution for all your nutritional and taste needs. Here you can find coffee products from top brands like Nescafe, Maxwell House, Douwe Egberts, Jacobs, Trung Nguyen, and Lavazza. To find the best possible options, you can use the price comparison tool and find cheaper products from top global brands.

Meanwhile, you can also find and compare products from top brands like Sanka, Tchibo , Illy, and Percol on a comprehensive retail search engin e online.

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