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Chantelle high-waist briefs - Black
Chantelle high-waist briefs - Black
Black stretch-cotton high-waist briefs from Chantelle featuring stretch-fit, high-waisted bottoms...
I.D. Sarrieri Christmas high-waisted briefs - GOLD
I.D. Sarrieri Christmas high-waisted briefs - GOLD
Light beige cotton and silk blend Christmas high-waisted briefs from I.D.Sarrieri featuring a she...
Off-White industrial waistband boxer briefs - Black
Off-White industrial waistband boxer briefs - Black
Born from the antithesis between streetwear and high fashion, Off-White set out to combine both. ...
Fleur Du Mal lace bondage briefs - PINK
Fleur Du Mal lace bondage briefs - PINK
Fuschia pink lace bondage briefs from Fleur du Mal featuring an elasticated waistband, a stretch ...
Diesel three pack logo boxer briefs - White
Diesel three pack logo boxer briefs - White
Pioneers of denim and change, Diesel has evolved into a premium casual wear brand offering a wide...

About Underpants

Clothing is more than just a necessity. For most of us, it is a style statement that distinguishes us from the crowd. No wonder we are picky when it comes to our everyday outfits. Surprisingly, this is true, especially when it comes to underpants.

The best part about hunting for this underwear is that you get to have so much variety every time. However, it is not easy sometimes, especially in an era like this, where there are a lot of options to select from. As a result, online shopping has become a tricky endeavour. However, if you know what suits your needs and requirements, everything becomes easy and breezy. Be it quirky, cute, sexy, or comfortable, it all boils down to your personal decision on which one to purchase. If it’s your first time shopping for underpants, we will help you zero in on the one that reflects your style and exudes your personality. So, read on to discover more about this intimate wear and pick the one that gives you comfort and satisfaction.

Types of men’s underpants for your wardrobe

Today, men and women can choose from a large selection of underpants. In fact, malls won’t be complete without a few stores exclusively dedicated to underwear. And, of course, the same is true when it comes to online shops. This goes to show that intimate wear is essentially a big deal in people’s lives. Therefore, brands and manufacturers create an array of items designed to cater to a wide audience. Just search online or walk into a physical store, and some of the choices will surprise you. Even plus-size, seamless, and cotton underpants—which were tricky to find earlier—are now a part of every brand’s collection! You should, however, choose the best men’s underwear that suits the outfits that you wear every day.

Boxer shorts

One of the classic and quintessential men’s underpants, boxers are truly an all-rounder! That’s because they can be worn just about anywhere. You can wear them under your jeans, when lounging at home, or when you head down to a nearby store. Since they look a little more modest than underwear, you won’t feel embarrassed at all donning them on their own. They are also comfortable and roomy, allowing you to feel at ease down there. Brands and designers are now becoming more inventive with their creations. So, do not be surprised to find boxer shorts in an array of prints, styles, and colour options. Browse the shops and brands here at for some great finds and amazing picks at prices you’ll love!


These come in so many styles and types, which is why making a choice becomes a challenge sometimes. You can find panties that are specifically designed to suit your bottom or body type. There are also bikinis, hipsters, G-strings, thongs, mid-waists, boy-shorts, Brazilians, maxis, shorts, and so much more. Over the years, underwear for women has been designed to give a no-show look. For example, if you wear skirts and trousers, then the classic seamless panties will be your best friend. For home use, go for cotton varieties. Meanwhile, opt for lace undies for special occasions like dinner dates or parties. Amongst the brands that offer a fantastic underwear collection are Victoria’s Secret and La Senza, to name a few.

Boxer briefs

Another excellent option for men’s boxer briefs is which you can never go wrong with. These fit well and offer a better layer of comfort than boxer shorts. They are great for everyday wear and are especially recommended if you wear formals throughout the day. What’s more, they are perfect when your job requires you to travel or be up on your feet. There are tons of brief boxer choices available, and they vary in terms of colour, options, designs, prints, and other aspects. Those who do not like the regular ones can also go for designer options with straps, super comfortable fabric, and other different add-ons. Many choose to pair this type of men’s underpants with low-waist jeans and shorts because of the visual appeal they offer.

