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About Hipsters

Lingerie and innerwear are quintessential to any wardrobe. The age-old stigma that has been associated with these has now faded away for good. Today, any woman can walk into a lingerie store and have lady personnel at her service.

Apart from shopping for lingerie and innerwear, online shopping is another thing that has made it so easy to purchase. Brands are no longer afraid to have these departments under them, and most of them prefer to include them to give their buyers a one-stop solution for all their shopping and clothing needs. Be it for men, women or kids, brands do not shy away from having the best underpants in stock. So many of them also have their line dedicated to this section and are proud to attend to the needs of their clients in this context. A lot of brands are also loyal to entirely devoting their business towards this domain and are happy doing so! 

Types of hipster panties to choose from 

Among the different kinds of clothing and innerwear available, panties are one of the most basic ones for women. With it being so common, a lot of brands have used their ideas and methods to put their unique spin on the basic concept. Thus, today, there are more than 15 types of panties, and each is different from the other. They can be suited to body types for specific concerns and problem areas or styles. Be it bikini, Brazilian or hipster panties; you can have several variations in each of them, leaving the customers astonished. Although this has made it easier to choose, it may sometimes be challenging to make the pick as well. 

Basic hipster-style panties

Everything starts from the classic – thus, the basic hipster style panty is the most loved and favourite for a lot of women! These panties look great and feel incredibly comfortable to wear, even for longer durations. The best part about hipster panties is that they work great with pretty much any type of outfit. You can wear them under dresses, jeans, skirts, jumpsuits etc. Obviously, with the requirement, the kind of material needs to change. While cotton is apt to wear under denim since it keeps you fresh, something a bit sleeker like silk is excellent for dresses and short skirts where the seams being visible isn’t liked by women. Apart from everything else, hipster panties are the most loved type by many women and are extremely high on modesty and comfort. 

Lace hipster panties

This is a fantastic spin on traditional hipster underwear. Although lace hipster panties aren’t familiar, they are one of the most loved varieties. Since most hipster panties are generally “fuller” than a bikini or any other kind, the lace detailing on them looks splendid. Hipster underwear in lace can be in cotton, synthetic, polyester or mixed blends; however, if it is for daily wear, cotton is the best. For a seamless fit, though, polyester or nylon make generally preferred by most women. No matter which one you choose, pay attention to the lace. It should be of good quality and tightly sewn to the fabric of the panties. A lot of lace clothing tends to fall apart, i.e. separation of the lace from the garment is seen.  

Plus-size hipster panties

The perfect choice for heavy women, plus-size hipster panties are great for everyday use. They fit well for women who are heavy or maybe heavy only at the hips. Either way, these panties are created in a way that they hug your hips and fall just right to ensure your outfit looks great. A lot of styles also have the option of period hipster panties, i.e. they have a special section in the crotch area where you can keep your pad during menstruation. This helps the pad to prevent moving and is very comfortable for long term use as well. Although brands don’t allow you to try panties with hipster plus-size style, it is essential to get the right fit so you feel comfortable. You can ask at the store or even check online for help regarding the size of your panties. 

Cheeky hipster underwear

For those who don’t like fuller styles, cheeky hipster underwear is the best option in this case. This style is just like a basic hipster style panty; however, it has a medium-to-low-rise. This means that the coverage is slightly less than a regular hipster panty. However, modesty is not compromised. It is perfect if your panty makes you feel “stuffy”, but you still like how the hipster style sits on your body. In this case, you can, without a doubt, opt for the cheeky style that will make the fabric less visible. It makes the wearer feel much more comfortable and is the perfect alternative when it comes to picking something between the bikini and hipster style if you can’t make up your mind!

Tips on how to buy Hipster Panties

Hipsters are a favourite choice amongst many women because you can quickly wear them with everyday clothing. The style is simple, comfortable and versatile. Plus, since it’s common, you can easily find your size and favourite colours with most brands. Like any other lingerie shopping experience, sometimes you may feel like you’re getting more on your plate than you require, so here are a few tips to make your lingerie shopping experience better.

  • Choose the right style – With so many hipster style panties, you can be spoilt for choice while selecting the right one. However, it also gives you so many options, so you don’t have to settle for something you don’t like.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new – It goes without a say that experimenting is vital while shopping for lingerie. Without it, you’ll be unaware of the fascinating styles that come in almost every few months.
  • Fit is everything – Always choose the right size and fit. Something that makes you feel uncomfortable in the first go will get worse in the days to come. While at work especially, the last thing you need is faulty underwear.
  • Try on with the right clothes – Depending on what you wear daily, try teaming the right panty with it and see what works best. Carry along a few pairs when you’re going shopping.
  • Stick to cotton as much as possible – Cotton panties are skin-friendly, light, breathable and very comfortable. They prevent rashes and marks and are recommended by gynaecologists too.
  • Panties should make you feel super comfortable – In the end, always choose something that makes you feel comfortable than something that looks good. It’ll be worth it!

With a few trips down to the mall, you’ll be able to see everything that brands have to offer now. Online shopping, of course, is the best and easiest way to go about it. Since you won’t be able to check for the size (both in the case of online and retail), it is better to be sure before making a purchase. Your current undies should be able to serve this purpose. You can also choose a size smaller or larger if you need it.

Question & Answer

How to take care of your hipster lingerie?

No kind of lingerie should be subjected to very frequent or rough washing cycles. Lingerie is very delicate; however, cotton is the most sustainable kind and lasts much longer than other varieties. Hence, it is best for daily use. Always ensure you use a lingerie mesh bag when you put your delicates for washing as it is easy for them to get caught up in the washing machine cycles, leading to tearing. Also, drying them under indirect heat is not advisable. You can let them hang inside a dry room or keep them outside under a shaded space.

Are hipster panties comfortable?

Hipster panties are one of the most comfortable types. A lot of women love them for this very reason. They also look great on fuller hips, a common concern for most women. Since the hipster style offers better coverage than most women’s panties, opting for it is the best choice. It also makes you feel more comfortable than a G-string, tanga or thong since it provides coverage and is a modest choice. Here, these are comfortable, and you can go for them.

What is the difference between hipster panties and bikini panties?

A hipster panty is mostly full length and offers fuller coverage on the lower body. Like its name, it sits lower on the hips. A bikini, too, is set a little smaller but offers far less coverage on the backside. A string bikini is another alternative to the classic bikini panties. Both options have been popular in the lingerie game for a while now, and it’s only a matter of choice as to which one works for whom. You can find both varieties here on our product search engine.

Where can you get hipster panties online in the UAE?

With so many online stores, you can easily buy hipster panties online. The best way to go about it is a little bit of observing and doing some online research. Another take on online shopping is to use this fantastic retail search engine to get the best choices at the click of a mouse! If only online shopping would have been so secure all this time. These brands are amazing – Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, PUMA, La Senza, Triumph, DKNY, Cacique, Reebok and Aerie.