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About Sauna Doors

Sauna doors have to work well in order to have an amazing sauna experience. High-quality ones are a combination of amazing design and robust structure. And if you want to lock in the steam in your sauna, you need a door that fits the entrance perfectly. Good thing you can get the one that ticks the right boxes here on our retail search engine, as discussed below. But before shopping, you need to know first the features to look for and the tips to consider. So, read on. 

You use a sauna for relaxation and skincare. However, you want to make sure that steam does not damage the door, especially if you use your sauna regularly. Sauna doors are treated to prevent both rotting and warping from moisture. Besides, they are meticulously designed to enhance their aesthetic appeal. You can choose from various designs in the market. Most sauna doors are made of wood. However, you can buy doors made of other materials and wood combinations, as explained below. We have provided tens of options so that you are able to pick the exact door that is not only functional but also looks and feels good. Learn a few things about the door in the sections below.

The characteristics of sauna doors

Sauna doors may look like your typical doors except that they are made to deal with the strain. Constant bombardment by hot steam is likely to damage even the best of the doors. Therefore, it is not recommended that you pick any general door and use it for your sauna. On the other hand, when purchasing these doors from product comparison sites, you should not forget the basic qualities of a good door, as we will discuss in the section below. They include strength, great design and fit, among many others. Therefore, when you buy a sauna door online in UAE, explore the available doors and pick the very best. Go through some features discussed below. Then determine which meets your needs. Let’s get started.

Wood sauna doors give a retro feel

Wood gives sauna doors an authentic retro feel, much like a cabin house. Hardwood is especially good for its dark and grained look. However, you can also find engineered wood and softwood doors. The best woods for a sauna door are aspen and cedar. However, depending on your budget, you may find less expensive wood options. You may go for plain wood for your door. However, there are options that include intricate designs and shapes. Depending on the location of the sauna in your home, any of the options may work for Check the panelling and tongue from the pictures on Prices are included besides each door unless the seller has indicated that there are parts to be sold separately.

Steam room glass door for a contemporary vibe

If you would like to pick the latest trends, consider a glass sauna door. Manufacturers go for tempered glass for the sauna so that it is able to withstand high temperatures from the steam. Therefore, it is not in any risk that it may get damaged with time. However, you may want to take extra care by not hitting the door or banging it too hard. The glass comes with awesome decorations and a variety of paintings to match the style of your steam room. These doors are also safe and do not break even with the regular heating on the inside. Therefore, there is a wide choice for glass lovers. Check the available sauna glass door for sale online in UAE and pick the best. We guarantee it will make the steam room look more inviting while still offering you security.

A half glass door gives the best of both worlds

Are you looking for the best retro and contemporary styles? Half glass sauna doors give you the best of the two worlds: retro and contemporary styles. The glass part is usually at the top of the door, while the wood covers the rest of the parts. The frosted glass comes with various embossed designs that are collaborated by the wood panelling. The glass designs range from abstract shapes to flowers, farrows and geometrical objects. You can go for plain glass and wood-style, which is the most common. Such a glass will have a film lining to prevent anyone on the outside from seeing the inside of your sauna. However, there are coloured options for both. Use the Dubai product finder to pick one.

ADA-compliant doors for those with physical difficulties

If you are looking to become ADA compliant in your sauna design, there are compliant sauna doors on sale. These doors have the height and width requirements of ADA standards. The standards are put in place so that the doors are convenient for people who have physical difficulties. This is a minimum of 32 inches for the clear width of the opening. This clear width is between the face of the sauna door and the stop of the frame. Our shopping search engine has various ADA compliant doors that you can explore. The doors are safe for whole family use. This ensures that you will not have to change them in future, especially if you have ageing parents that may have physical difficulties or any other family member that is unable to pull doors.

Primed vs stained door finish

There are different types of door finishes in our online search engine from which you can pick one. Most sauna doors are either primed or stained. Primed doors come with a coating that seals the wood. You buy such if you want to paint it to meet your style needs. On the other hand, stained sauna doors are usually finished and ready to be used for the sauna. You can choose the kind of staining that you want for the door by exploring products on our platform. Yet, you may go for bold paints to match your style. This eliminates any repainting jobs for you. When buying such a door, pick one that meets the design preferences or matches with the rest of the building design. Otherwise, you may have to repaint the door.

