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If you want your newborn to explore the outdoors safely and comfortably, you can never go wrong with a carrycot or travel cot. It comes in a small capsule-shaped bed-like structure that fits over the stroller so that your little one can remain in a supine position while you take quick trips. Let us explore in detail.

When babies are born, they have soft bones. The neck is floppy too, so it is good to keep them in a supine position, i.e. flat on their backs. Here’s how carrycots or travel cots come into the picture. It is an essential piece of equipment if you go outdoors with your little one. It is like a bassinet that parents attach to the stroller. Most of the carrycot for newborns come with a soft and quilted seat to enhance the comfort level your baby experiences. It helps you easily carry your baby anywhere around the house or even when you are travelling. Many customers even use carrycots as day beds. On this page, we will explore many more things you need to know about them before purchasing one.

Things to know about baby carrycot

If you are wondering why you need a carrycot, there are many reasons to focus on. It is not a necessity but indeed the best-selling item that makes the lives of parents easier. When babies are tiny, it is not good to harness them in a seated position in the stroller. A carrycot helps you keep them in a lying position. The best part is that it is a perfect carrier for winter and summer. In winter, you can wrap the baby in a warm carrycot cover, wherein in summers, you can lay the baby down on muslin with the canopy up. It keeps them protected from the sun. The air vents give them a fresh, breezy experience. Read on to explore some of the popular ones in detail. Towards the end, you will also find some tips to buy carrycot online in the UAE.

Stokke carrycot

Stokke has come up with a carrycot that keeps your little one closer to you all the time. It comes in a hard plastic shell that creates a protective environment for the baby. The height is adjustable as per your needs. It has a soft interior, so the baby feels comfortable and remains safe. It also comes with an extended canopy that also offers exceptional ventilation. The breathable mattress creates a soft base for the baby. It may even have wind and rain cover for the necessary protection against harsh weather. You can find it in many shades like grey, black, red, and more. In short, it offers the best way for your infant a cosy place to lie on.

Maxi Cosi carrycot

Maxi Cosi comes with various carrycots that combine first-class comfort with industry-leading safety. You can fit it on a stroller or pushchair; however, checking the compatibility is essential too. It offers the safest and most comfortable way to transport your newborn. This gives your baby the natural bed feeling and, at the same time, provides a safe and comfortable ride. You can even use some of the models in the car. As it allows an utterly lie-flat position, you will be able to carry your little one on long rides easily. It comes with an integrated carry handle so that you can effortlessly remove it from the pushchair.

Bugaboo Bee carrycot

You can find a wide range of carrycots, travel cots and accessories at Bugaboo. For example, the Bugaboo Bee 5 carrycot comprises the Carrycot Base that offers necessary comfort and safety to the baby during the initial months. It has carrycot fabric, mattress, apron, and adapters to become easy for you to install on the stroller. The products offered by Bugaboo are made to last for longer. This brand has been creating innovative products for 20 years. The cutting-edge features of its development may go beyond just strolling. So, explore a wide range of items to offer the necessary comfort to your newborn while you are outdoors.

Maclaren carrycot

It offers a perfect lie-flat environment for newborn babies. You can easily attach it to the compatible stroller bases with a rearward-facing position. It provides the parent with a direct and continuous view of their baby. It even comes with carrying handles so that you can quickly move the baby. The soft and breathable lining with a waterproof mattress offers a comfortable environment for the baby & toddlers. It is an appropriate cot for infants of 0 to 20lb and up to 25.5in length. If you are in search of a perfect carrycot or travel cot for your little munchkin, then you can never go wrong with this one. However, it is also advisable to check its compatibility with the stroller or bases you have.

Tips on how to buy Carrycots

While browsing for carrycots, you will come across many terms like mountain buggy carrycot, Oyster carrycot, Cybex Priam carrycot and more. You should understand the difference between each of them to pick an appropriate style. If you want to make the most out of this excellent accessory, you must go for the right one. Having so many options at the front can be a bit confusing for you. But if you keep certain factors in mind, it will be an easy ride for you. So, here are some tips that will help you.

  • Look for comfortable models – As it is meant for a newborn, you have to look for the model that offers the necessary comfort, warmth, and safety to the baby. When the babies are born, their bones are soft. It is necessary to provide them with a cosy and safe environment while they sleep.
  • Go for trusted brands – There is a wide range of brands that offer carrycots. However, only a few will live up to your expectations. An easy way to pick the right one is to go for trusted brands. The good part is that you can find many famous brands right here like Britax, Mountain Buggy, Cybex, Baby Jogger, Quinny, and Joie.
  • Check the compatibility – As you can attach a carrycot on a stroller or stroller frame, you should look for a compatible model with the stroller base you have. Mostly, if you pick them from the same brand, those will be compatible, but that is not necessary. So, it is important to find out to check the compatibility.
  • Shop for it online – If you want to explore a wide range of options, you should choose online shops over offline retail stores. You will be able to browse many stores with a few clicks. Moreover, you will get the product delivered at home.

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Question & Answer

Is carrycot safe for babies to sleep in?

In the first few months, you will need a safe and comfortable spot for the baby. A carrycot is an excellent pick that not only keeps the baby cosy but also safe. It offers a warm and cosy environment and keeps the baby near you all the time. Whether you are in-home or outdoors, it can be a solution for you as in the first few months; you need to keep the baby in the supine position, i.e. flat on their backs. However, keeping the baby in a cot for extended hours is also not good. So, when you are back home, shift the baby to the bed or crib.

When to use carrycot?

A carrycot is used when you need to carry a baby in a horizontal or lying position. You can also use it on the compatible pushchair or stroller when you need to transport the baby. When babies are born, they have soft bones. The neck is floppy too, so it is good to keep them in the supine position, which means flat on their backs. It’s a perfect carrier for both winter and summer. During the cold season, you can wrap the baby in a warm carrycot cover. Meanwhile, during the sweltering months, you can lay the baby down on muslin with the canopy up.

Where to buy carrycot online in the UAE?

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