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About Briefs

They are the first item of clothing you slip into every day in your life. But they are also probably the last item in your wardrobe you put your time researching. It is none other than your underwear! Getting the right pair, not only means you feel better all day, but your clothes will hang better too. And guys, those of you with large thighs, and ahem, are more well-endowed must certainly get a pair of briefs.

Briefs have a fascinating history. Do you know? The first type of underpants was a loincloth, which the ancient Egyptians used to wear. Since then, the loincloth has come a long way. They have been transformed by technology to become the most advanced pair of briefs. Today, briefs are something that offers high performance. They claim to do everything from filtering flatulence to emitting soothing vibrations. Therefore, most guys own a pair. Hence, they are undeniably an excellent choice for guys who need support or prefer to keep everything in one place. They are also perfect for those who do not care about the excess fabric in boxer briefs or trunks. No doubt, they are a great piece of shield for moderate sports and are essential for everyday dressing.

Types of briefs you need to have in your closet

The briefs are your standard, go-to underwear. They come in a variety of rises, designs, colours and usually cover your entire backside. However, they leave your upper thigh and side of the leg exposed. Therefore, they are incredibly comfy to wear under just about anything. Nonetheless, no one tells you this, but a wrong pair of briefs can ruin your entire day. The lack of support or a stiff fabric will distract your business. Hence, you need to understand their types first to know which ones will suit you the best.

Long boxer briefs

This classic style of men’s underwear fit from waist to the mid-thigh. Being slightly longer, they typically offer more coverage than the regular types of briefs. Traditionally made of cotton and spandex material, they often are soft and highly comfortable. Apart from this, the brief boxer designs either have a keyhole, fly, pouch or no-fly at all. Moreover, the waistband is usually made of an elastic material and comes in a separate colour. This elastic band usually has the name of the manufacturer printed on it. There may also be additional seams around the bottom end of the briefs. For example, some boxers have stitching on the rear to outline the buttocks and avoid a central seam.

Short boxer briefs

If you like loose fitted clothes than those snuggly fitting ones, then these short boxers will please you. The boxer shorts are quite popular with women too. This underwear usually is cut like boxers but fit like briefs. They provide support and even coverage to an extent. You can wear them with any outfit as they are short and comfortable. You can also wear them under your sexy pair of shorts. This is they are a great attire for sports events or when wearing tight pants. Plump men must opt for dark coloured ones because they tend to make you look thin. Spandex, cotton or Tencel and spandex mix are usually the materials used to design them. This explains the reason why they last longer and fit better.

Men’s low-rise briefs

Do you dread wearing those low waist outfits in your wardrobe? Well, don’t be anymore! You have the low-rise briefs to fit your skin perfectly. They offer you comfort and eliminate the need to adjust your outfit constantly. Thus, they are highly popular in the market right now. The waistband of this brief rests on the hips approximately 3 inches below the waist. However, they still have side fabric, and the legs are traditional brief legs (not thigh cut). Moreover, they may or may not have a front fly. All this adds to extra comfort. Apart from this, you can also wear them with shorts and skirts because of their shorter length feature.

Sports briefs

Even if your top drawer is full of those daily wear briefs, you might find that the same pair that fits you great on workdays or casual weekdays might not work well when you are out playing or exercising. Therefore, it becomes imperative to get underwear which you can wear for such activities. And what can be better than a sports brief? They are one of the best alternatives to an athletic supporter. They have a front cup and a back panel. However, the sides are nothing more than the elastic waistband. This elastic band facilitates more comfort. Moreover, this style provides more modesty than a string bikini or thong, especially for ladies.

Tips on buying Briefs online in the UAE

Buying a pair of briefs was an easy task in earlier times as the choices were fewer. However, nowadays, there are so many varieties of briefs for men and women that one can quickly get confused while buying briefs online in the UAE. There are many types with specific attributes, fabrics, designs and cuts. Therefore, it is essential to consider certain factors while purchasing them. These features and elements will make shopping for briefs or boxers as easy as a breeze. Read on to find out.