Tips on buying the best Sauna Doors online in the UAE

Now that you know the defining characteristics of sauna doors, you now know what to check when you go shopping. However, given that the product comparison websites have tens of sauna doors, it may be difficult for you to choose the right door for your steam room. We want to make your shopping better. Therefore, we are giving you several tips to check when next you go to buy sauna doors. These tips are composed of things that should make the ideal door for you. You may add a few more requirements, depending on your needs. At the end of the day, you need a product that is able to satisfy your need effectively. These points give you pointers to identify your needs and make the right choice in a few clicks.

  • Material – The material used to make the door is very important for both strength and aesthetics. If you love the retro feel, you may go with the wooden door. On the other hand, if you love the contemporary feel, you may go for a full or half glass sauna door. Check the available options on our platform.
  • Sauna door size – It is important that you measure the size of your door entry before purchasing the door. Ensure that the measurements are accurate and in the same metrics as those posted on product comparison sites. This ensures that you do not have to cut your door or return it for it does not fit the sauna opening. You may need the help of a technician in measuring the right size.
  • Aesthetics – In addition to the material you use for the door, you may consider other features for your sauna doors. This may include the choice of colours as well as designs embossed on the glass or wood surface. Pick something that matches your sauna room style, or just go bold. Our shopping search engine has tens of different designs and colour choices.
  • Budget – You can filter bathroom fixtures according to your budget. If you are not sure how much you need to bug excellent sauna doors, explore the site first before setting a budget. You can get a cheap sauna door or a high-quality premium one. Make a balance by choosing a good quality door that comes at reasonable prices.
  • Customer reviews – It is important to know what other customers are saying after the door before you make a purchase. Go for sauna doors with raving customer reviews. This way, you are assured that you will get a door that is worth the price. Our platform has a rating that gives you a picture of what the customers think.

There you have them. The five most important things you should remember when you buy a sauna door online UAE. Use them to explore various options and pick your ideal door. The sheer number of alternatives that you can choose for your sauna will amaze you. There are creative designs across the board. We hope that you will also get design ideas for the sauna. Remember, our platform has several other sauna parts that include locks, latches handles, hinges and several indoor and exterior doors. Explore them when renovating your home or building a new structure. Browse over 500 sauna door brands as well as their accessories at and get the best quality and price.

Question & Answer

How to install a sauna door?

We recommend purchasing prehung sauna doors as they come attached to a frame. It is easier to install the frame with the door than just the door. On the other hand, if you just want to install the door, especially if you had the frame in place, ensure that the door is well-aligned at the top and bottom. You may put supports at the bottom to keep the door in place. Once you are sure of the fit, proceed to install the hinges on the door and ensure that they open to the required direction. Then, complete by attaching the hinges onto the frame. After the door is in place, install the latch both on the inside and outside. You may also install a lock or any other closing mechanism for your security when inside.

How wide should a sauna door be?

There is no requirement for the width of the sauna door. Sauna doors come with various heights and widths, depending on your preference. If you are installing a door for the aged of people with disabilities, go for sauna doors that are ADA compliant. has several ADA compliant brands in store. Otherwise, measure the width of your doorframe before purchasing a door online. This will save you from the stress of having to ship the door back or cutting it to fit your dimensions. It will also make the sauna doors installation stress-free. The site displays the dimensions as well as the images of doors for ease of selection. You may ask your building technician for some help in determining the best door.

Where do you buy sauna doors online in UAE?

If you would like to buy quality sauna doors online in UAE, head to Our platform features various types of doors from different manufacturers. You will find wood and glass doors in a variety of designs, qualities and that have different features. The platform allows you to filter sauna doors according to the price, colour, material, and other filters. Besides, our platform has hundreds of door accessories, from handles to hinges and latches. You can explore them too if you have a building project or are renovating any part of your home or the sauna. There is definitely a product that meets your requirements and preferences on our shopping search engine. Explore available products before making a purchase.