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We women often bother about our outfits. We want the best clothes to look good. But little do we know and understand that our innerwear is as important as our outerwear. The wrong or right panties can change the look and feel of your favourite garment. This is exactly why ladies’ underpants is of paramount importance. They are sometimes also called women’s underwear or simply panties.

It is quite intriguing how men throughout history wore underwear, and yet it was unwarranted for a woman to wear anything between her legs. The only ladies who dared to buck this trend were scandalously rich Italian women who wore the ‘drawers’. Over time they have evolved to a whole new level. Like the air we breathe, panties have become so ubiquitous. This is also the reason why they often go unnoticed. When it comes to underwear for women, you need not only something that looks nice but also one that performs well under certain conditions. For example, a day at the office, a weekend hike or even a lazy day on the couch. Moreover, they shouldn’t distract you from whatever you are doing.

Enhance your inner beauty with these women’s panty styles

We all have multiple bras for different outfits – right? But why do we tend to buy the same old panties every single time? It may not seem like it, but a versatile panty collection is crucial to every woman’s closet. The right panties can define your silhouette and leave you feeling confident and stylish inside those expensive dresses. For the same reason, there is a wide range of party styles available in the market. There are some for comfort, some go invisible under the clothes you wear, and there are also those that make you feel sexy. We are exploring the wide yet sometimes a very, very thin world of panties here. So, if you want to know which ones to pick, read on!

Brief panties

Full briefs are a modern take on classic panties. Commonly identified and colloquially termed as ‘granny panties’, these women’s underwear provides full coverage and a high waistband. Although this is not the most attractive style out there, these brief panties certainly are the most comfortable kind. They typically have thicker sides and are usually high raised. This up to the navel feature of them helps you disguise your tummy fat and create a flat and smooth silhouette. However, unfortunately, it is this same feature that makes them visible in low-rise jeans and trousers. So, it is best to limit these to your high waisted pants or for, you know, that time of the month.


Just because you are an adult woman doesn’t mean your underwear cannot be fun. The hipster panties for women are the everyday panty you need. Also termed hip huggers, these women’s underwear has a waistband that sits on the hips, a full two inches below the waist. They also feature low-cut leg holes. Just like a bikini, a hipster panty has a squarer cut and a slight high-rise. Their great side coverage feature creates a modest effect. However, they offer full coverage but are still the best choice to wear underneath your low-rise jeans and pants. So, wear them beneath your favourite jeans for a stylish and comfy fit.


Modelled after the bikini bathing suits, the bikinis are flirty and feminine style panties. They are low-rise and provide a lesser rear coverage. The waistband shall sit about three inches below your natural waist and has very high-cut leg holes. They are also available in string forms. The string bikinis have higher cut leg holes and come with thin string fabric. They typically have thinner sides, with the front and back of the string looking like triangles. This is why you could wear them with any outfit. They are very figure-flattering because they offer little coverage and are less visible underneath clothes. So, you can wear them beneath any outfit without worrying about the visible panty lines.

Thongs for women

The thong panties are a true wardrobe staple for any woman. Go for this style when you need an undergarment for form-fitting clothing such as tight skirts or dresses. That’s because these thongs for women offer no coverage on the butt and thus no panty lines too. Just like the bikini bottoms, they sit three inches below the waist. Usually, the sides are meant to rest right or above the hip bone. Some soft lace and mesh styles from top-class brands provide extreme comfort all day. The triangle-shaped front, thin sides and minimal back coverage all make them a favourable type of panty that most women would love to have in their wardrobe. Whenever you are in the mood to rock in some body-con dresses, pull up these pair of panties and twerk to some disco.

String panties

These are sensuality at their best. Why? Because they resemble confidence and sensuality. Held just by a string, as the name suggests, these women’s underwear is not the preferred one but is as practical as a thong. Just like a thong, there is little to a string panty. There is no rear coverage and provides a little upfront, where you’ll find a T-shape of fabric. The front and back pieces are sewn to the waistband. Wear them for times when you want to go commando, but then you would also like some coverage. However, remember that a little getting used to is required to perfectly feel comfortable with this type.

Tips on how to buy Panties online in the UAE

Most of us underestimate the power of good underwear. They are a staple item, and yet we tend to forget about them quite often. Like, did you know that certain fabrics are healthier or, at certain times, going commando is much better than the others? There are a plethora of panties out there, true! But you should also know how to choose the right to keep your insides comfy. This is why we are here to help you pick those perfect undies. Read on to find out what to look for to buy panties online in the UAE.