  • Consider your requirement – Even before you head out to purchase your ideal briefs, know the situation you are going to wear them for. For example, there are specific briefs that can be used as daily wear and there are also ones such as sports briefs which you can wear when out exercising or playing.
  • Know your measurements – Is this something you’ve been wondering about lately? Well, we don’t blame you because the fit is paramount. Hence it is imperative to know your body type and measurements thoroughly. Usually, they are snuggly fitting and offer a high degree of comfort. However, you need to ensure that you pick the right fit to enjoy maximum comfort.
  • Assess the size – You may already have noted that there are a plethora of their sizes available. Many manufacturers, however, generally make a few standard-sized waists. The way the rest of the briefs fit you depends entirely on the brand you buy. To determine the exact size and fit, it is best you purchase one or two to try on, before purchasing too many.
  • Explore the styles – No two body is the same, and the same goes for the styles too. Well, it is a good thing. Because it gives you variety with your choice. Remember that no matter what style you buy, they must offer comfort and support to your genitals, which is also their primary function.
  • Comfort is the key – No doubt high comfortable underwear can significantly improve the way you look and feel. The convenience of your brief usually depends on three things, the climate, size and fabric used. Consider these three, and you’ll be able to find your perfect pair of briefs or boxers without any hassle.
  • Choose the right fabric – One of the most challenging aspects of purchasing the briefs would be selecting the best fabric that suits your skin. The men’s briefs are usually available in a variety of materials but are not limited to nylon, cotton, silk, spandex and lycra. Buying the right fabric comes down to your taste and what you will be doing while wearing them.
  • Experiment with colours – The best part about these types of underwear is that they are available in a variety of patterns. White was a popular choice in the past. However, these days, with so many options, many men prefer shade to suit their lifestyle. When opting for colour, it comes down to your personal preference and the kind of outfit you are planning to wear.

You now have ample information on boxer brief underwear. Therefore, now, you’ll indeed not find it to be as hard as you had thought to choose a perfect one. Lastly, remember to keep comfort as your priority when shopping for these. Don’t opt for a boxer or a brief because you have heard that it feels comfortable. Instead, go for the type that best suits your requirement and would save you from all the discomfort and awkwardness. Start to explore now on our retail search engine!

Question & Answer

Are briefs back in fashion?

In case you didn’t know, briefs were first sold on January 10, 1935, by Coopers Inc. in Chicago. They were also dubbed as ‘jokey shorts’ because they offered a similar degree of comfort and support as a jockstrap. This etymology became highly popular in North America. As a result, often the ‘jockey shorts’ were used as the generic name of briefs. Since then, they have been evolving and transforming in various ways. These days you’ll be able to find a plethora of their varieties in fashion.

Are briefs good to wear?

The traditional style covers the upper part of the thigh and extends upward up to the navel waistband. You often call these ‘full-rise’ or ‘full-cut’. There are also ‘mid-rise’ and ‘low-rise’. They offer excellent support to men’s genitals from any external injury during intense activities like workouts or running. Being short, they provide a way for the air to pass in and out of the underwear. This keeps the temperature of the genitals cool and isolated.

How to wear briefs properly?

As you know, there are different types of briefs available in the market. Each of them is used for various purposes and requires you to wear them in a certain way. For example, if you are going to wear low waist jeans, then you could go for a ‘low-rise’ innerwear. They fit you perfectly and stay lows on your waist. This avoids the frequent and constant showing of your undergarment. Either way, just remember that they must be the most comfortable piece of clothing you wear.

Why are briefs so comfortable?

Mostly all types of briefs usually come in high-quality fabrics, that are very good at absorbing sweat. This prevents different fungal and bacterial skin infections. Also, high temperatures in the genitals can cause a decrease in the sperm count in men and make them infertile. Moreover, they come in various sizes and styles to suit several body types. Furthermore, their short nature keeps your insides cool and proves to be very good for fertility.

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