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There’s nothing quite satisfying as a hot cup of coffee, isn’t it? – Or is there? If you’re one among the crowd who’s trying to cut down on your caffeine intake, but cannot sacrifice the energy boost, it can certainly be hard to put that cup down. Fret not, because you might not have to cut out coffee completely. You might want to consider some coffee substitutes or coffee refreshers that will still wake you up and give you the desired energy boost. 

As more and more of us are trying to cut down on our caffeine intake, the prospect of ditching your roasted coffee beans for an ideal coffee substitute has become increasingly appealing. So what exactly is a coffee substitute? Does it not have caffeine in it? Well, coffee refreshers or substitutes attempt to replicate the flavour of coffee using herbs, plants, fruits, etc. You brew them in a similar way as the normal coffee but with more body. In short, the goal of the coffee substitute is to mimic the taste of coffee and also offer the fullness, flavour, and viscous texture of the freshly brewed coffee. The only thing you miss in it would be the actual caffeine. That said, let’s take a look at the few options that you can consider buying instead of your caffeinated coffee. 

Some healthy alternatives to coffee to wake you right up 

A world without coffee doesn’t seem like a world you’d want to live in? Don’t despair! You’ll find plenty of natural coffee refreshers that not only taste like the real thing but also pack an amazing range of health punches too. From mushroom elixirs to matcha tea and clean organic drinks, these coffee refreshers offer a natural boost. Plus, they also serve as powerful superfoods that provide the energy your body needs. Below we’ve laid out a few best natural coffee substitutes that you can consider buying if you’re on the path to cutting down on your caffeinated drinks. 

The chicory coffee

Like the usual coffee beans, you can roast, grind, and brew the chicory root to make a delicious hot beverage. It tastes very similar to your usual coffee but is caffeine-free. Additionally, it’s a rich source of inulin, a soluble fibre. This fibre aids in digestion and support a healthy gut by promoting the growth of useful bacteria. Also, this coffee refresher can stimulate your gallbladder to produce more bile that proves to be beneficial for fat digestion. You can readily buy chicory coffee substitutes online in UAE. Typically, you’ll find them in pre-ground and roasted form. Therefore, it’s easy to prepare them. 

The Golden milk, a caffeine-free healthy caffeine alternative

Golden milk is a rich coffee substitute. This warm drink incorporates invigorating spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, and black pepper. Other common additions include vanilla, honey, and cardamom. Besides offering you a beverage that’s beautiful golden in colour, the turmeric in the drink induces anti-inflammatory properties in your body. Better yet, the black pepper increases your body’s ability to absorb curcumin, as does the fat. Therefore, it’s best to opt for whole milk instead of fat-free milk for this drink. Indeed, this is the best organic coffee substitute. 

The Chai tea, a coffee substitute with caffeine

Blended with strong spices and herbs, chai tea is a type of black tea. Though it has less caffeine when compared to actual coffee, researchers suggest that this coffee refresher might improve mental alertness. Note, both black and green tea come from the Camellia Sinensis, plant. However, black tea undergoes a fermentation process that changes its chemical composition. But, both green and black tea have powerful antioxidant properties. Even though some more studies are needed, some observational researchers state that drinking black tea lowers the risk of heart disease. 

The dandelion coffee

Dandelion coffee is on the rise and has been often compared to matcha tea. So what’s the deal with this magical-sounding flower coffee? Dandelion coffee refresher is a caffeine-free, best instant coffee substitute. It is actually a tea that comes from roasted dandelion root, that tastes and looks like actual coffee. The blends of this beverage usually include roasted barley, rye, chicory root, and sugar beet. With so many ingredients in it, it tastes like the actual coffee but has a less acidic and bitter flavour to it. It’s in fact a little sweet because of the glucose in the chicory root.

Tips on how to buy Coffee Refreshers online

Coffee refreshers are great alternatives to your usual caffeine drinks. But deciding on which one to buy can be challenging for many. With numerous brands and equally as many variable flavours to make sense of as well. As such, getting a little help on where to start and which ones to buy comes in handy when you plan to buy them online. Here are a few smart tips on how to pick your ideal coffee substitutes online.