  • Consider the outwear – Not all occasions or events call for the same kind of outfits. Well, this stays true for the innerwear too. Just imagine you are wearing a pair of boy shorts beneath a beautiful gown that is form-fitting. Not a good idea! A thong may be much more appropriate. So, always consider the outwear before you pick yourself the panties.
  • Know the fabrics – Underwear comes in a range of fabrics. Materials such as cotton, polyester, silk and nylon are a few common types. However, not materials suit every body type. Therefore, you must opt for the ones that make you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Understand your body type – Every single person is beautifully different, which is why you need to assess your body type before purchasing an undergarment. Remember that the fit is paramount. Get the fit wrong, and you’ll spoil the whole outfit. Even the thought of continually adjusting your innerwear is uncomfortable. So, know your body well, and get the right fit.
  • Stay updated on their styles – The panties have evolved so much since their inception that there is now a massive variety of them available. For you to pick the right one for yourself, you need to stay updated on their types. You never know, you might find something awesome, since fashion tends to surprise you now and then with some peculiar products.
  • Choose an ideal colour – Just like outfits, the style, colour and pattern of the panties are important. But the underwear must seem like something that you shove on beneath your clothes. Well, they are much more essential than you think. Let’s say you are wearing a beautiful white shimmering dress. It won’t take a split second to spoil the look if you are wearing black thongs inside. So, choose your colours wisely.
  • Comfort is the key – Even if the panties are a no-show item, wearing something that makes you feel good inside boosts your confidence. It is simple as that; the designer panties are an excellent way to inject a bit of something extra that’ll make you look stylish inside out. Yes, there are many styles, but you need to choose the one that makes ‘you’ feel pleasant, comfortable and stylish.

Ladies, let’s face it! Long gone are the days when a size fits all approach to your panties is devised. Today, there are plus size panties, panties for Petites and plenty of other styles, patterns, colours and sizes. They make you feel comfortable and sexy from the moment you begin to get dressed. Remember that the right panty can create a sleek silhouette and make you look attractive in any attire you wear. This is precisely why they have now become more than just essentials.

Question & Answer

Are panties uncomfortable?

Underwear for women is usually comfortable. However, the degree of comfort varies from person to person depending on various factors. For example, a person who is thin and petite can go for bikini type underwear, while women on the plump side might want to refrain from these. A lot of other factors such as fabrics, style and fit affect the comfort factor of these undergarments. Therefore, always go for the ones that make you feel comfortable and confident. For options, you can explore different brands and sellers at Compare the products for features until you are satisfied with an item.

Can panties cause infection?

Whether you stick to cotton briefs or one of those sexy thongs, you should know that your underwear can seriously affect your genital health and the overall comfort of your lady bits. Of course, we buy those that make us feel comfortable. However, they can cause some severe health problems if they are too tight or too wet. For example, super tight underwear can lead to yeast infections and ingrown hairs. Therefore, go for the right pair of undies and maintain adequate hygiene to stay healthy and fit down there.

What panties to wear with yoga pants?

Yoga pants are usually form-fitting, which is why choosing the right undergarment is of paramount importance. All the stretching and turning might get you all heated up, which is why you need to select panties that wick away sweat and keep you cool and airy throughout your workout regime. The no-show thongs, hipsters and bikini underwear are some of the best lingerie that you can wear beneath your yoga pants. Experts suggest wearing the right yoga clothes to enjoy the process and get full advantage and results of the efforts.

What style of panties to wear at night?

Trust us when we say this, a good night’s sleep comes from a well set up aesthetics and well-worn innerwear during your nap. You do not want to be twisting and turning in your sleep and adjusting your undergarments with those droopy eyes. That is why wearing highly comfortable panties are important. There are so many comfy styles of underwear available. For example, a seamless panty offers maximum coverage and hugs your skin to provide maximum cosiness. This ensures a good night’s sleep.

Where can I buy women’s panties online in the UAE?

So, now you know that just as your bra is essential when you are wearing a cute dress, seamless underwear is essential when you are wearing that pencil skirt. But with so many styles and patterns out there, where to buy panties that make you feel most comfortable? Have you checked, the best retail search engine yet? No? Well, do it now! Browse and buy the best women’s panties from high-end 500 plus online stores. So, hurry and grab those perfect little panties from famous brands like Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger Next, La Senza, La Perla, Gap, Gucci, Triumph, and Versace today! After all, beauty comes within, right?

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