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Painting serves several purposes. First, a coat of paint protects whatever surface you are painting. Second, paint enhances the aesthetic appeal of an object or structure. Therefore, whenever you are buying paint, you should go for a brand that gives you both the protection you want and the colour choices. This article dives into various things that you should know when you want to buy paint. So, read on! 

You can use various types of products. Each has properties that make it a great choice in a particular situation and not the other. Under each category, there are several choices from which you can get various qualities. Popular colourings include oil, enamel, anti-corrosive and epoxy paints, among others. If you are looking for one that truly gives your floor wall or car a superb look, pay attention as we check various features. You will be amazed by the number of available alternatives that you can use for your simple repainting project. We have all these products accessible in the market. Read on to know more and find out some tips at the end to buy the best. On this page, we will explore much more information like varieties of paint, their brands, best sellers and more. 

Exploring varieties of paint to choose from 

When it comes to painting, there is literally a lot to choose from. Your selection relies on what surface you are painting, the kind of finish you want, the colour choice, longevity, and more. However, your choice has a lot to do with the final appearance of your building, car, or whatever project you are working on. The quality also matters as a good one will last for a long time. It would resist rain and other external factors that may damage the surface. From oil to enamel, emulsion, anti-corrosive paint and much more, you have a lot to pick from. Different paints may have different properties to offer. Some prove to be the best exterior paint, whereas others are meant for the interior. For example, enamel forms a hard and glassy coating, whereas emulsion offers colour retention and alkali resistance. Continue reading to know more popular varieties in detail. 

Revitalise your tiles with tile paint  

Over time, your tiles may fade due to exposure to elements and foot traffic. Instead of doing an overhaul and putting in new ones, painting them can be a much cheaper and fast solution. Interestingly, most quality paints can last a few years without requiring some repainting. This is especially true if your room does not have heavy foot traffic. Besides, it is the cheapest way to decorate your tile. Most people repaint their tiles when they renovate their home or change some aspects of the interior design. You can get specialised tile paint for any type of tiles. There are brands for stone, ceramic and cement tiles. Give your tiles a new shade today. The tile paint sticks to the tile. The best part is that it is washable and durable. So, you can try it for a fresh and new look again.

Epoxy paint protects high traffic areas  

In areas where there is high foot traffic or equipment that is constantly being handled, you need paint that will not peel off past. Epoxy variety provides a tough, durable coating on these surfaces. It is also corrosion-resistant and resistant to most chemicals. This is why it makes for the perfect floor paint in garages and retail shops. Garage floor epoxy is able to handle oil, petrol and other fluids that can easily damage any other surface. There are also various types of epoxy paint that you can use for the aesthetics of your floor and walls. With a bit of skill, you can use them to create murals, beautiful floor designs and lighten up a dark room. Just explore the available types and their benefits.  

Protect your automobiles with enamel colouring  

Enamel paint is usually used to create a coat over the automobile and moving machines that are exposed to the elements of weather. Due to its anti-corrosion properties, it is also able to protect steel, wood and brass structures that are outdoors. Therefore, you can use it for outdoor furniture and decks. Enamel paint comes in various colours. You have a wide selection that you can choose for either the structure of the automobile. Besides, it is tough and highly durable. When you use it on your automobile, it will not chip off with a few hits of branches around. It also adheres to surfaces and does not peel off with ease. This is a real money saver for automobile owners as they do not require regular repainting jobs. 

Acrylic gives a durable coat to your interiors  

The main difference between acrylic and latex paint is the former is oil-based, while the latter is water-based. This makes it a good choice for painting interiors, as it does not come off with regular wiping. Besides, it gives your surface a great look and feel. You can go for a glossy acrylic paint or matte finish. You can have different finishes in different rooms or according to the purpose of the room. The best acrylic paint combines the right colour, consistency and binding properties for a durable great finish. This is why it is common with interior walls. There are several options out there, including sweet-smelling and fast-drying types. You can also use it as an undercoat for other layers of different paints. 

Tips on how to buy Paint

We hope that now you must be well-versed with the varieties paint comes in. It will help you while you are buying paint. However, you may run into some difficulty when purchasing the ideal paint. This is because of the availability of hundreds of brands, hues, and other characteristics. The more the number of options, the better it is for people looking for specific products, but it is a general buyer’s worst nightmare. However, by keeping some factors in mind, you can eliminate this confusion. Here are some tips that will help you buy paint online in the UAE.

