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Car radios always make every road trip pleasurable. However, the sound quality must be awesome. If not, then you need to replace your current one. Whether you want the latest model or something at a fantastic price, you’ve got everything you need here on We’ll help you find and own the one that suits your needs. So, keep reading to find out more.

Car radios are an integral part of your vehicle’s audio sound system. They were launched in the market in the late 1920s. Since then, they have been the ultimate companion of people who hit the road. From a basic radio receiver, they have evolved into a complex electronics system. Car stereos now come with a receiver, Bluetooth, CD compatibility, phone call support, USB control, and many other advanced features. Home audio systems now have different devices connected through cables. However, space is limited if you talk about cars. Thus, everything must be nicely positioned in one compact spot. Below is a simple buying guide that will help you determine the right car radio to purchase.

A brief guide on car radios and speakers

The moment you start searching for car radio, you will find that there are several options available. Many brands now offer sky-high technologies, which transform the listeners’ experience from basic to fantastic. These include amplifiers, bass control, noise cancellation, noise isolation, and many more. Determine which features you need and their compatibility with your car. Once done, think about your budget. Keep in mind that stereos come in different price slabs, and some can cost you an arm and a leg. On the other hand, you will also come across many car radios for cheap. Let us explore the different types to give you an idea.

Car radios with Bluetooth and aux

About five years ago, Bluetooth in stereos was a rarity. Now, it is a common sight in cars. You will find 8 out of 10 stereos with Bluetooth functionality. BT connection makes your life much easier as it offers a wireless experience. As a result, your hands do not get unnecessarily stuck in wires, and the dashboard looks clean and sleek. Many stereos come with a high–end touchscreen and double-DIN system, making your experience even better. Even if you have high-end Bluetooth connectivity, you sometimes need to connect various audio devices to your car. This is where auxiliary ports come to the rescue. With aux, you are able to find a better connection quality; hence, nothing gets missed. So, where do you look for options? Well, an extensive range of car radios for sale can be found here on

Car radios with CD players

Modern car stereos are barely compatible with CDs or DVDs due to smart streaming services and Bluetooth. Many manufacturers do not even include CD players in car decks anymore. But still, you will find some CD-compatible stereos in the market. Who knows, you might want to plug in your old mix sometime in the future? CD players can be advantageous to have if in case your Bluetooth or any other service does not work. Having a CD player in your car also frees your phone up for other important things like making calls, navigation, or using any app.

Car radios and their installation cost

The installation cost of car radios varies according to the type of radio and model of your car. Some vehicles come with a ready-made deck, while others require the installer to put extra hardware to fit the stereo. Keep in mind that the installation price varies depending on your car model. This also excludes the cost of the car radio. And the best part is, the installation process takes only 30 minutes to an hour. However, you need to entrust the job only to professionals. An auto technician will tell you the timeframe and the cost upfront. After the installation, they will provide you with all the paperwork along with a detailed demo.

Tips on how to buy Car Radios

Now that you have got information about stereos, you might want to go and immediately purchase one. But there might still be some questions that bother you. Well, we have the answers. We have compiled below some practical tips and tricks that you can follow to make the right decision. Let’s check them out.

  • Go for a good brand – A car radio is a one-time investment, and hence you should go for the best one. Though there are many good places for car radio repairing in Dubai, none of us want to deal with a malfunction scenario. Thus, it’s imperative to choose a trustworthy brand. Amongst the leading ones you can consider include Pioneer, Sony Kenwood, JVC, Alpine, Bose, Blaupunkt, Nulaxy, Dasaita, and Xtrons.
  • Know the features you want – Modern radios come with a big touch screen and AM/FM. They are also compatible with Android, iPhones, CD/DVDs, and many other applications. You can also find advanced features such as GPS navigation, web-connected media, audio streaming, and more. Determine the one that you need to avoid spending extra for something that you will barely use.
  • Consider the sources – The sources pertain to where the audio content comes from. These consist of a CD or DVD player, AM/FM tuner, Satellite Radio, Smartphone, iPod, Aux, Bluetooth and USB. When shopping online, decide based on your preference, needs, budget, and car compatibility.
  • Check the sound adjustment – The place where we do all the sound adjustments is called preamp. See up to what extent you can control the sound. There are several controls provided by advanced radios. These range from volume to source selection, fader, balance, tone adjustment, equalizers, crossovers, and even time correction.

There you have it. Now that you know enough about car radios feel free to start browsing your options here on our UAE search engine . By using the tips mentioned above, you will be able to pick the one that ticks all the right boxes. So, what else are you waiting for? Shop now!

Question & Answer

Can a car radio work without an antenna?

Without an antenna, it would be hard to lock onto any of the stations unless you are very near to them. However, a car radio can work for playing CDs, MP3s, tapes, and a few other things. If you want to listen to FM, you must do certain fixes so that your chassis can act as an antenna. Start by removing the car head unit. Next, search for the black ground wire and connect it to the car radio coax plug. Then, press the radio button and search for stations. Keep in mind, though, that this fix can be done at your own risk.

How to buy car radios?

When purchasing a radio, you need to consider certain things. These include the brand, sources, sound adjustment, and features. Modern stereos come with several advanced features. If you want to check out some great options, then explore You will love our product filters and clean interface. Thus, narrowing down your picks won’t be a difficult task at all. The options may seem similar at once, but the features are different. Keeping some consideration in mind will help you choose the best options.

Why has my car radio stopped working?

Your car radio might stop working due to various reasons. These can include blown-fuse, damaged antenna or tuner, or even damaged speakers. In this case, call a mechanic or take your car to a repair centre to get things fixed. The mechanic will inspect fuses, radios, wiring, and other things. Once the issue is found, he will recommend the next steps to take. So, depending upon the issue found, the repairing will be done.

Are car radios universal?

No, you cannot just buy any radio of your choice and fit it into your car. Check first if it would fit into your vehicle or not, and then look for other features. Stereos come in two standard sizes: Single DIN and Double DIN. We recommend you refer to the product description and check out reviews to be sure. In the event that you make the wrong choice, you can always request a return or replacement from the retailer. Although, some retailer may not accept the return in certain circumstances.

Do you want to take your listening experience to the next level each time you hit the road? Then invest in a top-quality car audio/video system. Well, you are in the right place. Explore today for some outstanding options at prices you’ll love. Hurry and enjoy shopping like never before!

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