About Brushes

Cleaning brushes are special tools used to carry out heavy-duty cleaning tasks in the main rooms, bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchens. Different types are also used for cleaning ceiling and floors. Not only they are indispensable in cleaning hard to reach areas like refrigerators and sprouts, but they are also helpful in many many ways. 

Without any doubt, the cleaning brushes are amazing scrubbing tools and ideally perfect for use in places where it needs more abrasion than common sponge offers. Also, with the help of cleaning brushes, you can reach the areas where access is limited or restrained. Besides easy access, many brushes offer heavy-duty cleaning of carpets, pool surfaces, tires, barbeque equipment and outdoor furniture etc.  

Types of cleaning brushes  

Today the cleaning product manufacturers and sellers offer a wide range of products. In the most general context, these brushes are divided according to their use. For instance, you can find an entire range of kitchen cleaning brushes that include scrubbers, dish cleaners, bottle cleaning brushes and many more. Whereas for bathroom and toilet cleaning, we can find a unique set of brushes to offer us easy access to the sink’s deepest and most twisted parts and toiler seats. Here we will discuss some of the most used types of cleaning brushes that are a must-have for any household.   

Small cleaning brushes 

The entire range of small brushes is amazing in cleaning twisted and hard to reach areas. They are thus best for cleaning corner of floors, stovetops controls, grouts, and small crannies in faucets. You can also find other types of hard-to-reach cleaning brushes, including bottle brushes with long narrow shape ideal for cleaning water/baby bottles, tea kettles or vases. Besides, you can also pick options like stove brushes, spout brushes the dryer vent brushes and refrigerator coil brushes for cleaning special spaces as depicted by the names of brushes. 

Scrub and dust brushes  

A Scrubber (scrub brush) is a wide style brush with a long shaft used for cleaning hard floors or other such surfaces. Contrary to brooms, these brushes have hard bristles for brushing off heavy objects from any surface. Plus, they can be used wet, with water or any liquid cleaning agents. On the other hand, such brushes come with long, soft bristles that help in whisking the windowsills, framed art, bookcases, blinds, lampshades and other such items in your interior.  These brushes are also a part of a comprehensive vacuum setting and help easy yet delicate cleaning of fragile items. 

Toilet and floor cleaning brushes  

A toilet brush is specifically dedicated to cleaning the toilet bowl.  Generally, these brushes are used with a beaching agent and toiler cleaner. These brushes can be used in the upper areas of the toilet and around the bowl. However, it cannot clean very far beyond the U-bend and not suitable for cleaning the toilet seat. On the other hand, the floor cleaning brushes come in a wide range of sizes, bristle styles/materials, and handling mechanism. These are designed for different types of floor cleaning. Here you can find products like floor scrubber, mop, or a traditional brush style.  

Wire bristle brush  

A wire brush is a unique tool that consists of a brush with bristles made of wires. Commonly they are available in steel wiring, which is medium to high carbon verity. These brushes are springy and hard. Meanwhile, we can also find brushes made of stainless steel and brass. Here the choice of material depends on the application. These brushes are mainly used for cleaning rush and removing paints from any surface – walls or cars, at times; they are also used for cleaning surface and make better conductive areas for making an electrical connection.  

Tips on how to buy Brush online in the UAE

When it comes to picking the best toilet cleaning brush or an item for your kitchen cleaning, the choices are unlimited. In the online market, there are endless options in brooms and brushes. Some are commonplace at homes and corporate setting like straw brooms and deck brushes, while others are specifically designed for larger projects. While buying a cheap long handle cleaning brush seems enough to many, choosing an appropriate task brush can add more value to your purchase and ease to use. Today we are going to share some tips on how you can make a smart brush purchase online. 

  • Consider the brush material – Before shape, size, or look, focus on the material the brush is made of. This is because the type and formation of bristles will determine the factors like durability, absorbance, and scratch-resistant qualities of the brush.
  • Consider the tasks – As said earlier, a task-appropriate brush can give you better results. So, decide where you want to use them before you head for purchase. For example, different types of brushes are available for doing dishes and cleaning the sink or slabs of your kitchen. Choose wisely.
  • Get the handle – Appropriate handle on your brush plays a significant role in keeping your hands safe, with easy access to deep corners of the place you want to clean. So, the handle on your brush must offer you a comfortable grip, with comfort and durability.
  • The types of bristles – Today, you have different types of bristles for different jobs. And while choosing a bristle, consider factors like softness and strength of the brush. Here both softness and durability will define how and what job they are good at cleaning.
  • Price and brand – A quality brush may cost you a bit more, but it will save you from buying hassles for a long. Thus, we recommend opting for branded, high-quality products. You can use Shops’ price comparison tool to find cheap branded brushes online in the UAE.  

In the end, we always recommend our buyers to spend some time on the product description section to know what the brush or any other DIY product is composed of. The composition, size and material specifications can help the user to decide if the product is suitable for their specific needs or not. Moreover, you can also investigate the customer review section to have an idea about the real-time performance of the product and make a well-informed decision.

Question & Answer

What is the best toilet cleaning brush to buy?

If you want the best brush to do the overall cleaning jobs for you, buy OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush for your bathroom and HDX Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder for different cleaning needs at home. Besides the SIEGES Automatic Scrubber and the anti-odour Quickie Lysol Bowl Brush with Rim Extension and Caddy and an ideal option to consider. For toilet cleaning, you can also pick Mr Clean 440436 Turbo Plunger and Bowl or the MR. SIGA Toilet Bowl Brush and Caddy.

Which cleaning brush do I need for cleaning my kitchen?

You will always need special types of brushes for the kitchen to offer detailed cleaning without leaving or creating any mess. For this reason, always consider buying products like OXO Good Grips Dish Brush for dishes and OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush for cleaning any types of cups, glasses or bottles. In addition, you can also consider buying OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Scrub Brush or the OXO Good Grips Grout Brush.

How to choose the right cleaning brush?

For an ideal brush, you need to start by considering the needs and where or how you want to use the brush for cleaning. Always pick a task-appropriate item. It means for kitchen cleaning, look for items that fall under the category. Likewise, for the toiler cleaning head, nothing else than the toilet brushes. Also, look for products with higher quality and better price. You can explore Shops. Find reliable and cheap items from trusted global brands and make the best choice for your home or office needs.

Where to buy grout cleaning brush online in the UAE?

It does not matter if you want to buy a brush for kitchen or bathroom cleaning or you want any other DIY and cleaning item, explore any product search engine to find the most variety of bristles and handles with many more features for your needs. At, you can find products from top brands like Oxo, Sigma, Bissell, Ikea, 3M, Tchibo, and Tonkita. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to find perfect budget products from top shops.

Explore any product search engine to find the most variety of DIY and cleaning products for all your commercial and domestic cleaning needs.