  • Consider the surface you want to paint – The choice of product is primarily based on the surface onto which it will be painted. Most paints can only be used in one or two materials. Start by checking paints meant specifically for your type of material before going to universal ones.
  • Consider the environment – Are you going to paint indoors or outdoors? Will the paint be exposed to grease and chemicals, such as the case with garage floors? Are you looking for specific qualities such as anti-corrosion or water-repelling? Answers to these questions may point to the right choice.
  • What kind of finish do you want? – Popular finishes include gloss, super gloss and matte. Most paint categories have options for each finish. You can also vary the finish depending on the location of the painted surface.
  • Consider colours – There are hundreds of colours out there that you can pick. Most sellers have a colour palette to help in making a choice. You can check the Asian Paint colour palette, which has every imaginable colour Use such palates to get the right colour or seek professional help from an interior designer.
  • Consider your budget – It is important to consider your budget while picking a variety. Different paints may have different prices depending upon their qualities. The one that lasts longer may be a bit pricey. Moreover, fancy paints may also cost you a bit on the upper side. The cost also depends upon the brands you choose. However, if you want to compare prices, you can do it right here on Here, you can find multiple sellers with products rated differently.

Five easy points to landing your best product! You can consider other things also depending on your needs. Once you get the right choice, be sure to check customer reviews. It will help you make an informed decision. However, you should also keep in mind that your selection should lie on the application the most. So, if you are in search of the best ones now, here at, you can find the best varieties. Our platform also has other painting supplies such as rollers, primers, turpentine thinners, brushes, tape, overalls and ladders, all of which come in handy in your paint project.

Question & Answer

Which paint is good for the home?

The choice of paint largely depends on the surface and the environment. For most homes, people go for either latex or acrylic paints. Latex is based on water, while acrylic is oil-based. The epoxy best works for floors and heavy-duty areas such as the garage. This is because it is tough and can handle abuse. Enamel also work for wood, metal and automobile. Once you have settled on the best paint, you must choose the finish. It could be super glossy, glossy and matte. The choice of each option is dependent on the type of room and your preferred style. Explore the available paints for these characteristics. We hope they will make your purchase decision a lot easier and better on our platform.

Which paint does one use on wood furniture?

Most people use latex or acrylic for their furniture. You may use a semi-gloss or satin-type of these paints for your furniture. There are other sheens in the market if you want the furniture to stand out. Furniture would rarely use high gloss paints. However, there is nothing wrong with using them. Acrylic paints are common when you want to restore a part of the wood by giving it a thick layer of paint. Enamel paints are best used on outdoor furniture. You may want to go for thinner paint to achieve a smoother finish. Otherwise, you can use a thinner for the same effect. Ensure that you do not over-thin your furniture painting solution. Otherwise, it will not effectively cover the wood surface, and you will still see underneath your coat of paint.

Where to buy paint for home online in UAE? is the best platform where you can find not one or two but hundreds of sellers that offer the best products. We stock hundreds of paints across various categories and colour choices. Therefore, if working on a shoestring budget, you can get cheap spray paint and other varieties for your next project here. We also have painting tools and supplies that you may need for the project. It is also the leading platform for home renovation and interior design items. Explore various offers and pick all your renovation tools and paints in one location.

Which paint is best for walls?

The best paint for walls is usually latex paint. Most users prefer it due to the ease of cleaning up as well as its durability. Besides, it does not fade easily, even with regular cleaning. This may be essential in places that see high traffic or homes where there are small children. When compared to acrylic, it breathes better, thereby reducing blistering on the walls. With little blistering, it means that you would not need to add a new layer of paint after every short while. There are various types of latex paint finishes in the market. They include gloss, satin, eggshell and durable, among others. The internet has several pictorial examples of how each of the finishes looks. You can also select from various colours in the market.

So, are you ready to check out a wide collection of paints now? Well, you can do it right here. Choose from hundreds of types and go for the one that best suits your budget and requirements. Moreover, you can compare prices offered by various sellers here to find a pocket-friendly deal. Whether you are looking for paint for wooden furniture or walls, you can find many options here. Here on, you can find brands like National Paints, Jotun, Dulux, Plascon, Rustoleum, Zinsser, and Krylon. Also, do not forget to explore other products under the DIY category here on our product search engine. So, look no further and embark on your browsing to quickly find an appropriate variety.