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Sauna parts can make or break your experience. They are what dictates how comfortable and convenient it is going to use the sauna. If you are not careful about them while shopping, you might not really enjoy having a sauna anymore.

According to legends, it was the fins that first started using saunas. Then it spread rapidly across the colder regions of Europe. When the weather was too cold, saunas helped those living in the arctic regions to sweat out and relax. Even though the original use of saunas was this, today it is also relevant for everyone who spends most of their time in air-conditioned rooms. Read this article to know more about saunas and accessories. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices while shopping for them.

Essential items you should have in your sauna

When you buy a sauna for the first time, you most likely will get all the basic parts along with your unit. This helps you set up a sauna immediately without having to do further shopping around for the accessories. However, you eventually will have to replace some of those as they wear out. In order to know what exactly to buy, you should have an idea about the functions of at least the most essential accessories. Here is a list of the four of them that you must have in your sauna.

Doors and benches

Doors are supposed to be narrow. Most doors are only as wide as twenty-four inches. This is similar to the width of the average cupboard door. Also, the door should stay in place without requiring a lock. Softwood that can withstand the heat of the sauna without retaining heat on the surface is the popular material for doors. But some modern units do come with polymer doors with similar properties. Benches should have vented half an inch wide between the planks to allow air to circulate. These benches are usually around 20 inches wide. This is enough width for a person to or lie down comfortably.


Rocks are essential components of all types of sauna, well, except the infrared saunas. It is rocks that convert water into steam instead of directly heating the water. Rocks should heat up to about 950 to 1500 degrees to have enough heat inside them to boil water. Also, they must withstand the constant pressure of heating and cooling. Not all of these rocks are equal, though. Volcanic rocks are considered the best rocks for the sauna. Although you will get rocks when you are buying a sauna kit or heater, you will eventually need to replace them because even the best will crack and crumble. Be sure to wash the rocks to remove any dust or dirt before using them.

Floor panels

Flooring is also an important part of the construction of saunas. In the long run, the wrong type of flooring can cause significant headaches. The most common flooring types used for saunas are Ipe wood and cedar tiling. Both of these work fairly well. You will get a flooring sample pack, which doesn’t cost much, that will help choose the type of flooring you want. However, this will only help you with the finish and dimensions of the flooring. You should also consider the properties of the flooring and how each one of them reacts to temperature and humidity before buying one.

Thermometer and hygrometer

The purpose of a sauna is to create an environment that is hot enough for a person to sweat. However, it should not be too hot to be uncomfortable. That is why a thermometer is essential in a sauna. It should be placed about 6 inches below the ceiling and directly above the heater. While the thermometer measures the temperature, the hygrometer keeps track of the level of humidity inside the sauna. You’ll want the humidity to stay between10 per cent and 35 per cent. If it’s higher than that, it means that the rocks are not hot enough.

Tips on how to buy Sauna Parts Online

The accessories that you use in your sauna can greatly impact your experience. That is why it is essential to choose the items carefully when you accessorise the sauna. But it is easier said than done. As there are so many different options to choose from, getting the right one is a little tricky. However, it gets easier if you know what to consider in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for sauna accessories.

  • Essential vs optional – There are things that are necessary for a sauna and those that are not that important. Some of the essential items include doors, benches, stones, and buckets. It will be either impossible or very difficult to use a sauna if any one of these is lacking. However, there are others that will make your experience better. These include remote controllers, clocks, thermometers, etc.
  • Consider the type of your sauna – Some accessories are specific to the type of sauna that you are using. If you have a traditional sauna, then the flooring should be able to withstand high humidity levels. However, this is not the case with infrared saunas, which does not involve steam at all. Because the materials used in the infrared saunas don’t have to deal with steam, they are much different from the materials in traditional saunas.
  • Size of the room – While it is good to have all the useful accessories, it is never a good idea to fill up the sauna with a lot of things. There are two aspects to this. One is having too many things inside the sauna. The second is using oversized accessories that take up too much space. Choose benches and buckets that are the right size for your unit.
  • Quality – Some parts are expensive, while others are quite cheap. Items like doors, benches, and controllers can set you back a few hundred dirhams each. Regardless of the fact that you might come across cheaper low-quality alternatives, it is always better to go for the high-quality ones. This will help you save more in the long run.

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Question & Answer

How to choose the sauna parts?

You should consider two things while choosing the accessories. Firstly, think about how useful the accessory is going to be in your sauna. Prioritise each one of them correctly. This will help you get all the essential items first before going for the less important items. This strategy will also help you get the most out of your sauna. Secondly, consider the prices of those items. It is better to decide how much you would want to spend on accessories before you start shopping. Then list down the items that you can afford within that budget.

Which are the essential sauna accessories?

The essential accessories include those items without which it will be either impossible or very difficult to use a sauna. The first one of them is obviously a door. It is the door that keeps the steam inside the sauna and creates the atmosphere. Secondly, you need a bench, bucket and stones. A bench is necessary for relaxation. Even if you now think you can stand in the sauna, it is not going to work out in the long run. And when it comes to the bucket and stones, those are what you need for creating the steam inside the sauna.

Where to buy sauna parts online in the UAE?

Saunas are not really a part of the Emirati culture; however, there are plenty of places where you can find them in the UAE. So, if you have decided to own a sauna yourself, then you should probably get it from a reputed store. Because accessories can be expensive, you should put a little effort into finding the best ones. Luckily, you can find good quality accessories on Not only will it give you access to thousands of different products, but you will also get them for the best prices possible.

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