Painting Supplies

About Painting Supplies

Painting is a ritual of applying pigment, colour, paint or any other medium to a solid surface. This medium is commonly referred to as the surface or base with the help of brush. At times other tools like knives, airbrushessprays, or sponges are also used. All the tools that take part in creating an artwork fall under the category of painting supplies.  

In terms of art, the term painting defines both acts and the results of the actions. Whereas in a different context, the term painting also encompasses the act of applying hues to anything, including a car, house, or any tangible object. And thus, the sport of painting include surfaces like paper, canvas, pottery, copper, walls, lacquer, wood etc. In any case, the panting media include; oil, pastels, acrylic, watercolour, ink, encaustic and hot wax, enamel, gouache, fresco, spray paints, digital printing, water–miscible oil paint, and tempera. 

A beginner’s guide to painting supplies

From advanced tools like fatling knives and paint rollers to standard supplies like pain scrapers and paint rollers, the art of painting demands a lot of investment and time. So, if you are interested in learning how to paint, it is crucial for you to know the painting supplies that you may need during the creative process. At times when there are a few extra or occasionally needed items like an easel, palette (as you can find its local replacement if needed), solvent and oil mediums (only for oil painters) and palette knife, there are many essentials that you need to acquire before starting any painting venture. Let us have a look at these basic painting supplies. 


As a painter, a standard set of paintbrushes is basic. A set is a better option as it contains all the brushes to help you apply major strokes for even the most straightforward art piece. Otherwise, you can also buy particular types, cuts, or sizes of paintbrushes as per your needs. Buying the right type of brush can be an overwhelming experience and may cost you more. Instead, a set is cheaper and much easier to obtain. However, in any case, brushes with natural hair are better as they give precise and smoother strokes on most types of surfaces.  Here you may also need to consider the shape of bristles and choose from pointed, rounded or flat types.  

The paints or pigments  

Next comes the paints. There are different types of paints used by artists that commonly fall under the categories of water-colours, acrylic and oil paints. Each of these painting mediums come in a variety of hues and each demand a unique set of skills to make any piece of art. Here the results and longevity of the artwork depend on the quality of paints or pigments. It is thus important to look for branded, high quality and trusted rather than looking for cheap ones. Going to economical items can cost you a lot in terms of your creativity and time. You can leverage the price and balance your budget in many other art supplies that you will buy later. 

The canvas 

If you are creative, you can paint on any surface- flat or not. But when it comes to professional painting and artistry, the canvas is the most common and widely used surface material used for painting. And when you head to buy canvas, look for an option that is already primed. Otherwise, you may need to do this on your own using a gesso (a pigment similar to white acrylic paint). And by prime, we mean ready to paint. Also, keep in mind that there are different types of primed canvas you can find in the market. Moreover, you will also have to choose from options in stretched canvas panels as per your needs.  

Tips on how to buy Painting Supplies online in the UAE

With the progress in the idea of online shopping, the best place to buy painting supplies is to go online. Many retail search engines offer a wide range of painting supplies for walls or a smaller canvas to practice creativity. Online shopping not only gives you a plethora of options, but it also helps you find the best quality painting supplies for sale online in the UAE, including products like Paint Spraying and Stain etc. But, choosing the right product is something that needs your full attention. Here are some tips on how you can deal with the purchase of painting supplies like a pro.

  • Make a list of essentials – It does not matter if you are looking for cheap house painting supplies for our home or you want to imprint your imaginations on canvas, always start with a list of essentials.  Do your homework and enlist everything that you may need during the painting.
  • Choose brands – Can you imagine the moment when you just gave the final touch to your artwork and come to know that the paint is spoiled? It is the worse nightmare of any artist. You can avoid such a miserable ending by buying quality products. Always look for trusted and bestselling brands to buy painting supplies online.
  • Compare products – Luckily, there are several brands selling top quality painting supplies online. Some are known for cheaper rates while others offer exceptionally high quality and variety in colours. Therefore, when you head to buy any painting material, look into what different brands have to offer before you make a final decision.
  • Consider price – Besides quality and hues, different brands have different price tags on their products. A brush that is expensive at one brand can go on sale at the other. Doing a bit of a check on the price can help you make a budget-friendly choice.
  • Get to know your purchase – Once you have had hands-on a reliable, branded, and cheap product, it’s time to dig a little deeper. You can go to the product description section to know about the material, make, size, care, and cleaning instruction about the products.

It is always worthy of putting a little more effort and investing time in studying a product before you pay for it. It’s not just the product description section that can give you an insight into your purchase, but you can also look into the customer review section. This is where you can find details about the real-time performance, durability, and ideal use of the item you are planning to add to your cart. So always read it carefully and buy a product that you can trust.

Question & Answer

How much does painting supplies generally cost?

Generally, the average paint supply costs anywhere between $10 to $100 or more. The price variation depends on the quality, brand, and the type of product you want to buy. For instance, some paints are costly, like options in acrylic, whereas others come at cheap rates (watercolours). Hence if you are looking for another wise expensive item at a lower price, do a little bit of market search and explore online stores to find cheaper possibilities.  

What acrylic painting supplies do you need for beginners?

If you are a beginner or intermediate level painter and want to experience acrylic painting for the first time, there is a unique set of tools that can help you be creative, flawlessly. The essential supplies for acrylic painting include; acrylic paints, different types and sizes of paintbrushes, paint painting surface including canvas, wood, paper, artist palette, rag/paper towels, cup or jar of water, soap for clean-up, and varnish. In the meantime, you may also come in need of extra supplies that generally include gesso, easel, apron, palette knife, scraping tools, sponge, toothpick, masking tape, pencil/charcoal and different types of acrylic mediums.  

Where to buy painting supplies online in the UAE?

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