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About Buggies

When there’s a new member in your family, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is how to get out and about with them. This is why you need to choose the right buggy that will work best for you and your baby. We don’t want you to experience any confusion when it comes to the purchase, so read on to better understand which baby buggies work best for you. 

Even before we understand the various aspects of the baby buggies, let us first understand what exactly a buggy is. Buggy is an American term for a stroller or a pushchair. Similarly, in Britain, a buggy is more commonly known as a pram. You’ll find the stroller to be collapsible and lightweight. Moreover, it is more suitable for older babies. Meanwhile, a pushchair is sturdier than a stroller and enables you to fully recline the seats. You can either have them parent-facing or forward-facing. Apart from that, they’re geared for both infants and older babies. What’s more, you can also fold them flat. Well, there’s much more to explore about the baby buggies besides this. Keep reading to find out.

Various types of buggies to choose from

You now have a basic idea of what the carriages are. However, do you know? There are several types of prams, strollers and carriages out there. For instance, if you want to go for a standard pram, you will enjoy a wide array of designs to select from. Some come with a triangular chassis with the wheels attached to a central point. You can also find buggies with four wheels at each corner of a square chassis. This features one wheel at the front and two at the back of the frame. The beauty of the front wheel is that you can lock and free-swivel it. This, in turn, enables the pram to go in a straight line. Among the several types of 3-wheelers include tandem or twin, travel systems, urban, and all-terrain pushchairs (ATPs). Let’s have a look at the few significant types in detail.

The baby travel buggy

Keeping your baby safe and secure while travelling and transporting your baby is imperative. At times like this, the baby travel carriages come in handy. A travel buggy usually combines a buggy with a detachable car seat. The system may also feature a pram unit that’s ideal for babies up to 6 months old. With this design, your newborn babies can lie flat. Indeed, the car seat is a vital safety tool for your kids when travelling in a vehicle. Therefore, you must use them only when travelling, and not as a device where your child can sleep at home. However, the carriages with lie-flat car seats are an exception. All in all, the travel systems for babies are great for young babies.

The ATP mountain buggy

Are you an adventure-loving parent? Well, then these all-terrain-pushchairs or buggies are the perfect choices for you. Their unique design enables you to use them while you’re off-road as well as around the town. By the way, these devices are larger than the regular buggy and come with pneumatic tyres and good suspension. Moreover, the robust chassis and the frame withstand any kind of bumps and bounces that come when you travel off-road. Apart from that, many three-wheeler ATP’s come with front-swivel wheels that make it easier for you to steer over the rough grounds. However, their large size makes it harder for you to lift or stroll them down the narrow space.

The standard buggy for newborn

One of the most regular kinds of carriages is the 4-wheeler buggies. They are suitable for babies over six months of age. However, you’ll find many different options for these carriages that come with the lie-flat option that lets you use them from birth. Not only that, they come in different designs. Some have four wheels at each corner of a square chassis, while the other comes with a triangular chassis that comes with wheels at the centre of the buggy. Obviously, varied designs come along different price ranges too. In other words, you can find these kinds of carriages at various price points that range from as low as AED 500 to as high as AED 1500 and above. The choice indeed depends on your personal preference.

The baby buggy pram

As mentioned earlier in this article, prams are indeed a different version of buggies themselves. Typically, a pram is a carrycot on wheels. It allows a newborn baby to lie flat, which in turn allows you to use them for the next six months of your baby’s development. What’s more, you’ll find some carriages that come with a detachable carrycot. You can convert these types into a buggy seat. This way, you can use them first as a pram and then as a buggy. With the advancement of technology, many manufacturers now are building carrycots suitable for overnight sleeping. Most of these carrycots come with mattresses that are best for overnight sleeping.

Tips on how to buy Buggies online

With so many varieties available out there in the market, stepping into a platform, be it online or in-store, is like visiting a car yard. You’ll see many luxurious models that tempt you, while you’ll also find budget-friendly ones. In short, it’s a minefield of options, brands, price tags, and more. Amidst this, it is indeed a daunting task to pick out the best baby buggy to buy online. Well, don’t sweat it, folks; we’re there to help you with that. Check out the tips below.