  • Know your preference – There are several kinds of coffee refreshers out there on the market today. Knowing what you like will go a long way in helping you pick the one that you like. Hence, make sure that you sort out your needs and your preferences before you start your search online, as this helps in easy picking of the product.
  • Carry out a little research – Understanding your coffee refreshers always helps. Know the different types of options. Check out their health benefits. Look out for the flavours that have the potential to cause you any harm. And finally, make sure to read the description, specification, and characteristics of your coffee alternative before you buy them.
  • Explore your options – Each type of coffee refresher has something unique in it. Some have a more sweet taste while others give you viscous texture. Therefore, it’s best to explore your different options before you make a pick online. The more you know your options, the easier it is for you to segregate the best ones from the rest.
  • Determine how much caffeine you want in your drink – Remember, not all coffee refreshers are caffeine-free. Some have more, while others tend to have medium to no caffeine. See which one suits you the best. Therefore, makes sure to check out the amount of caffeine in your alternative before you buy them.
  • Look out for versatility – One of the great things about coffee is its versatility. Remember, the substitute you choose should also have this quality in them. You should be able to enjoy them both in hot and cold ways. For maximum versatility, pick a coffee refresher that doesn’t have additional flavours added to it.
  • Go for an easy to make option – When you’re trying to cut down on caffeine the last thing you want is to get frustrated on a beverage that’s difficult to prepare. For this reason, it’s best to choose a coffee substitute that you can easily make. Luckily, this isn’t too hard to find. Most substitutes either come in granular, instant coffee or bagged form.
  • Evaluate the quality – Do not ever overlook the quality factor in any type of food & beverages. The quality of the product you buy should be a prime consideration. Make sure you pick a premium quality coffee refresher online. Only the highest quality coffee substitute ensures the optimum flavour and good health benefits.
  • Go for branded options – One of the best ways to make sure that you have the highest quality coffee substitute is to get them from well-known brands. Luckily, today many world-renowned coffee brands offer you several coffee refreshers that you can savour instead of your regular coffee. Some of the brands from where you can buy your coffee substitute include names like Dandy Blend, Pero, Cafix, Starbucks, Vogel, and Nestle.
  • Set aside a budget – Typically, the coffee refreshers do not cost you much and tend to be affordable. However, you can find both expensive and very cheap coffee substitutes out there on the market. That’s why it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before you start your search online. This helps you sort out the ones that suit your deal the best.
  • Read reviews online – Several serious and health-conscious buyers take time to pen down their experience with the different coffee refreshers. You can take a look at those reviews online to get a fair idea about the performance of the coffee refresher. Go for the alternatives that have more positive feedbacks than the negative ones.

Selecting the best coffee substitute is a serious business. It requires attention to detail and a good knowledge of what your preferences are. Most manufacturers include labels that do not necessarily depict the quality of the beverage you buy. Therefore, try and keep the above tips in mind. They’ll help you evaluate the pros and cons of a product before you make the final call. Finally, it will help you make an informed decision.

Question & Answer

What is the best tasting coffee substitute?

Some people have extreme willpower to opt-out of the caffeine routine by choosing to drink grain, mushroom, and herb-based alternatives. However, the majority of you are like us who hesitate to take that step from a fear of having something that doesn’t taste similar to the regular cup of coffee. Luckily, coffee refreshers or substitutes today offer you far more superior tasting options than your regular coffees. Alternative like Dandy Tea, mushroom elixir, chicory root tea, tea from barley and rye, all actually taste like the real thing. 

What is pero coffee substitute?

There are many coffee refreshers out there. However, if you wish to get yourself a hundred per cent caffeine-free beverage then go ahead and get yourself the pero coffee. Do not be fooled by its 100% caffeine-free tag, as the thing really tastes like your regular coffee. The coffee alternative comprises all-natural ingredients like chicory, rye, and malted barley. In short, the product not only tastes like your regular caffeine but is natural and has several health benefits too.

How to use chicory as a coffee substitute?

Chicory root coffee is an excellent alternative to reduce your caffeine intake. Unlike regular coffee, coffee made from chicory root is naturally caffeine-free. You can add chicory root powder to hot water for a completely caffeine-free drink. Whereas, you can also mix it in small amounts with your regular coffee if you’re just starting out to take a caffeine-free regime. Although it has many benefits, it isn’t for everyone. People with allergic reactions should refrain from it.

Where to buy coffee substitutes online in UAE?

Today many online platforms and stores offer you different types of coffee refreshers. You could also check out the options on Our product search engine brings you the biggest collection of coffee substitutes. Here you can compare the prices of different options, and purchase them from your favourite online stores. Better yet, all this is available to you under one single roof. This means you get to have a quick, hassle-free, and smart shopping experience in

Coffee refreshers make it easier to cut down on caffeine intake. Moreover, some substitutes even offer you many health benefits through natural vitamins and minerals present in them. Even if you choose to stick to your morning cup of coffee, having flavourful alternatives handy help you reduce your overall caffeine intake. So take a healthy step today, get your coffee substitute and all other food & beverages, right here on!