About Sauna Buckets

Having a steam bath at least once every week in a sauna is a part of healthy living. And one of the essential items to create the authentic sauna experience is a set of sauna buckets and ladle. That way, you can draw water easily and pour them on sauna stones and enjoy the refreshing stream. 

The reason why people enjoy sweating themselves out in a sauna is that perspiration is good for the skin. It helps in the cleaning process of the skin. This gives the person a nice energy boost that lasts for a few days. Adding aromatherapy to the mix can make it all the more enjoyable. But something not to overlook in a sauna is the convenience factor. That is why you should always have a sauna bucket and ladle at your disposal. Read this article to find out more about them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are making the purchase.  

Different types of sauna buckets 

Saunas are not exclusively a modern invention. They have existed for a really long time under various names, especially in the cold regions. But they have become more and more advanced in recent years. Apart from the traditional saunas that use wood burning heaters, there are electric saunas and infrared saunas as well. Similarly, sauna buckets are also available in different materials and sizes. Here is a list of four of the most common types of sauna buckets that you can find on the market. On this page, we are also going to explore some tips that will help you choose the best sauna buckets online.

Wooden sauna buckets 

If your Sauna has a traditional aesthetic with a wooden finish, then a pinewood sauna bucket and ladle are going to be a great fit for your Sauna. A typical wooden bucket can hold up to four or five litres of water. Even though this is less than the average steel bucket, wooden buckets have a larger footprint than steel buckets. This is because the walls and the base of the wooden bucket can be around one inch in thickness. For the same reasons, these buckets tend to be heavy as well. But you can look for wood types that are lightweight if you want to be able to lift the bucket easily when it’s full.  

Red cedar sauna bucket 

The most notable difference between pinewood buckets and red cedar buckets is in the aesthetics. Red cedar wood is much darker than pine wood and also has a slight reddish tint. There is also a substantial difference in weight. Generally, red cedar buckets are heavier than pinewood buckets. But this also depends on the size of the bucket, thickness, and the reinforcing material. If you are buying a red cedar bucket, get a ladle made of the same wood as well. That is the best way to complement the look of the cedarwood.  

Steel bucket and ladle 

Traditionally people preferred to use wooden buckets in saunas. Because wood is naturally insulating, it was a practical choice. Also, wooden buckets offered a really long life. However, these days people are also going for steel buckets. One advantage of using steel buckets is that they are considerably cheaper than wooden buckets. Moreover, the look of modern infrared saunas works well with the shiny finish of the steel buckets. But steel buckets and ladles tend to have wooden or nickel handles so that a person can conveniently hold them without burning hands. 

Metal sauna buckets with a luxury finish 

There are a few options other than steel for metal buckets. While steel buckets are the most affordable of them all, you can go for bronze or copper buckets if you want to add a touch of luxury to the whole thing. Both bronze and copper buckets come with a ladle made of the same material. These buckets also tend to have more elaborate surface decorations than regular steel buckets. But the benefit of bronze and copper is not just in luxury. Both of these metals are much more durable than steel because of their resistance to corrosion.  

Tips on buying Sauna Buckets

A bucket is a really useful item to have in a sauna. But a sauna bucket is not the same as a regular bucket. Because of the special nature of the saunas, the buckets that you need in a sauna are also different. But finding the right bucket for your Sauna can be harder than you might think. As there are hundreds of different models, it can be very tricky to find the right one for your needs. That being said, it can be easier if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for them.

  • Material – First of all, you have to decide what kind of material you want for the sauna bucket. The material can determine the cost and nature of the bucket to a certain extent. However, people choose the material of the bucket mostly based on the aesthetic. Another thing to consider is that wooden buckets are heavier than metal buckets of the same size.
  • Size – The larger the bucket is, the more water it can contain. Typically, the smallest buckets have a capacity of around four litres or one gallon. Anything less than that can be too little. But there are buckets larger than that as well.
  • Handle – Consider both the material and ergonomics of the bucket handle. A metal handle on a sauna bucket is not the ideal choice. Metal handles get hot inside the Sauna and can be difficult to handle. Even if the rest of the bucket is metal, the handle should either be wooden or of any other heat-insulating material.
  • Finish – A good sauna bucket should also complement the appearance of the Sauna. That is why the finish on the bucket is not something to overlook. Whether it is a wooden bucket or a metal bucket, look for a model that sits together well with other accessories in the Sauna.

There are many other important accessories to have in a sauna apart from sauna buckets. These include sauna stones, sauna benches, sauna heaters, sauna lamps, sauna doors and sauna controllers. You don’t have to tire yourself of looking for all these items separately. Instead, use our shopping search engine to find all of them in one place. That way, you can compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. Finally, don’t forget to check out other sauna parts from the bathroom fixtures category.

Question & Answer

Are cedar sauna buckets good?

Cedarwood has many advantages compared to pine wood. The first benefit is the unique reddish texture of the cedarwood. This texture works great if your Sauna has an overall reddish aesthetic. Some people prefer the texture of cedarwood over that of pine wood. But the benefits of cedarwood do not stop with its appearance. Cedar is also incredibly strong and durable. It does not sag or warp over time. Consider the fact that furniture made from cedar wood can last more than thirty years. So, if you want a sauna bucket that looks good and is also durable, then a cedar bucket is a good choice.

How big should a sauna bucket be?

In order to find out how big your sauna bucket should be, you should first consider how many people are going to use the Sauna at the same time. If it’s just one or two people using the Sauna at the same time, a four or five-litre bucket is good enough for you. But if you think five or six people are going to use the Sauna frequently, then you need a large bucket. Also, if you don’t have a water faucet nearby, a larger bucket will be useful as you won’t have to fill it up too often. Your Sauna should be large enough to accommodate a bigger bucket, though.

Where to buy sauna buckets in the UAE?

It is hard to find a physical shop that sells sauna buckets in the UAE as saunas are not all too common in this part of the world. Therefore, the best option to shop for them is online. Because you can access all the different models of those buckets with a simple search, it will save you a lot of time and effort. Probably, one of the biggest benefits of shopping online is that you can easily compare the prices of the products. Because offers exist pretty much all the time in the online world, you can buy the buckets for steal prices as well.