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About Car Audio / Video

Car audio / video is all about pumping up your entertainment system to make your car rides soothing. When you are annoyed with traffic jams, you can just tune in to your favourite song or even a video to feel relaxed. If we talk about road trips or long drives with family friends or even a solo one, this system is a must-have. So, elevate your car electronics and do thorough research before hitting the buy button. 

In-car entertainment is one of the things you should never compromise on. Nothing beats the feeling of singing to the tune of your favourite tracks while driving. And if you have mischievous kids, then playing some nice videos on the headrest monitor is the best way to keep them occupied. This is where a car CD player, auto multimedia, car speakers, car radios, and other electronics come into the picture. Whatever you are searching for, we’ll help you find the one that ticks all the right boxes.  

Elements of car audio system packages 

A car entertainment package includes the stereo, car audio speakers, subwoofer, amplifier, and car audio equaliser. You can purchase these altogether or by unit depending on your requirements. Whatever the case may be, you need to be knowledgeable about anything that you want to add to your shopping cart. This way, you will be happy and satisfied with your purchase. We want you to have an amazing online buying journey. So, keep reading to gain some critical insights regarding the best car audio system.  

Car stereo and speakers 

Car stereo, which is also called head unit, could be the first addition to your car’s audio system. It comes in two sizes that are single DIN and double DIN. The latter has premium features and is bigger as compared to the other. When it comes to features, there are CD player, Bluetooth, radio, DVD player, touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, and many more. Talking about speakers, they are the next upgrade that you can think of if the sound of the head unit seems inappropriate for your purpose. If your interest in music is towards the tunes and not lyrics, you might be more inclined towards buying quality car audio online.  

Car music system 

The sole purpose of mounting speakers in your vehicle is to enhance sound clarity. And for that, a full-fledged car audio / video that comprises speakers, twitters, subwoofers, and amplifiers is required. Here, speakers can be of two types: coaxial and component. Coaxial speakers are a whole package with twitters and a mid-range woofer installed inside the speaker. Twitter is useful in loud music while the woofer/subwoofer is useful in low to mid-range notes. On the other hand, component speakers have enough space for you to add a few more accessories. Now that you have an idea about buying a car audio system in Dubai, let’s move on to the installation part. 

Car audio installation 

If you are confident in your technical know-how, then you can embark on a DIY installation project. Do you need a dash kit? Then wiring harnesses, antenna, adapters, removal tools, and trim rings are the required accessories. On the other hand, if you want to install speakers, you need sound damping, boxes, bass blockers, adapter brackets, baffles, and grills. Get started by purchasing all these accessories and refer to the manual that comes in handy with the product. If you want to be sure that the job is done nicely, you can always ask professionals for help.  

Tips on how to buy Car Audio / Video online

Your dream car deserves everything top-notch from the aesthetics to the technicalities. And car audio/video is the major element that can add an oomph to the melody of your car. We know you are excited to purchase a brand-new system for your car. But before that, take time to read our practical tips below. They will guide you in making a smart purchase.

  • Display – Single DIN or Double DIN are the two choices you have when it comes to choosing the display. For minimalistic buyers, single-DIN might be a perfect choice, but this has fewer features as compared to double DIN, which has touchscreens, DVD, and navigation, among others. Hence, single-DIN is a cheaper option. However, both displays have the same audio processor. Thus, the sound quality is not compromised.
  • Sound – You need to be able to fine-tune the sound of your car to adjust it according to your taste. For that, you need to check out sound controls, or you might be interested in the enhanced versions to tweak the sound. For instance, you can have digital time correction, amplifiers, crossovers, line drivers, and parametric equalisation.
  • Compatibility – This feature mellows down your car’s own features to make it expandable to various other devices like your smartphone. If your car’s head unit can easily connect to your smartphone, you can enjoy more music, more applications, and that doubles the fun. There are other jacks available as well wherein you can connect your charger, Pendrive, and USB cables for other purposes. Therefore, do check out the inputs available before buying.
  • Security – If not the car itself, thieves target the expensive items inside it like your head unit. To secure that, you can have detachable faceplates, which you can take along if you are parking at some suspicious place. Implementing codes and an electronic tracking system is another layer of security you can add.
  • Cosmetics – This is all about aesthetics like high-tech displays, smooth touch navigation, cutting-edge layouts, animated display, and many more. We are talking about enhancing the sound experience, but you can also consider elevating the beauty of your car through these cool cosmetics.
  • Budget – Managing a budget in a feature-loaded product is a daunting task. Keep in mind that there’s no way you are going to compromise on the quality. What you can do is cut your costs by eliminating some unnecessary features. For instance, a single DIN and double DIN have the same audio processors, thereby they deliver the same sound. However, the former has fewer features.

Hope these tips would help you filter the right product out of the several ones in the market. Starting your search with a good platform is very important, and for that has got you covered. It is a superfast shopping search engine where you can find the best shops, brands, products, and deals in town. Talking of deals, you can explore our discounted section as we have got a whole lot of car stereos for sale. So, hurry and browse what we have in store for you today!

Question & Answer

How do I remove car audio/video?

The tools you require to remove car audio/video are the trim removal and socket set. First, you need to tuck the trimming tool between the heater control and the dash. Second, pop the control panel, remove the bolts, and disconnect all the wires, including connectors and antenna. While doing this, make sure that you do not wreck the wires accidentally. If you are not confident about doing it yourself, then seek help from an expert.

How to check if the car stereo is single DIN or double DIN?

You can tell just by looking at the head unit because the size difference is visible enough. Single DIN measures about 7×2 inches while double DIN is 7×4 inches. Every manufacturer chooses to adhere to these sizes, so the customer does not face any conflict during replacement. It is possible for the double DIN vacuum to mount a single DIN head unit, so there will be free space in the unit area.

What is a good wattage for a car stereo?

The amplifier is responsible for drawing power into your whole head unit, thereby delivering your preferred sound quality. So, the watt measurement depends on the amplifier you buy, and 1 watt is enough to power for the buyers wanting many adjustments. Otherwise, lower wattage also works if you do not intend to tweak the volume much. But then, there are loudspeakers of 50-watt as well – everything depends on your preference.

Which stereo system is the best for the car?

For the best sound performance, you can go for Kenwood, which is one of the best brands. Or, you can also pick Pioneer’s DEH-150MP stereo system. Likewise, you can consider other brands such as Sony, JBL, JVC, and Pyle. All these are top-notch in delivering your requirements the right way. To grab the best product, determine your requirements and see which brand will meet them.

Now that you know everything about buying the best car audio system, you can go ahead and browse Here, you can seamlessly filter products and compare the prices of various brands and shops. If that’s not enough, we have a wide range of audio & hi-fi products that you should definitely explore.