  • Check out their weight – Trust us, several baby buggies are massive, with many topping the scales at 15kg. And that’s without a child, toys, or even other shopping items that add weight. Therefore, always be sure to pick the one that you can lift up quickly unless you are a weightlifter. Go for the ones that weigh less in kilos.
  • Look out for the fold – Many prams require you to have a degree in physics to fold them. Well, stay away from those kinds. The ones that you buy must have a user-friendly folding process. Trust, you do not want to be fiddling with the buggies when in the middle of something, especially when you’re carrying your baby in hand.
  • Consider your baby’s age – Do you want the baby buggies for your newborns, or is it for your tots? Either way, you need to be very careful with their age when it comes to choosing the baby buggies. For instance, newborns lack strength in their necks and require support. Therefore, you need to go for buggies with recline systems or one that can lie flat.
  • Check out the facing features – Often, many parents want their babies to face front in the early weeks. However, remember that not all front-facing strollers and buggies have these options. If this feature is essential to you, you must lookout for a pram with a reversible handle or other reverse function. This will allow your baby to face you when in the buggy.
  • Consider your budget – Just like any other baby product, baby buggies come at varied price ranges. From cheap and simple to pricey for all the whistles and bells, you’ll find them in different models with varied prices. Therefore, it is best to decide on a budget for yourself and then head out shopping for the baby buggies.
  • Know the number of passengers – Are you a proud parent of the twins? If so, you’ll need to look for the double or ‘one-plus’ buggies. Their unique designs help you accommodate an extra seat or a bassinet. In other cases, you may want to accommodate a toddler. In such cases, you can opt for buggies that have additional seating options or a ride-on skateboard-style foot stand.
  • Consider the use – How are you going to use your baby buggies? Think about the land you live in and where you go. If you live in a hilly area with rough terrain, then you could certainly go for a four-wheel or jogger pram with spring suspension and larger wheels. This design helps you and your baby to have a smoother ride. Alternatively, if you ride on a smooth surface, you could go for plastic wheel baby buggies.

Getting the baby buggies that tick all the boxes, including the price, might be a little tricky thing. If you do need to compromise on anything, make sure you do so for smaller items that wouldn’t put much impact on the product you choose. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction and help you pick out the ideal one. Indeed, there are some funky buggies out there. So, take your time, shop around, get recommendations from friends and family and then buy one.

Question & Answer

Are baby buggies suitable for newborns?

You’ll find several types of baby buggies out there, and the classic lie-flat newborn pram is the most suitable one for newborns. That’s because newborns need to lie flat in the buggies to help them with proper lung development, breathing, and spinal development. However, many such prams come with reclining seats that you could also use at the later stages of your baby. Several baby & toddler brands also offer some of the best buggies for a newborn twin to buy online.

How to choose buggies for a six-month-old baby?

Be it for newborns or toddlers; several factors come into play when it comes to choosing your ideal baby buggies. Some of the significant factors include the use, number of passengers, price, baby’s age, folding mechanism, weight, and style. Considering all these things will help you choose the right baby buggy for your little one. Hence, make sure you take into account all of these before you set out to shop for a buggy stroller. You can find a lot of options here on our product search engine. So, go ahead and explore now!

What baby buggy to buy online?

Indeed, you’ll find a plethora of baby buggies online. However, you must choose only the ones that showcase better performance and high quality. Brands like Mountain Buggy, Chicco, Mamas And Papas, Britax, Graco, Safety 1st, Maclaren, Belecoo, Babyzen, and Hauck bring you an excellent collection of baby buggies that come in various styles, great features, and types. What’s more, you could buy the buggy for sale in UAE from all these brands.

Where to buy cheap baby buggies?

From lightweight baby buggy to cheap stroller buggy, you’ll find several kinds of premium quality buggies online only in Our ingenious product search engine brings you a vast selection of buggies, strollers and prams from popular brands and shops. You could even explore and buy a buggy for a 3-month-old baby from our comprehensive collection of strollers & buggies. Over here, you can also filter your choices depending on your preferences, such as price, colour, brands, and more. You can compare prices too to find affordable deals.