Seamless cotton underwear

This type of underwear works great for both men and women. Since it is the simplest choice available, it is perfect for everyday wear. However, you can find seamless cotton underwear in a lot of variations today. You can get something with high and low thread counts that account for the level of comfort that comes with it. There are also branded and unbranded ones that work well with any kind of clothing. If you love wearing fitted outfits like pants and shorts, we recommend you go for spandex or nylon seamless options since they are less visible. However, for health reasons, cotton is the best for extended wear. When searching for this type of underwear, refer to the product description to avoid getting the wrong fabric.

Tips on how to buy Underwear

Be it for underwear for women or men, investing in underpants is crucial. That is why it is imperative to pick the right one that will make you look and feel good. Keep in mind that wearing something not comfortable for an extended period can lead to health issues. It can also have a massive impact on your clothing choices. For example, you can completely ruin the look of a nice skirt by wearing underpants that are not seamless. Check out some pointers below for a happy shopping experience.

  • Opt for branded underpants – Jockey underpants are famous worldwide and are said to be super comfortable. However, of course, check out other brands to see what they have to offer. Spending a little more on branded stuff is always a good idea.
  • Have an open mind – It is essential to have an open mind when buying both women’s and men’s underwear. Select what you like, discuss possibilities, and talk to a lingerie specialist before shopping online. Do not be afraid to try out something new.
  • Fit and comfort are crucial – Make sure that the underwear you are buying fits you right. Also, go for quality fabric that offers breathability, as it is an essential factor for comfort. Both of these cannot be neglected.
  • Size matters A LOT – It is a standard protocol that you cannot try underwear for hygiene purposes. Thus, it becomes even more important to be sure of your size, especially when shopping online. In this case, check your old panties from the same brand for reference.
  • Weigh your options and discuss – Try something new for a change. You never know how you can end up finding something that is super comfortable and works better for you than the previous option.

Focus on your comfort more than anything else when shopping online. The good news is that you can also find brands that offer underwear with pockets, underwear for running, and period underwear for women. These help in several aspects of your clothing choices and make you feel comfier at the same time. Whatever it be, you can find it here at So, explore the options that await you in this superfast product search engine today!

Question & Answer

Which underpants are best to wear when running?

Whether running is your hobby or career, it is crucial to be safe and comfortable at the same time. Thus, choosing the right innerwear is extremely important. For men, boxer briefs like Jockey underpants are the right choice. That is because they are compact, comfortable, and provide better support than boxer shorts. Meanwhile, for women, both hipster style and boyshorts are essential. However, this mainly depends on personal choice. With the wide selection of options available, you can always experiment with your picks. Check out brands like Calvin Klein, Triumph, and Hanes.

Is it advisable to wear spandex?

Spandex is a lightweight material that is often used for swimwear and innerwear. Women love it because it offers perfect seamless finishing in that creases or lines do not appear in light-coloured trousers! However, spandex makes it difficult for the skin to breathe. Thus, if you are travelling in them, you may feel hot or sweaty. However, they give flawless finishing to most formal outfits. So, if it’s for regular wear, it is better to avoid spandex, but they are excellent for a once-in-a-while outfit. Discover some great finds by checking out the collection of Giordano and PUMA.

What does period underwear for women mean?

During menstruation, panties and intimate wear may get stained with blood. In this case, period underwear is the best thing to opt for. Designed like any regular panties, they are generally in a hipster style to accommodate the pad. Usually, they are in a darker shade and come with a pad holder. You can easily align your pad in the crotch area, secure it, and wear the underpants as you would normally. Some options and varieties also feature an absorbent and changeable crotch area in case of any leakage.

Where can you shop for underwear online in the UAE?

A lot of great brands offer stunning underwear choices and collections in Dubai and across the UAE. Brands like Marks and Spencer, H&M and Tommy Hilfiger are especially significant when it comes to intimate wear. For more choices online, explore more than 500 shops here on our product search engine. You can also find boxer shorts, long underpants, undies, strings, and thermal underpants at amazing deals! You can filter and sort the options depending on your preferences. You can also compare prices here to find affordable products.