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About Auto Multimedia

Auto multimedia is the soul of your in-car entertainment. It boasts stunning aesthetics and advanced features that make every driving experience more pleasurable. Today, there are countless options and variations available in the market. You have to choose one and keep up with it as this is a significant investment, and replacing it often will cost you loads of bucks. So, research your best and scroll through the products scrutinising your way to the best.

Auto multimedia comes mounted on the dashboard by default when you purchase an automobile. So, if you are searching for a new unit, you either want an upgrade or a brand-new car. Whatever your requirements are, start with understanding the terminologies associated with the product. For instance, the multimedia unit can be mentioned as “2DIN Car Radio 7″ AutoRadio multimedia player”. The name itself tells the size, type, and major features of the unit. Therefore, shopping for a media player for car use implies you need first to have knowledge about it. And for that, we are breaking down the fine points on this page.

Components of a car media player

The media components you can ask for in your head unit can be basic, premium, or super-luxurious ones. You can choose as per your preferences, budget, and the model of your car. Some basic features include Bluetooth, Aux inputs, card play, charging function, radio, and remote. If you like things to be minimalistic, you can opt for these or add a few premium additions. However, if you fancy premium additions, you can go for big touch screen car stereos, more sound-enhancing controls, built-in applications, and colour display. When it comes to luxuries, a mirror link-capable unit and a rear-view screen for backseat passengers are amongst your best picks. The good news is, auto multimedia for sale in Dubai are available at amazing prices all year round.

1 DIN car media player

DIN is the standard term used by car manufacturers to measure the height and width of the auto multimedia unit. 1 DIN unit is 2-inch tall, and all the manufacturers in the market strictly adhere to this measurement standard to ease out replacements in the future. A classic design consists of music playback, radio tuner, and charging functions. Amongst other highlights include USB and AUX inputs, time display, and other music controls, which may or may not be present in the design. In terms of cost, 1 DIN unit is pocket-friendly as compared to its counterpart. So, if you have budget constraints, you can check out some cheap car DVD players. Or why not read further about other sizes available in the market and compare them to grab the best?

2 DIN touch screen car stereos

The difference between 1 DIN and 2 DIN is the availability of a touch screen in the latter unit. This is why double DIN is 4-inch tall as per the market standards, although 6-inch variations are also available.  Well, the screen surely levels up the game of entertainment inside your car, and it doesn’t serve the purpose of entertainment only. You can also upgrade security and navigation on the road by downloading the maps or mounting the rear-view camera. With in-car phone calls, smartphone synchronisation, more power output, tactile controls, and other features, a double DIN car media player is worth investing in. We hope the information we’ve shared here would help you make the right choice when shopping online.

Safety concerns surrounding a car media player

People often blame electronic devices and entertainment systems for car accidents. That is somewhat true, and thus, it is imperative to be extra cautious when using them. So, let’s be aware of the types of driving distractions. First is manual distraction when you willingly take your eyes off the road. The second is visual distraction when you take your hands off the wheel. The third is the cognitive distraction, in which the driver is mentally not attentive. From a broader perspective, it would be wrong to put the blame on technology in the event of a mishap. It all boils down to how you use it, after all. So, drive responsibly to ensure your and other road users’ safety on the road.

Tips on how to buy Auto multimedia online

Car stereo is a small unit, making the setup a bit tricky. How much more if you chose the wrong one? You might know the sound controls you want or the display you desire. You might also know the additional elements you want to integrate like amplifiers and loudspeakers. However, a good purchase is said to be the one that ticks all the right boxes. Your product of choice must suit your budget, align with your requirements, and be from a reputable brand. Let’s get into the details by checking out below some of our buying tips and tricks.

  • Compatibility – This feature pertains to the product’s suitability in terms of the size, software, or smartphone. Single DIN and double DIN are the two standard sizes available, and smartphone integration is something you can check under the specifications list. Some stereos are exclusive to Apple Play while some have the Android version.
  • Control – Although the head unit comes with remote control, you can also mount another on your steering wheel because that is more convenient. If you already have a steering wheel control, you need to see if the car stereo is compatible with your existing control. Steering control is also a wise investment as it makes you less distracted when controlling your car’s audio.
  • Cosmetics – Other than features, you should also consider the aesthetics. You can easily enhance the appearance of your dashboard by purchasing a stunning auto multimedia unit. From high-tech displays to cutting-edge layout with different colour schemes, the sky is the limit when it comes to variations. Appearance also involves the design of music controls whether you want a push-button, touch screen, or vintage knobs.
  • Connectivity – USB ports, AUX jacks, Card play, Bluetooth receivers, are some of the connectivity options that you must see in a car media player. Or if you want a built-in charging point or a quick charging point, you need to specifically mention this feature. It enables you to sync with different devices, but you need to check the music formats available as well. This is not much of an issue, though.
  • Expandability –This is beyond connectivity. Your stereo can connect with other devices through different jacks. But what if you want to increase the sound or enhance the video experience for backseat passengers? For that, you can opt for external amplifiers, powered subwoofers, and a rear-seat video screen.

The ultimate formula to get the best of products lies in the understanding of their features and display. You can get all this information in the specifications list. For that, searching for a good online platform is important. Well, you can count on our retail search engine for providing you with a wide assortment of products. So, hop on to it and see if you find something exciting for your shopping cart.

Question & Answer

Which auto multimedia is the best?

If you are looking for the best touchscreen, you can go for Kenwoods‘ products with both CarPlay and Android Auto. Sony has some of the best single DIN stereos and some affordable double DIN if that’s your requirement. You can also check out Alpine as it offers valuable products, which are the best overall. Want to explore more options? Our product search engine is home to some of the most reputable global brands.

How much does an auto multimedia system cost?

The price of an auto multimedia unit commonly ranges from AED 15 to AED 5000. A single DIN unit with basic features is the most affordable product you can find. And as more features are added, the price tag becomes hefty too. In this case, we suggest you add 10% extra to your pre-planned budget to ensure you get something with the features that you like. However, you can always hunt for deals and discounts to save much on your purchase.

Where to buy a car multimedia system in Dubai?

If you know what your requirements are, then it won’t take you a lot of time to search for the one that ticks the right boxes. This is specifically true when you are shopping online. Here on, you will be delighted with the vast array of selections at prices suitable to your budget. What’s more, you can choose from over 500 online stores and brands. These include Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine, JVC, Eunavi, Dasaita, Caska, and Eincar.