Paint Bins

About Paint Bins

While you choose to paint your room, dipping a paint roller frequently on the painting cans can be tiring! So, get yourself paint trays or paint bins which is a handy tool for painting. You can put a small amount of paint on the tray and reload the roller or brush at convenience. Besides, you can get its size according to your roller or brush size. And you can anytime choose to clean it properly. That’s not the end of it! Let’s unfold more about it in this upcoming section. 

A paint tray is essential if you are using a paint roller! Else, you can consider a paint bin for paintbrushes. However, it’s an easy-to-use tool while head to paint. Besides, its long and wide surface features around 2-3 inches deep with an angled bottom. And it spills to a shallower end which supports around 1-inch from the floor to make roller loading easier. So, when you move to buy a paint tray online in UAE, you need to consider its usage. Suppose if you need the tray to use it to rest the roller, then you need a wider one! At the same time, if you need it for a quick and casual job, then a disposable tray or paint bin can work for you. So, apart from its usages, you need to consider the materials it’s made up of.  

Paint roller trays for your next DIY project

Picking the right paint roller tray for your painting job is tricky! You need to be careful while choosing the one as it comes in varied materials. Besides, you need to check on its efficiency and durability. And it’s capacity of holding gallons of paint. However, a small tray can be convenient while painting along with the ceiling & brushing inside the corners. You can also think of using a paint bin which can also be helpful! You can store the paint for later use, which is convenient. So, to get the best paint tray, read the different kinds of tray or bin to make your job easy & fun.

Plastic paint tray

If you are looking for a durable material for your painting tray, then a plastic roller tray is for you! It is lightweight and disposable, which makes your DIY job easy. Besides, it is recyclable and weather-resistant! You can also try to use a paint bin that is durable & convenient. Thus, both can be used for indoor & outdoor purposes. However, you will get numerous options while you head to buy online. There are some products which are mainly for small rollers and brushes for trimming jobs. Besides, these cheap paint tray provides sturdiness, & durability. And the tray is recyclable, so it’s environment-friendly!

Handheld paint tray

Painting isn’t an easy task! You need a lot of hard work, to and fro involved. So, get a handheld roller tray for your paint job. It is portable and handheld, which is ideal for small jobs & touch-ups. Besides, you can hold up a pint of paint or stain for painting. And you can choose to accommodate a mini roller of 6-inch wide on it. However, you will encounter many choices while you head to buy a paint bin type tray online. Some products come with a low & wide stance for stability and a comfortable handle. So, it’s the best paint tray for the ladder for its easy use with handheld.

Small paint tray

Are you looking for a painting tray for a small job? Then, this small tray for paint is an ideal tool for your next DIY. It is mini in size making it handy for all sorts of painting like corners or cupboards. Besides, it is a reusable plastic tray that holds your paint perfectly. And it makes the reloading of the roller quite easy every time. So, it makes it perfect for the mini paint roller purposes. However, some products come with a ribbed roll-off area for paint loading. Thus, to get the best paint tray for the roof, you need to look for reputed online shops. And enjoy scrolling through the brilliant collection of products. 

Tips on how to buy Paint Bins online

A paint tray is an essential yet powerful paint tool! And it’s simple to look for the ideal tray or paint bin for your DIY project. All you must do is look for the materials it is made up of and its size. Besides, you can check for its additional features like hooks to hang, stand or handheld. However, you might need a valuable tips & tricks section while you look for a paint tray for sale online in Dubai. But that might take a lot of your time as you must surf the internet & do a little homework. So, that might consume a lot of your time! And we don’t want you to go through these hurdles. Thus, we worked for you & listed some of the vital factors to look for while shopping online. Check out!

  • Look for size – It is one of the essential factors to consider while you move to buy a paint tray holder online. However, you might find several options in size but consider the standard size of the tray. So, the standard size of the tray is 7-inch & 9-inch for the paint roller to rest in. But the 9-inch size is the notable one because you can use it for both 7-inch or 9-inch rollers.
  • Select the material – The composition of the product plays a pivotal role in its durability and robustness. Usually, trays are made up of aluminium, plastic, and metal. However, the best one is a metal paint tray holder, which is sturdy and weather resistant. Besides, you can also use disposable plastic paint bins for various other colours.
  • Choose wheels & handles – If you have decided to paint outside your house or paint crown moulding, you can try a handheld paint tray! There are some products of it which go along with the ladder to place. If you plan to renovate an entire home, you can choose the large capacity wheeled paint bins. Some products come with handles for easy use.
  • Select as per the size of the roller – This is the foremost thing to consider while you head to buy a 12-inch roller tray online. It is always recommended to purchase the tray according to the size of the roller. So, if you have a small paint roller to paint for trim, bookshelves, and all, then look for the small paint tray for your convenience.

The price & the colour of the paint bin or tray depends on your choice & budget. However, consider the tips & tricks section to follow up while shopping online. So, now commence your shopping voyages along with us! We are the best retail search engine with more than 500 brands & shops allied with us. Thus, you explore the mind-blowing collection of products. Plus, enjoy the surprising offers & deals at the best in the market. Hurry! Limited offer.

Question & Answer

How to use a paint tray?

There is a lot of buzz regarding the paint tray. But hardly anyone knows how to use it properly. So, the tray comes with the paint liner, which removes the necessity of colour from the roller. It also lets you skip over the step of wiping & drying out paint from the tray. Besides, it cleans the trays between new colours, coats, or at the end of the painting session. And it lets the rollers move freely inside the tray or paint bins. However, you can choose to use the liner with multipurpose trays. These liners protect the tray from deteriorating after repeated using of it. Plus, it ensures the paint you pour doesn’t mix with the old paint or paint chips from the past painting.

Where to buy paint trays online in UAE?

Out of the many options of shopping, online shopping is the best one! It allows you to shop at your convenience, timing & place. Besides, you get to scroll through the mind-blowing collection of products from notable brands. And save your money with the additional discounts, deals & offers. Isn’t it amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey along with an incredible online platform like Shops. ae. We are the best UAE search engine with 500+ popular brands & shops allied with us. Thus, you browse through the amazing collection of products at an affordable price range.

How to clean the paint tray?

It is always helpful to know how to clean your tools like paint roller trays properly. Otherwise, you might buy new trays, or the old paint leftovers can mix with the fresh paint. However, cleaning the tray allows you to store the unused paints in the paint bin for the future paint job. So, if you are painting with oil-based paint, then wipe your tray with a clean rag. Next, you need to pour some thinner to lose the old paint in the tray. And spread it around the tray with the help of a brush. You need to use a putty knife to rub dried up paint which is hard to remove. Now pour the remaining solvent back into an empty bottle for future use. So, now use the warm soap water to wash the tray and dry it properly.

Which paint tray should I get?

Purdy is the reputed brand name in the domain of paint supplies. Besides, its trays and paint bins help the pro-painters in maximising their productivity on any job site. Its storage products aid the painters in keeping their necessary tools within their reach. However, you will get various options in shapes & sizes while you look for it. Some products come with durable polypropylene for heavy-duty purposes. And it’s ideal for an 18-inch roller cover & small. Besides, it comes with interchangeable trays & liners to increase productivity. The side pours spout feature for your convenience.

That’s all! Now, commence with your shopping trove along with the information you gather so far. However, choose us as your shopping partner to help you explore an excellent collection of paint supplies products. Plus, you enjoy the surprising offers, deals, and promos to add more fun & thrill to your voyages. Happy shopping!