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About Combi Strollers

Are you a mum or a dad? Then you’ll surely agree that one of the best things about parenthood is doing stuff with your little ones. If you are thinking about creating happier moments with your child, then a combi stroller is a great idea.

More commonly known as a combi stroller or bike stroller, this tool is where your little ones sit when hitched to your bike for a beautiful biking adventure together. The great thing about this ingenious tool is that it’s great for on-the-go parents who have an active lifestyle and for kids who are in for some fun. Apart from that, several other factors make this tool an ideal choice for many parents. Exposing your kids to fresh air and adventure in an innovative way is undoubtedly a breeze with these combi strollers. Not only do they keep you healthy and fit, but they also let you spend quality time with your little tots. You see, they are devices that ought to be on your list of baby products. Further, let’s explore their various types.

The different types of combi baby stroller

Combi strollers come in various styles and come in designs that enable you to use them for multiple purposes. In other words, there isn’t one best combi -stroller, but you’ll find various combi strollers that are best for different uses and budgets. As a matter of fact, some combi strollers behave like a dream on the road, while others excel at multiple functions like strolling or jogging. Furthermore, you’ll also find some combi strollers that provide you with ample space to accommodate two kids. In contrast, you’ll also find some models that squish in kids, like sardines. Well, we’ve narrowed down a few of the best choices that you can consider when you head out to buy combi strollers online.

The lightweight combi stroller

A super lightweight combi stroller can make a world of difference. They make folding and lifting of the strollers easy when you’re out for short journeys, putting your stroller in and out of your car, and while you’re frequently using public transport. Not only are they compact, but you’ll see that they are very easy to set up too. In fact, most of their models are collapsible that you can easily stow in your closet or cupboard. If you’re successful in getting a perfect lightweight combi stroller for yourself, then you can bring it along to the park and take them as carry-on luggage. Above all, these types of strollers & buggies cost you less when compared to the others.

The combi twin stroller

Are you among those parents who are blessed with two little munchkins? If so, there’s no doubt you’ll do anything for them to acquire utmost comfort, and among them is to offer them ample space to rest when you’re out strolling with them. These combi double strollers give you all that and more. The choice of getting the twin strollers compensate for money savings. In other words, you need not buy two strollers; you have it all in one. Above all, the tool makes your travel hassle-free, as it is convenient to have both your tots in a single place. Also, these combi strollers are very sturdy and durable, as their primary job is to hold two munchkins.

The combi umbrella stroller

Every mum needs to have an umbrella combi stroller. One of the primary reasons to do so is the unique structure that enables you to handle them easily. These umbrella strollers got their name from the handle that’s curved like an umbrella handle. Furthermore, you can easily fold them up compactly and thus resemble the good old rain cover. Not to mention, they’re lightweight and very easy to manoeuvre. Therefore, they’re apt for short journeys. But remember, apart from the apparent designs, you’ll find several other types of umbrella combi strollers. Some may be suitable for younger babies, while others for the bigger ones. Therefore, always consider your baby’s age when purchasing these strollers.

The combi baby pram

When most of the combi strollers are pat for babies above six months of age or toddlers, pram or perambulators are an ideal pick to carry babies from birth. One of the primary reasons for this is that they allow the babies to lie flat on their backs. And this is necessary, as newborn babies lack control over their necks. Therefore, they require a carriage where you can carefully and comfortably place your head. Typically, a full-size four-wheel pram comes with a whole range of options that include bassinets, travel systems, accessories, and large wheels. Most models also come with a canopy that covers up half of the carriage. This, in turn, protects your infants and keeps the dust and other external harmful elements at bay.

Tips on how to buy Combi Strollers online

We understand how excited you are whenever you visualise yourself out biking with your tots. However, don’t decide based on your emotions by grabbing the first combi strollers that you see online. Several factors come into play when you set out to buy a combi stroller for newborns and toddlers. The following are some of the significant features you need to look for when you need to have an enjoyable bike ride with your little ones.

  • Consider the gravity – This is one of the first and foremost things to consider when it comes to buying combi strollers online. Ensure that the hitch point and combi strollers come with a low centre of gravity. It’s also vital that your bike and stroller feel properly balanced when attached.
  • Look out for the weight and strength – The combi strollers usually come in aluminium materials. Therefore, they are lightweight and durable; hence, you can have peace of mind that they will stand the test of time. What’s more, its light frame enables you to manoeuvre it with ease.
  • Check out the compatibility – Another thing you need to look into is your bike’s compatibility with the hitch. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything, as most hitch systems are a universal fit. However, check reviews to confirm that the stroller of your choice is reliable, sturdy, and well-designed.
  • Consider their versatility – What good will a combi stroller do if you cannot use them after your babies outgrow them? Well, that’s why you need to pick combi strollers that have a high degree of versatility. Depending on your needs, you can also opt for a bike stroller in UAE that can transform into a stroller.
  • Look out for the helmet pockets – Considering the safety and security of your tots is imperative. That’s why it is crucial to check out the helmet pockets in these combi strollers. The helmet pockets are a small space designed to keep your kids’ heads up and secure throughout the ride.
  • Look out for the suspension – It would also be great to search for a stroller that features a built-in suspension system, as it helps protect your children’s necks and spines. Tires are not capable of stopping the shock of holes and kerbs in the trail from sudden impact.

With the kind of fast-paced life that the parents have these days, it is only natural that you’d want a stroller that you can easily manoeuvre. And that’s precisely why you need to consider the tips mentioned above. These tips will guide you in the right direction and will help you pick out the best and cheapest combi stroller among the extensive collection online and in the market.

Question & Answer

How to fold a combi stroller?

Many new models have a straightforward method of folding the combi strollers. Make sure to lock the wheels first. Then push the canopy towards the back of the stroller. Now, this action helps you to fold it flat against the back of the stroller. Then pull up both the levers on the handle at the same time while standing behind the stroller. Now roll the stroller on its back wheels while tipping it. You can then grab the handlebars with both your hands and press them inward to fold inwards. Once folded, you can stow it in the boot of your car or inside a cupboard.

How to open a combi stroller?

Just like the folding methods, opening them too is an easy process. You need to first make sure that you release the latch or lock by pulling them up. Then grip the handles on each side of the stroller and turn outward to open. Once you do that, you’ll now be able to lift the handle. So, lift the handle and snap the stroller away from you. Most models open this way and lock into position automatically. However, it is always a better idea to check out their specific manuals to find a convenient opening and folding methods.

Is a combi stroller good for the newborn?

Indeed, you’ll find several types of combi strollers out there in the market. However, only the ones that have the ability to recline and lay flat are suitable for newborns. That’s because newborns support their neck and need to lie flat to enhance their spinal development. Not only that, but you also need to protect them more from the external elements. The combi strollers with unique designs and extended canopies allow a safe and secure environment for your babies while you’re biking or when going for a stroll.

Where to buy a combi stroller in Dubai?

The best combi stroller is the one that displays high performance and quality. Brands like Teknum, Besafe, Safety 1st, Nuna, and 4 Moms bring you a comprehensive range of combi strollers that not only have an excellent design but also come with fantastic quality. You’ll also find many branded combi strollers for sale in UAE that come at affordable rates but still have high quality. Be it the combi double stroller fold n go or the regular one, you’ll find them all on What’s more, our superfast product search engine brings you an endless collection of stylish combi strollers and other baby & toddler products from popular online stores. Apart from that, you can also compare the features and prices of different products from various brands and pick out the best one.