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From cassettes to MP3 players, the audio system of your car has seen many advancements throughout the years. And that’s the reason why today, you can indulge in superb entertainment each time you hit the road. You can have the best sound system that never fails to surprise you. So, if you are hunting for a quality purchase, you must gear up with a proper plan for it. If you ask us, we are able to provide you with some simple steps to kickstart your shopping drive. Research, explore, compare, and shop – buy anything by following these steps and you will definitely get it right the first time.

We know you’ll agree that only clean and crisp sound can delight our ears. Thus, it is imperative to choose a car speaker that offers a superb listening experience. However, before doing this, you need first to ask yourself some questions. How many types of car speakers are there to consider? Will the speaker of your choice be compatible with your car? Would you require any professional intervention in the installation process? If yes, then what hurdles do you anticipate facing? We understand your concerns surrounding the purchase. Thus, we will help you find the best car audio speakers that suit your needs and budget.   

Three surprising facts about a car speaker system    

You may have already heard that bigger speakers deliver better sound quality. Well, that’s a myth. The truth is, two 6.5-inch speakers in a compact car are enough to deliver optimal sound. Secondly, the installation of speakers will greatly impact the sound quality. Improper installation, such as an incorrectly cut hole on the speakers can leave you with a dull, disturbing, and rattling sound. And here’s the third fact: there could be lots of difference in the sound quality when you listen to the audio in a showroom and on the road. The reason for this is the external noise that the speakers have to nullify. And for this, you can install a sound-deadening material in the different spots of the car.  

Components of a car entertainment system 

Coaxial and component are two types of speakers available in the market. The first type is common and affordable. A single unit of a coaxial speaker consists of a woofer and a tweeter. You can install it as a car door speaker or at the rear deck. Meanwhile, a component speaker consists of multiple units of tweeters and woofers installed at different locations in the car. You can also add extra elements, such as a subwoofer if you enjoy the thumping bass. When deciding between the two, the fancy look of component speakers might lure you. But what if coaxial ones meet your requirements? Well, you can explore the offerings of car stereo stores here on  

Quality installation of your car audio speakers 

After buying the speaker, next is the installation. Sometimes, the store offers the installation service and add a few bucks to the receipt. Coaxial speakers consist of only one unit with built-in drivers, making the installation extremely simple. And that means you can do it yourself if you have the know-how. What’s more, coaxial occupies a smaller area than its component counterpart. However, it is imperative to ensure the tweeter faces upward when installing the speaker. This way, the sound reaches you without any hindrance. Meanwhile, if you wish to have multiple units of component speakers installed, then invest in professional assistance.  

The very need for car door speakers 

Many car owners today prioritise investing in a set of aftermarket door speakers. And the main reason for that is better sound quality. Other than that, door speakers are not expensive compared to other high-end speakers. Thereby, they can give you a cheaper upgrade. The good news is, you can check out various options of cheap car speakers at amazing prices here on However, we advise you to consider the product’s protective surroundings when making the final choice to ensure its durability. A typical speaker on your door can conveniently handle the high-power output. Or if you still want to improve the sound quality, buying an amplifier could be an option. You can also bring the bottom octave by adding a subwoofer to the system. Overall, the extra inputs that you add completely depend on your sound preferences. 

Tips on how to buy Car speakers online

A sound you find pleasant might not be as delightful for the person sitting next to you. But with different music tastes come different needs; therefore, a variety of car audio/video products are available to choose from. We understand how perplexing the shopping journey can be. Thus, we will help you narrow down your choice with ease through the following tips and tricks.

  • Types of speakers  You can consider full-range speakers if you are seeking to replace your old factory speakers or you’re not a fan of loud music. However, go for component speakers if you want a sound upgrade.
  • Speaker compatibility – Check the specifications list before buying the product as it might not be compatible with your old car. New cars, however, have all the in-built compatibilities. If not, there is a space for extended support. However, it’s not the same with old cars.
  • Speaker sensitivity – If the stereo in your car is low–powered, which is below 15 watts RMS, then the best match would be high sensitivity range speakers. On the contrary, low sensitivity range speakers pairing would be excellent with a high-powered stereo.
  • Power handling – Usually, car speakers are capable of handling power that ranges between 2-80 watts RMS. 2-50 watts RMS is for low–powered stereo while 10-80 watts RMS is for high– powered stereo.
  • Build materials Rubber is the best material for speaker surround as it is more efficient than cloth or foam. When it comes to the tweeter, polyurethane or textile produces a warm sound. Meanwhile, ceramics or metal produces higher tones, such as the pop sound.

Now, you already know how to choose the best one for your needs and budget! As a bonus, look for the best built-in features then go for additional elements such as an amplifier or subwoofer. Apart from those, you can consider other products, including foam baffles, bass blockers, and dynamat. Foam baffles are used to protect speakers from dust. Bass blockers improve the efficiency of smaller speakers and dynamat is all about sound clarity. You can find all of these here on our product search engine.

Question & Answer

Are car speakers expensive?

Yes and no. If you intend to buy multiple units with tweeters, woofers, mid-range drivers along with subwoofers, the unit is indeed expensive. And you can expect to pay higher by adding more features for upgrades. However, purchasing a speaker of a single unit including a woofer and a tweeter is not so expensive. Therefore, your choice plays a great role in the price of the product.

Can car speakers be used on home theatre?

Yes, car speakers can be used as home theatres, but the quality of sound may vary. One reason for it is that you have lots of space for sound to travel in your room as compared to your car. And the technology of car speakers involves 4ohms impedance, which is very low. However, this shortcoming can be overlooked if you use receivers. Also, installing car speakers at the ceiling of your room can improve the overall sound experience.

Where can you buy car speakers online?

Buying car speakers or any electronics implies hopping from one store to another. Well, this is something that you’ll never experience here on That’s because we’re a one-stop platform for all your needs. Be it comparing prices, hunting for the best, or searching for the best brands, we’ve got you covered from A to Z. What’s more, you will fall in love with our clean and easy-to-use interface. So. browse through the options we offer today!

Will car speakers work on the home stereo?

Using car speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, or crossovers with your home stereo is a good way to go. However, this can degrade the sound quality a little. To make it work, you need to check the impedance, find the right amplifier, build a speaker enclosure, and you are all set for a surround sound. We would highly recommend professional assistance here, as there could be technical differences which leads to both the electronics being incompatible with each other.

Car speakers come in different sizes, shapes, and types. And the key to getting the best one is determining the kind of sound quality you require. Now that you are armed with knowledge in making the right choice, you can start your search. offers more than 500 online shops and top-notch brands, such as Bose, JBL, Pioneer, Infinity, Kenwood, Harman Kardon, and more. So, shopping is always an exciting adventure!