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About Coffee Beans

Today more than 80% of people drink coffee every single day, which makes it one of the most consumed drinks worldwide- of course after water. However, we all like to have our coffee differently. Everyone has their preferred taste and flavour palettes. These people love to have their coffee in any way: cold coffee; deface or different types of coffee beans.  

No matter if you buy coffee at a local shop, instead of self-brewing in your kitchen, you will need to know what coffee to order. Even if we speak particularly about coffee beans, there are so many types and options to pick from. It is essential to know each of these types, the flavour differs with each type a bit more to enjoy the fullest of them. But for a coffee lover, it is never just another cup of coffee. Just like the fact that every individual is unique, every type of coffee bean offers a unique brew- even if they come from the same beans. From cultivation till final brewing, the creation of coffee is an intricate art. And humans are still trying to perfect it.  

Types of coffee beans  

For an avid coffee sipper, it is obvious to think of how many types of coffee are there. Likewise, it is a mystery to know how each of these types is different and can make coffee time more fun and relaxing. As here today, we are explicitly talking about coffee beans; we will share some thoughts on the most common types of unroasted and roasted coffee beans you can enjoy. To saviour any moment, there are four main types of coffee beans. And all these types of coffee beans have their taste and fragrance in different conditions. The characteristics also vary based on the origin, the processing and how to make them. Let us review them in detail.  

Coffea arabica 

It is also known as the Arabica coffee beans. By far, they are the most popular type of beans and makeup about 60% of the total coffee consumed globally. A downside of these beans is that they are harder to grow- hence are much more expensive.  These coffee beans are known for their smooth yet complex flavour and distinct bitterness. Depending on the area they are grown, they can offer varying tasting notes. For coffee lovers who like their coffee thicker, richer, and bitter, arabica coffee beans are the best choice.  

Coffea Caniphora 

It is commonly known as robusta coffee beans. They are the second most loved type of coffee beans that originate in sub-Saharan Africa. It is famous in Vietnam and is often mixed in coffee blends. They are much cheaper as compared to arabica coffee and thus a popular choice among budget-conscious people. These beans are larger and more rounded than almost all other types of beans. Many users claim that these beans taste harsher and are more bitter. They also have a strong smell and a somewhat burnt and flat taste. These beans also contain a significant amount of caffeine. 

Coffea Laiberica 

They are also known as Laiberica beans.  It is native to western and central Africa. They come from a piquant plant and have a distinctive floral aroma and bold smoky taste profile. It is a hard spice and thus usually mixed with other verities to add complexity and body. However, it rarely receives any credit for its unique taste. These beans are somewhat irregular in shape and are closer to Robusta beans in size. These beans are also tolerant to humid and hot climates and also work fine in low altitudes—however, very few like the woody and nutty flavour of these beans. 

Coffea Excelsa  

It is also known as excelsa coffee beans or coffea liberica var. dewevrei. It again falls into four categories. Technically it is a member of the Liberica bean family. However, it still stands distinct from other types of beans. They majorly come from Southeast Asia and makes a merely small fraction of the world’s coffee consumption. These beans have a tart and somewhat fruity flavour. It is also known for showing its attributes of both dark and light roast coffee. Therefore, they make their unique profile that is often requested by coffee lovers.  

Tips on how to buy Coffee Beans online in the UAE 

When it comes to buying the best coffee beans online, there is an endless website that are offering freshly roasted beans. The same sites will provide you with fair-trade beans, organic coffee beans, chocolate covered beans, espresso beans, decaf coffee beans and whatnot. Before you place an order, it is essential to evaluate the website as well as the product you chose to buy. Here are some helpful pointers while looking for while buying coffee beans online in the UAE.

  • Find your type of beans – As mentioned previously, all beans fall in four categories. So, while buying, start by deciding which type, smell, and flavour of coffee, you would like to drink the most. If you are not sure about any kind, try it from your nearby coffee shop before placing an order. Always stock a product that soothes your taste buds; otherwise, it is just a waste of money.
  • Find your roast – Every supplier has its standards to roast beans. But you will always find them categorized as Light; medium; medium-dark and dark roasted beans. The lightly roasted beans are for a shorter time, and so does it move on. So, if you are buying in bulk, you should pick dark roasted beans as they will stay with you for a long.
  • The price of beans – One of the reasons you should buy online is that you get to know competitive prices from different brands. Most stores offer similar packaging with the same types of coffee brands. You may want to choose the cheapest option. To find a more affordable price for whole bean coffee, use the price comparison tool as available on
  • The quantities – The seller, provide their products in varying amounts. A 5pound pack is ideal if you are a frequent drinker. It will also be economical if you buy in bulk. However, they are not always the best way. As with time, the beans lose their taste, smell, and texture. So, if you are an occasional coffee drinker look for smaller packages- let us say 1 pound will be enough.
  • Buying policies – You will surely not want to invest in a moist coffee bag, that has or is about to lose its taste and smell. Therefore, while placing an order online, make sure that the supplier is offering easy return and exchange policies. So, if you are not satisfied with the delivered product, you can opt for an exchange or return.

When it comes to buying the best coffee beans for espresso or any other special type and flavour of coffee, go online. With each product that you see on screens, there will be comments from coffee lovers to help to pick the best taste available in the market. Even if you are not up to buying a particular product, you will have an idea of what is still out there to explore in the coffee world. Moreover, websites like will provide you with an opportunity to find the best bulk coffee beans price online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

What are the best coffee beans to buy? 

If you love to have a dark roast, you should pick Volcanica Coffee. But for a medium and light roast, bestselling items are Koa coffee and Joe coffee, respectively. Some cold brewers like to have PT‘s coffee, whereas Cuvee Coffee is the best option for the French press. Other bestselling coffee beans include Kicking horse coffee kick ass; Seattle’s best coffee portside blend; and the Intelligentsia house blend.  

Can coffee beans kill you? 

Yes, these beans can be dangerous for your life. But it is not the beans but the caffeine level in different types of coffee, the amount of coffee you consume per day and the way it is taken (mixed with other ingredients or if it is just the coffee). Let us say if you are taking 80 to 100 cups in a hurry, you might cause some danger to your life. However, it is a sporadic case to take that amount of coffee, which is why we cannot mark it entirely a life-threatening beverage.  

What are the best coffee beans to eat? 

As these beans are just seeds of the coffee fruit, they can also be eaten raw. There are different types of coffee beans that you can chew just like another roasted or dried seed you eat at snack time. These include green beans or chocolate-covered coffee beans. With the popularity ion using coffee beans as a snack, you can easily find chocolate covered beans, and roasted beans in the snack section of stores online.  

Where can I buy coffee beans online in the UAE? 

You can go to any online retail search engine to find the bestselling food and beverages brands online. There are dozens of brands and manufacturer‘s using their unique methods to deliver you refreshing and unique taste, texture, and smell of these enchanting beans. To find the best options, explore This is where you will find top brands like Starbucks, Lavazza, Illy, Costa, Delonghi and Dunkin Donuts selling coffee online in UAE. 

In the meantime, you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the products from the above–mentioned brand with that of Nescafe, Nespresso, Tim Hortons, or Café Direct and buy the best economical product online.