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About Sauna Heaters

One of the toughest decisions to make while building a sauna in your home is choosing the right sauna heater. The heater is such an integral part of the sauna. So much so that it can make or break your sauna. 

Saunas are not a mere luxury that only rich people obsess over. These days, saunas are also a part of a healthy lifestyle. People who decide to live closer to nature make it a part of their habit to have a sauna bath at least once a week. Rather than paying to use a sauna in a gym or a fitness centre, it will be much more economical to build one in your home. In the long run, you will end up saving money if everybody in the house is using the facility regularly. Read this article to know more about them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are shopping. 

A brief guide to sauna heaters 

Not all saunas are created equal. The experience that you get from a traditional wood-burning sauna is different from a modern infrared sauna. While it is not yet clear whether there are any differences in the health benefits, there are some other tangible differences between different heater models. Furthermore, the prices of the heaters vary depending on the heaters. This article will tell you everything you need to know before buying a sauna heater. You will find some really useful tips as well in this article. 

Electric sauna heaters 

Electric sauna heaters haven’t been around for more than eighty years. They started becoming a mainstream product only during the 1950s. But they grew fast in popularity because of their efficiency and cleanliness. Unlike older wood burning heaters, they did not produce smoke or soot during the heating. Electric heating was even more efficient than gas heaters. So, it is not surprising that electric heaters outsell every other type of heater. Because of the availability of better control mechanisms, built-in temperature regulators, and heat fences, they are easier to use as well.  

Gas heaters 

While electric heaters have so many advantages, there are also some downsides. Firstly, you can only use them in places that have a constant supply of electricity. And because electric heaters are high power devices, their installation is strictly regulated. That is why some people prefer to use gas saunas. You can use gas heaters even in remote corners of the world and hilltops where electricity supply is not reliable. All you need to have is enough supply of gas. Because it is easy to transport and store gas, this is a manageable challenge.  

Wood burning heaters 

This is the oldest type of sauna heaters out there. Even though there are many disadvantages to using wood burning heaters, sauna purists still prefer this over gas heaters or electric heaters. Some people actually prefer the unique smell of burnt wood while relaxing in a sauna. For them, using electric or gas for heating feels incomplete because part of the sauna experience seems missing. Wood burning heaters work well in small and medium-sized saunas. These days, there are wood-burning sauna heaters that have built-in temperature control features. So, some of the inconveniences can be solved that way.  

Other types 

Besides these three types of heaters, there are other types of sauna heaters that are not as common. One of them is the solar sauna heaters. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to all other types of heaters. Using solar heaters can help you heat up a sauna without costing next to nothing in energy expenses. But they work only during the day. Another option is propane heaters. This is, in fact, a variation of gas heaters. But instead of petrol or natural gas, these heaters use propane. Other niche type heaters include infrared heaters, scandia heaters, and wet/dry heaters.

Tips on buying Sauna Heaters

Sauna heaters are not cheap. So, you have to be really thoughtful about where you put your money. But choosing the right heater can be difficult because there are hundreds of different models from dozens of different brands. So, how do you actually make sure that you are making the right choice? Well, it can be easier if you know what factors to consider in a heater. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for a heater.

  • Consider the size of the sauna – To heat up a large sauna, you will need a heater with higher heat output. So, the heater you are buying should be sufficient for the room. The number of people using the sauna at the same time is another factor. Also, don’t waste money on a heater that has a much higher level of heat output than you actually need. While you can dial down the output of the heater, you are paying more for something that is not useful.
  • Fuel type – You can choose a sauna that uses electricity, gas, wood, solar energy, or propane. Select a heater depending on the cost and availability of the fuel in your region. In some places, propane gas is too expensive. So, in such places, it is impractical and uneconomical to use a propane heater.
  • Location – Think about the location of your sauna. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, whether or not reliable electricity is available, etc. If the sauna is in a remote location where it is not possible to draw electricity, then your next best option is using a gas heater or a wood-burning heater.
  • Additional features – Besides heating, there are some essential features to look for in a sauna heater. The most important feature to have is the automatic temperature control. This feature will let you set the temperature you want instead of controlling the heating continuously. Look for a heater that also has a good design that suits the overall aesthetic of your sauna.

There are some other important items you will need to set up a sauna. These include sauna buckets, sauna benches, sauna controllers, sauna doors, sauna lamps, and sauna meters. Instead of searching for these items everywhere, you can find them all here using our shopping search engine. This will also let you find the best product by comparing the prices and features of different products. Finally, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the bathroom fixtures category.

Question & Answer

Are sauna heaters safe?

Sauna heaters work similarly to other heaters. Notable differences are in the heat output of the machine and also in the controllers. Therefore, a typical sauna heater is as safe as other space heaters. Because of that, all the safety concerns that apply to space heaters also apply to sauna heaters as well. If it is an electric heater, the electrical connections have to be safe and comply with the regulations. Gas heaters should have safety valves that shut themselves off in case of leakage. In the case of a wood heater, it should not fill up the room with harmful smoke particles.

What is the best sauna heater?

For most people out there, an electric heart is the best option. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, they are much more energy-efficient than other heaters. So, if you live in a part of the world where electricity supply is reliable, always consider buying an electric heater. The second-best option is a gas heater. It is relatively cleaner than wood heaters and much more efficient. It is easier to store and transport gas compared to wood. But if you like the traditional look and feel of traditional wooden heaters, then no other heaters can replace that.

What heater size do you need?

It is not possible to specify a certain size for heaters because the size and heat output vary between models. For example, when you consider the actual volume of a heater, electrical heaters tend to be smaller than wood-burning or gas heaters. Also, gas heaters are smaller than wood-burning heaters. Therefore, the metrics to consider while choosing a heater is the heat output of the machine. You will need a larger heater. Another thing to consider is the efficiency of the machine. Even though this factor does not directly affect the heating ability of the machine, it will affect your energy bill.